I'm a pastry chef and blogger out of frigid chicago. Spend my time cooking for myself and others, watching absolute crap TV and generally laughing at everything.

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  • Location: Chicago
  • Favorite foods: Caramel in any way, shape or form. Asian food of all kinds especially dumpling things. Fried chicken. Really ripe sinfully fragrant peaches, apricots, red plums.
  • Last bite on earth: fried chicken (preferably from Dookie Chase). greens. vinegar-y cole slaw. peach pie. you'd think I was a southern girl, wouldn't you? I should be so lucky.

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Bouchon Bakery's Lemon Meringue Tarts

You seem to be missing the ingredient list for the meringue.

Weekend Book Giveaway: 'Roadfood'

Betty's Pies in in Two Harbors, MN on the way to the North Woods. Oh my, nothing is better than a banana cream pie shake.

Win a Free Organic D'Artagnan Turkey

Oh hello Bacon Braised Brussels Sprouts!

Cakespy: Leftover Halloween Candy Pie

As someone who has leftover candy from LAST year, I appreciate a creative idea. Of course, there's always too much! Isn't that the whole point? Don't you remember your Halloween's as a kid? Trick or treating until the last possible second with the biggest pillow case your mom would let you have and then fighting her off for the Crunch bars?? Boo-humbug to the rest of you, I say.


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