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Where to eat in Vancouver?

former vancouver girl here, and i just want to say that this thread has me SO homesick. happy eating!

Potato Gratin & cooking vessel

thanks for your advice, guys!
i'm going to do them in a combination of smaller baking dishes - pyrex and ceramic. glad to know that the foil pan is not an option!

Wide Rice Noodles

good luck tonight, let me know how it goes! i really want those noodles too!
and fwiw, if you are up at the hmart in wheaton, make sure you stop at the jamaican ice cream shop & try the guiness and/or grapenut ice cream!

Wide Rice Noodles

nommingudon: omgoodness, i was just at hmart in wheaton md this morning looking for THE EXACT SAME THING!!! i didn't see any in the fresh noodle section and did not notice any in the mochi area (mostly sweets). let me know if you find a source...

Rules of thumb for converting recipes and feeding a crowd?

thanks again, all.
@catboy: i just checked online about making rice in the oven, i think that'll definitely be the way to go.

@lemonfair: yes, i am planning to have all the food prepared and delivered to the home the night before. the reception will follow the service, but i think the plan is to have someone start reheating the curry in the AM (not me, as i will be attending the service) so it is ready by noon.

i will need to leave explicit instructions for the person in charge of reheating and setting up, and wonder if there are any good tips for reheating large casseroles? would something like two hours in a low (250) oven do the trick? i plan to add a little more broth and cover the trays of food with aluminum foil. i'll add fresh cilantro at the end to perk things up a bit.

many many thanks!

Rules of thumb for converting recipes and feeding a crowd?

thanks for all your amazing advice. very very helpful.

"Cleanup in aisle seven"

not sure if this counts, but i was in the kitchen section of a "crate & barrel" yesterday and the manager of the store knocked over a huge pile of returns (crockery, hurricane lamps, glass ware etc.). the sound of shattering glassware was absolutely deafening, and could literally hear a pin drop.

i'll never forget the look on this poor woman's face - total rage!

Cooking for a sick neighbor

Jerzee: Thanks for the links - I had been through the archives but just wanted a little feedback on the menu at hand.

I'll definitely omit the oranges from the green salad, and I think I'll make pear sorbet for dessert instead of the panna cotta.

Many thanks everyone, many thanks.

Foodie gifts gone right/wrong. What did you get for the holidays?

Thom Keller's Ad Hoc
4 Quart All Clad Saute Pan
3 Quart Le Creuset Dutch Oven
Subscription to Cook's
Coloring Paste for frosting & Frosting tip set especially for Kids so I can bake & decorate with my girlies
Santa is so sweet!

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in a grilled sandwich with fontina, pesto, and tomato

Help! Lamb Shanks--leeks? fennel?

there is a great lamb shank recipe on food52 that includes fennel, celery root, sun-dried tomatoes, and green olives.

i made it last week & it was divine.

Win a Free Organic D'Artagnan Turkey

pumpkin pie brulee

Chicken Marinades?

I use a Dean & Deluca recipe for boneless thighs. Just mix & marinade - sometimes I only get the chicken in there for 20 minutes and it's still delicious.

2 cloves garlic, minced
2 tablespoons soy sauce
2 tablespoons sugar
1/4 cup grated ginger
1/2 cup hoisin sauce
1/4 cup water

Broil thighs skin side up for 7 minutes, flip and broil for another 4, and flip again to crisp up the skin.

What's for dinner tonight???

@italiancupcake: how did it turn out ?!?!?!?!??!?! i really hope you like the cod as much as we do...

tonight it was just me & my girls. dh went to a baseball game, but i forgot we weren't eating en famille and went ahead and made a shepard's pie. used up our leftover mashed potatoes from weekend dinner party and didn't have to worry about sides because i have protein, carb, & vegetables all in one dish!

What's for Dinner Tonight? The 'Come-Back-GatorPam!' Edition.

@bananamonkey - thanks for the shout out, i'm tickled.
(jealous of your malted milk shakes!)

