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How many stores do you shop at for your food?

at least 3.

Grocery Store/ Costco for all the package stuff (flour, milk, sugar etc)

Farmers market/vegetable store for ALL produce

Butcher shop / Local meat shop for all meats and eggs

Top Ten, On-Hand, Not Embarrassed

1. Non-fat milk / cheese / yogurt
2. Coffee
3. Canned tomatoes
4. Canned beans
5. Unsalted butter
6. Sugar (icing, yellow, dark brown, fine, I bake alot okay...)
7. Frozen veggies
8. Quinoa / Brown rice
9. Flour
10. Prewashed Salad Greens

Guily Pleasures and other Embarrassing Pantry Items

@melinda ~ the missing skin off the roof of your mouth is NOT a deterrent for true Cap'n Crunch lovers

Morning Star Burgers
Salt & Black pepper Chips
Purchased Rugelach ( my DH brings them home, and sometimes I'm lazy)
caramel rice cake & pb & banana sandwiches

Top 10 ingredients I will never have in my kitchen

1. Canned Meat
2. Cheez Whiz/ Velveeta / Faux cheese slices
3. Cake mix
4. Artificial Vanilla extract
5. White sandwich bread
6. Bottle lemon juice
7. Boxed mac n cheese/hamburger helper
8. Beef
10. Canned fruit

Old cookbooks

I've noticed the abundance of jello moulds and there is a section on frogs legs as well. Fits well with the time as you say.

But I love how everything is so simplyfied. There's no 100 item list of ingredients to make something delicious.

Really good cooking/recipe blogs

@renzata.....also love smitten kitchen, am huge fan of baking websites as I bake more than cook, some faves

Or do what I do cruise, sites like serious eats and just start going thru all the links they have posted for blogs, do the same at every site you visit you'll start to see the ones that pop up on all the blogs. They usually have some good ideas.

Happy hunting!

Favorite Food Network Show and Chef

Alton Brown, Ina Garten and Giada. They always have the best recipes.

Sourdough Bread

sounds fantastic!! I can't wait! Thanks for the encouragment!

Canadian Cuisine?

@gnomatic - agree with you on the fries. Soo good, must have vinegar on them with salt and pepper. Not exactly healthy, okay once every 10yrs or so.

Coming from Vancouver (born & raised), our cuisine is very blended with the many cultures that are here. It's very asian with plenty of fresh seafood, we're know as the more laidback city in Canada so all the food here is simple with fresh local ingredients.

I don't think there is a Canadian cuisine either, I think you will find things here that most Americans do not use in everyday cooking. But if you ask me what my comfort food is, something that reminds me of my childhood and what I grew up on, it would be a combo of fresh local salmon jerky, authentic chinese cuisine from china town and spicy Chana masala with naan bread.

More and more "traditional" cuisines are getting blended together to form sort of a new tradition of cuisine. I read an article about a month or so ago, saying the British were no longer enjoying their traditional recipes and were now enjoying indian curries and so on as sort of their staple meals. I guess my point is that a "cuisine" is all about embracing the cultures that surrond us and make our city/country what it is.

That to me is Canadian Cuisine. Not that I don't enjoy a good poutine once in awhile lol

Häagen-Dazs Flavor Preview Giveaway

Damn you!!! Leaving us Canadians out with no ice cream~! Oh well, looking foward to witty comments

Cook the Book: The Sweet Melissa Baking Book

Homemade apple crisp with NO OATS (trust me the crunchy brown sugar against the tart granny smith apples is to die for) piping hot, as is, no ice cream.

I'm a purist when it comes to this sort of stuff, no exceptions. Could probably eat a whole dish right now.

Best Hangover Food?

diet pepsi or water and some good wonton soup, pot sticker and chinese broccoli with minced garlic. YUM

Or some greasy breakfast.


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