Has anyone ever heard of an Italian "Christmas" pizza?

I am having a similar problem. First of all, it definately was The Secret Life of Pizza and it was Ray Bari's. Secondly, I know the name but don't know how to spell it. Phonetically it is said " SVEN-CHON-NI" or "SVEN-CHONI" or "SVEN-CHO-NEE". The "O" is pronounced as a long "O" and the "I" is pronounced as a short "I". The "SVEN" sounds just like the Norwegian male name Sven. Hope this helps everyone or anyone. THAT PIZZA REALLY DID LOOK TASTY DIDNT IT?????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I could almost smell it through the T.V.

The "Elusive" New York "Christmas Pizza"

At the end of last year there was a little chatter on here about a "Christmas Pizza" people saw on a Food Network show called The Secret Life Of and the topic of the show was Pizza. Everyone knows how we New Yorkers are about our pizza!!! Anyway, no one could remember what the "Christmas Pizza" was the owners of Ray Bari's made on the show, the name of the pizza, the name of the show, etc., etc. Well some of the answers are above and and the biggest answer is that I know the name of the pizza but not how to spell it. Phonetically it is said "SVEN-CHON-NI" or "SVEN-CHONI" or "SVEN-CHO-NEE". It's a thick sicilian style square pizza with thick, rich sauce. It's covered in breadcrumbs and baked covered most of its cooking time and uncovered for a few minutes at the end. I hope this puts some minds at ease and intrigues some new people. I have not tried it yet but the pizza looks killer. I could almost smell it through the T.V. If you search "Christmas Pizza" above you will find the original posting which I also answered.

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