@italiancupcake: no recipe persay, but it's really super easy.

for the miso broth i just add a cup of really hot water to a tablespoon of white miso paste (you can find tubs of it at whole foods) and let broth come together. slice up two leeks and 8 ounces of shitakes and sautee these in butter & olive oil (sometimes i add a little garlic) until leeks soften and mushrooms begin to brown. reserve these and juices in a separate bowl. wipe out your pan and then coat with olive oil for searing the cod (i did 2, 6 ounce fillets tonight). start with skin side up and sear for 3 - 5 minutes on medium high. flip the fillets so that the skin side is down, then return the leeks, mushrooms, and miso broth into the pan and cover. simmer on medium-low until the fish just starts to break apart. you can add more water, if you would like more "sauce" with your final dish. i also sometimes throw in a tablespoon of butter at the end, to round out the flavors.
the whole thing usually comes together in about 15 - 20 minutes, including prep and cooking, which is perfect for a busy night.

jazzing up white rice

i think it's called "persian rice"?
i sometimes line the bottom of a pot, slick with butter and olive oil, with a layer of thinly sliced potatoes and then steam parboiled rice on top of the potatoes. the bottom gets golden crusty and the rice is tender and fluffy every time.
i like this because it's just a wee bit more special than plain white rice, but it still works as a good background palate for other parts of my menu.

What's for Dinner Tonight? The 'Come-Back-GatorPam!' Edition.

cod fillets seared & then braised in miso broth w/leeks & shitakes
brown rice
roasted broccoli
hoping my dd will eat some of the fish tonight, i try and try and try....

Roast Pork Shoulder: Need Help!

thanks everyone for all the constructive comments, especially about internal temperature and cooking time. i really learn a lot from you guys.

i kept the temp at 325 for about 3 hours, and the meat turned out just as I had hoped - tender slices of meat that aren't falling apart in shreds. the marinade was good (though a little too salty) - the cumin really came through.

i have about 1/2 left over from the meal, so i guess everyone enjoyed it. i am so relieved! (as for the rest of the meal, the mashed potatoes were terrible but my plum tart rocked!)

thank you so much, you guys.

Roast Pork Shoulder: Need Help!

well, chiff, it's one o'clock pm where i am, and the roasts just went in...
so i guess i'm screwed, according to your approach.
better find that pizza take out number, because who wants to eat "dry stringy unsauced meat."

thanks everyone for the comments.

Hospital Food

First, I'm so glad you & your daughter are home now. I hope you're able to get a hot shower and a good night of sleep. We are "lifers" at the Childrens' hospital here, so I completely understand how food takes on a whole new level of importance in the midst of those bleary hospital days.

The cafeteria pretty much stinks - a lot of fried food & other unhealthy options (though one counter offers food prepared according to weight watchers standards). The stuff they served to the patients is marginally better; fortunately my 3 year old enjoys the saltines, graham crackers, bananas, yoghurt, etc. Wish they could improve the quality of their menu (mainly for parents' sake) but I'll take good medical care over a plate of greasy chicken.

Wishing you all the best in your daughter's recovery.

Looking for a suckling pig

lunch box lunches for 5 yr. old

Not trying to be disrespectful, Jerzee, but I have to disagree with you about the pasta option. I send my 3 1/2 year old to school with pasta at least three times a week - more often than not, it's leftovers from the night before. The list is endless: spaghetti with tomato sauce, shells with peas & small slices of ham, orzo with cherry tomatoes & fresh mozzarella, pinwheels with cheddar cheese sauce...she DEVOURS it all, and it's very neat & tidy lunch. The school even heats up the lunch for her beforehand!

Fish and Meat Market, DC?

H Mart in Wheaton has good fresh fish, and they just renovated their fish counter so it's not as intimidating for those not accustomed to old school Asian grocery stores!

Would love to hear if anyone can recommend some places in DC proper...

What one food mag should I get?

Another vote for Saveur.

Favorite Music for Dinner Party / Potluck

We are having a nice group of newish friends over for a potluck in a few weeks and I am looking for some groovy music suggestions to keep the evening festive, casual, and fun. We'll be eating buffet style, with folks finding seats on couches, chairs, and on the floor - the idea is to get to know each other and laugh!

What's your favorite tunes for entertaining and eating?

Potato Gratin & cooking vessel

Does anyone know if it's possible to make a good potato gratin using one of those large foil pans (like the ones you might use to roast a turkey). My standard recipe (russets, cream, gruyere, garlic) does beautifully in my Apilco gratin dish, but I'm making it for 20 people as a side dish and there's no way my gratin dish will fit this amount. I considered using a half-sheet rimmed baking sheet, but worry that the gratin might come out a bit on the "thin" side. Should I just divide the recipe among three or four baking dishes, or can I just do everything in a foil pan?

