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Question of the Day: Memorable fortune cookies ...

Mine are typically ominous:

"You think that it is a secret, but it has never been one."

Or this uplifting gem from last weekend:

"All things come to an end."

The Power of Food Blogging

After reading this I went back to the original "review" from September. Taken together, the two pieces suggest that (a) the author was originally upset about the fact that VIPs get special treatment at Le Cirque (b) the author is now happy to receive special treatment at Le Cirque as a VIP. A direct quote, "... we enjoyed the 'star treatment,' if you could call it that, and savored the evening for what it was."

The thing is, as your readership grows, you can't really call yourself a "nobody" or an amateur anymore. With increased readership and influence come increased responsibility. And, obviously, scrutiny.


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