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Best Thing I Ate Over July 4th Weekend

July 3, which was surprisingly cold and rainy: creamy polenta with parmesan and roasted vegetables for dinner with friends out in the country. Surprisingly, the warmed up leftover polenta was amazing with room temp spinach salad on top the next day.

Best Thing I Ate Over July 4th Weekend

July 3, which was surprisingly cold and rainy: creamy polenta with parmesan and roasted vegetables for dinner with friends out in the country. Surprisingly, the warmed up leftover polenta was amazing with room temp spinach salad on top the next day.

Cookie Monster: Toffee Chunk Cookies

The fancy supermarket near my apartment used to sell these amazing butterscotch-toffee chip cookies, freshly made each day. Then for no good reason they stopped carrying them. I'm trying to re-create them but haven't gotten them just right yet.

8 Grilled Cheeses in America We Love

I love the grilled gruyere and caramelized onion sandwich on rye at 'wichcraft.

Ed Levine's Caloric Journey, Week 169: At a Crossroads

Hi Ed: I feel your pain... After working hard to reach a happy weight, it's easy to slip back into old habits, and the weight comes on so much more quickly than it comes off! What has been helping me lately is to get in a "thin me" mindset and let that guide my actions... Thin me, for example, would not (and will not) snack on leftover office Easter candy all afternoon! Maybe this approach will help you--Every time you're faced with the decision of whether or not to eat something, ask yourself, "what would thin Ed do?" This can help you make smart choices instead of rationalizing your way into eating too much.

Chain Reaction: Yard House

We always go to Yard House when I go home to visit my family in CA. The gardein stuff is new, or maybe unique to the San Diego location? I highly recommend the grilled cheese sandwich, which has an insane amount of cheese on it (including blue cheese!) and is made with thick, soft, eggy bread. Their onion rings are also great.

Sunday Brunch: Pretzel Rolls

It's fun to make your own rolls but if you're not up to it, Whole Foods sells pretzel rolls and pretzel baguettes, or at least the one in my neighborhood does. I like them as sandwiches with brie cheese.

Anal kitchen antics !!!

Yay, I'm in the egg club too. My kitchen is tiny so things always end up balanced precariously in odd places--the last thing I need is 8 broken eggs on the floor!

Do you care if your leftovers sit out?

I'm pretty lax about leaving things out, not usually overnight but for several hours (although I've forgotten to put groceries (cheese, leafy greens - not milk) away more than once in the evening, discovered them in the morning, and put them in the fridge then... all fine). My main exception is rice. I once had a roommate who would routinely leave cooked rice in the pan on the stove overnight (or longer), and it smelled so horrible. Blegh. I always put rice away pretty quickly.

New Sandwiches from 'wichcraft

Also, for anyone who wants to switch it up now and then, you can order any sandwich over greens instead of on bread. I actually love their eggplant this way.

8 Great Slices of Pizza in NYC

Just adding my love to Sal and Carmine... I adore that place.

Cookie Wars: Chips vs. Chunks vs. Chopped

Chopped, obvs! By far the best. I do usually keep chips on hand, but for last-minute emergency cookie-baking only.

You have a Star Trek food replicator. Would you still cook?

The replicator can only replicate KNOWN foods, right? So someone would still have to cook to come up with new recipes (like the oreo-stuffed cookie). Or could you just say, "One chocolate chip cookie stuffed with one oreo inside," even if that particular cookie had never been invented?

Cookie-Stuffed Cookies

OMG this is the greatest invention ever in the history of mankind. I really wish I had a good excuse (or any excuse) to make these.

Need cookbook recommendation for person entering culinary school

The Professional Chef is CIA's book; even if he doesn't need it as a school textbook, it's still useful. I also second Larousse, or the Food Lover's Companion for something smaller.

Weekend Cook and Tell: Beyond Tofurkey: Venerable Vegetarian Thanksgiving Options

I love the idea of a strudel/roulade made with puff pastry and filled with lentils, mushrooms, and/or veggies, served with vegetable gravy like the one in the article. It's a little more substantial than a side, with plenty of delicious vegetables and protein (and probably cheese too). Maybe I'll cook and tell for the first time this weekend!

My boyfriend HATES vegetables...Help me!

Try cooking things where vegetables are part of the dish but not the main component, like chili, beef stew, pot pies, and so on. He might be OK with that if he can eat the veggies and the meat at the same time, right? Empanadas or other hand pies with vegetable or meat-and-vegetable (-and-cheese) fillings might work since you don't actually see the vegetables until you bite into them. Also, would he be receptive to pureed vegetable soups? Butternut squash soup, sweet potato bisque, carrot-ginger soup, creamy potato soup... I think of these as "soups," not "vegetables," but of course they're all made with vegetables. Last suggestion: are there any vegetables that he does like? If so, work from there. So if he'll eat roasted white potatoes, next time, make a mix of roasted white and sweet potatoes. If that goes well, then try a medley of roasted potatoes and other root vegetables like carrots.

I understand you're not trying to change his behavior or "force" him to do anything... If you're the primary cook in the household, then it's in everyone's best interest for you to cook things that you both like and that are good for you both.

Good luck!

Your favorite healthy tasty eats - autumn style

In the fall I love chili (or "spicy bean stew" for all you chili purists) made with tons of vegetables: Add carrots, parsnips, turnips, potatoes, and/or sweet potatoes in addition to bell peppers, canned tomatoes, and chile peppers (chipotles are great). To make it low-fat, keep it vegetarian or use lean meat.

Also, other hearty soups, stews or curries that incorporate beans/legumes and fall vegetables. If that's too much work for a weeknight, make a big batch on the weekend and then eat it during the week or freeze in single servings for later.

Halving a recipe that calls for one egg...

When I have to "halve" an egg, I use just the yolk. It always seems to work fine and you don't have to worry about measuring the egg.

Paris recommendations?

Another vote for L'As du Falafel--the crazy line is part of the adventure! It's actually one of my best memories of Paris. You'll also have to wait in line at Pierre Herme, but it's worth it for those pretty, pretty macarons.

Choose My Restaurant, Manhattan

I agree with skipping restaurant week menus. I recommend Locanda Verde--the food is delicious and the restaurant has a good atmosphere. If you can't get reservations, you can eat at the bar, which is fun. That said, I did have the restaurant week menu at Telepan last year and really enjoyed it.

Dessert to bring to a friend's house

How about a little cheese and fruit plate... Like blue cheese, sliced peaches, and a drizzle of honey?

July 4th weekend, what are you making?

Doing a picnic dinner for the fireworks, so I'm thinking vegetable sandwiches, fresh corn with a squeeze of lime, fruit, and spiced nuts. Plus orange and olive oil cake for dessert!


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