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Vegetarian Entrees w/o mushrooms - any ideas?

Lots of ideas, because I cook vegan, and well, I don't eat mushrooms at every meal.

Some lovely centerpiece entrees:

-a Thai Penang curry is hearty fair. Use tofu or seitan for protein.

A Lebanese kibbeh with winter squash, tangy spinach, and chickpeas:

An easy biscuit topped savory pie. You could vary the filling, substituting in beans, different vegetables, seitan, baked tofu, whatever.

Eggplant pie, use frozen hashbrowns to save time, if you'd like, or pie crust of your choosing:

Weekend Cook and Tell: Cookie Recipe Swap

I made my husband's favorite florentines this year for the first time. They are a lovely and elegant change of pace--caramelized sugar, almonds, a hint of orange zest, and dark chocolate.

Weekend Cook and Tell: Step Out of Your Squash Comfort Zone

I used a combination of delicata squash and acorn squash to jazz up this baked Lebanese kibbeh recipe. Soo delicious and a great change from the usual fall pumpkin dishes.

need more recipes for veg. pasta? help please

I made this healthy vegan alfredo sauce with sun-dried tomatoes. With eggplant as the secret ingredient you're also getting a good serving of vegetables with your bowl!

Weekend Cook and Tell: Processor Power

I didn't have a food processor until about a year ago, but it has really changed the way I cook.

I'm now willing to tackle shredding-intensive projects, like these carrot maple oat bars on a whim:

I also find it useful for punching up Asian cooking, with easy chutneys and curry pastes. Like for this super flavorful penang curry, for example:
or this mint-cilantro chutney:

And pesto on a whim? Yes, please. This pesto bread is tops:
I bet you could even knead the dough in the food processor, but I haven't tried that (yet!).

Weekend Cook and Tell: A Fond Farewell to Summer (Produce)

I made these Venezuelan-inspired stuffed arepas (savory corn cakes) as a vehicle for a zesty zucchini salsa verde. The recipe turned local zucchini, tomatoes, and bell pepper into something that tasted fresh and new.

Late season eggplant and tomato are going into this Moroccan-spiced skillet pie with a hash-brown potato crust:

Weekend Cook and Tell: Squash Invasion!

The summer squash keeps coming! We've done a summer squash & herb galette. The crust is made with tahini: rustic and nutty. And the pie is layered with a vegan "ricotta" that is seasoned with lemon, basil, and oregano.

Also, the standby zucchini latkes, done vegan here:

help me make lactose free ice cream - heavy cream substitute?

Yup, you want to look into soy creamer and full-fat coconut milk. Both of those have higher fat content and thicker texture than lactaid milk or soy/rice/almond milk, so they are a much better substitute. Soy creamer (like Silk) brand has a more neutral flavor, where coconut milk will impart a mild coconut flavor. To up the fat content, you can scoop the cream off the top of the coconut milk and just use that (rather than including the whole can). (Fat doesn't freeze, so a homemade low-fat ice cream can end up frozen solid--not creamy. That is why it is important to find the right substitute for cream.)

This recipe is vegan, and rich and creamy as could be:

...Chocolate ice cream is a good way to start, by the way. The fat in the melted chocolate also helps keep the result creamy and luscious. Once you're satisfied with that, try experimenting with mint choco-chip and such. For non-chocolate ice cream, adding 2-3 tablespoons of alcohol (vodka for neutral flavor, or other flavor to complement ice cream) can help keep the ice cream soft in the absence of heavy cream.

Weekend Cook and Tell Round Up: Grilling Minus the Meat

Can you please correct the link for Barley Beet Bean Burgers? The link redirects to this post, rather than forwarding to our blog entry with the recipe. Here is the correct link:

Weekend Cook and Tell: Grilling Minus the Meat

We love to grill these bean beet burgers. They are so flavorful and have a great chewy texture. They stand up really well on the grill. Delicious with some pepperjack cheese (use soy cheese to keep it vegan!).


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