Many thanks in advance!

Rules of thumb for converting recipes and feeding a crowd?

Next week I am cooking for a luncheon reception following a funeral. There will be roughly fifty people at the service, and possibly fewer at the reception. I've been asked to make a chicken curry with jasmine rice, in addition to some simple sides. I have a pretty reliable recipe for the curry that serves four - five, and have already scaled up the recipe to feed fifty (I used an online conversion site mentioned in another post here). The amounts seem astronomical to me, but I'm just gonna bite the bullet and go with it.

My question is: when cooking for a large crowd, should I assume I am really cooking for fifty eaters? Or should I under-estimate this number a bit? Or perhaps, over-estimate this number?

I would also really appreciate any advice about how to get this thing off the ground in my medium-sized, but well-equipped, kitchen. I have visions of myself browning 20 lbs of chicken legs at three in the morning! And of filling every pot in the house with rice because my rice cooker is so small! Can those giant tin foil roasting pans be used to "braise" the curry in the oven? Where do I even buy those jumbo tin foil pans?

Okay, I'm off to check out that blog by that chef who cooks for frat boys. Maybe I can glean some wisdom over there too... wish me luck and many many thanks in advance.

Cooking for a sick neighbor

I'm bringing dinner over to a neighbor this week who has been going through intensive chemo & radiation therapy. I need some help coming up with a menu that will be palatable, yet somewhat special / festive to lend some holiday cheer for New Years.

I was thinking of a silky chicken soup with (small) dumplings, orange & avocado salad, and some soft rolls. Would love to include a dessert but wonder if panna cotta might be too rich / cloying?

Anyone out there with some advice? Many thanks in advance.

Egg free pumpkin pie?

I'm trying to figure out how to do a pumpkin pie without eggs and wondered if anyone has tried using gelatin based - as opposed to custard - filling? Could one, for example, fill a pie crust with a pumpkin panna cotta, or would that just be too weird?

Many many thanks.

Roast Pork Shoulder: Need Help!

This is the first time I am making roast pork shoulder for a party. The meal is tonight, and, so far, so good.

I am working with two 3 lb., bone-in, skin-less shoulders that have marinated overnight in a mixture of fresh garlic, cumin, oregano, S&P.

Fear strikes my heart, however, when it comes to questions of timing and temperature.

Some recipes suggest a high temperature roast (425) for the first 30 minutes and then a lower temperature roast (325) for 3 hours under foil. Other recipes, however, advise an even longer roast time in a low oven, including some recipes suggesting 4 1/2 - 6 hours for the pork to become meltingly tender. The timing varies so widely that I'm feeling pretty confused!

Can those of you who successfully roast pork shoulder confirm that the longer time in a low oven is the way to go? I'm looking for crispy exterior and a tender - but not falling apart in shreds - interior consistency.

If the pork goes in at noon, will everything done by 3 PM? (ie too early for dinner...) Please save me from serving sad-looking, ice-cold, dessicated pork pucks to my guests!!!

Many thanks in advance.

Fresh Ham - Cooking Ideas?

A large portion of our pig-share this year included many slices of fresh ham. Any ideas about the best way to cook this cut? I've never had it before.

Many thanks.

What kind of seafood should we eat in North Captiva (FL)

We are vacationing on North Captiva for a week and we are looking forward to cooking & eating lots of fresh seafood. Any recommendations? We are trying to pre-order our groceries before heading to our beach house and I want to make sure we sample some local delicacies.
Thanks in advance.

Unsweeteened Chocolate

I accidentally bought two bags of unsweeted baking chocolate and am looking for ways to adjust the sugar in recipes to compensate for the lack of sweetness in the chocolate.
Many many thanks.

Egg-free recipes for baked treats?

I'm looking for cookies, cakes, bars, quick breads etc. My two-year old, who is allergic to eggs, is showing a keen interest in baking and I'd love to find some easy egg-free recipes don't require complicated substitutions for the eggs...Thanks in advance.

Need advice about feeding summer guests

we have had back-to-back visitors since june and as much as i love having people in my house i'm getting a little worn down with all the hosting and cooking and entertaining. any ideas out there about streamlining / simplifying breakfasts, lunches, dinners?