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  • Favorite foods: everthing but liver or lima beans,.
  • Last bite on earth: chocolate...

weird sandwich making rituals

I also have to spread the mayo or mustard evenly over the entire sandwich touching all sides, but one or the other, never mustard and mayo together, that's just wrong. Also, and I guess this is pretty weird, I love tomatoes but detest the seeds, they're slimy and gross, so I have to completely deseed a tomato before it goes on my sandwich.

What are you canning this season?

I would really like to start canning but don't know how. Is there a website or book that would teach me how to at least get started?

What are your coffee shop expectations?

I agree with Tokyorosa's comments, especially about the jerks camping out with their computers! Go home!

How do you make the perfect ham sandwich?

Boar's Head imported sliced paper thin, New Yorker American, Gulden's spice mustard, jewish rye.(jewish pickle sliced on top).

OVER THE TOP Paula Deen's flirtatiousness!!!!!

I agree with ChelleyD01completely! I can't watch Paula Deen or the Neelys, they are so obnoxious and have absolutely no class!

Cole slaw!

Thanks to everyone, not sure which one I'm going to make yet but I'm making ribs tomorrow night and making the cole slaw to go with it!!! I hope my mom likes its, thanks so much!

Anyone else peek at the spoilers for TNFNS?

I haven't watched for two weeks and don't intend to watch tonight, it's horrid.

The Neely's have ANOTHER show..WTH??

I absolutely cannot stand to listen to that woman speak, the way she goes on in that ridiculous way of hers makes me want to vomit, if I happen to put on FN and its THEM I immediately turn it off.

Not So Good.

Lasagna, meat balls, marinara.....I keep trying and keep failing...

Cookout Dessert

@sadiepix, can you post the recipe for your Anzac buscuit? It sounds yummy! I usually make a chocolate caramel torte.

Ode to Tim Russert

Only the good die young.........

Sandra Lee

Well, okay then, I knew I'd get the low-down from you guys. Thanks for warning me as I've never seen her show before! And thanks for all the great tips and advice I read on this great website!!! Stephie

Do you eat a bed-time snack? What is it?

Lately for some reason it anything and everything, especially ice cream, candy, doritos, pistachios, cookies, no rhyme or reason really, just really yummy and really fattening............if I get up in the middle of the night (which is a lot) I HAVE to have oreos and milk, I've been doing that almost my whole life and I don't know why...

Snickerdoodle Cookie Recipes

I never had a snickerdoodle (my mom only made chocolate chips) what are they and what's the recipe?

The Next Food Network Star - are we watching?

This is my first time watching this show, I was never really interested before, I agree with everyone's comments thought about that goofball Lisa and all the others, I thought it was hysterical the way Giada looked at that annoyingly cute girl! And I just love to watch Bobby Flay....

What's the chintziest food that you love to eat?

a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, put Herr's potato chips on it and smash together......yummy....

A great meatball recipe?

thanks for the great sounding recipes, I'm going to try today, just wondering, can I put any kind of good grated cheese in the meatballs?


Thanks everyone for the great cheese advice, (and no wookie, no Italian in-laws!!!), just trying to improve my cooking with all of you great cooks out there! Thanks.

Ah the ignorance of youth...strange food beliefs as a child...

I have the greatest mom in the world, however, it wasn't until I started eating other people's food that I found out that rice is not a mound of mush (but I still don't care for rice) that you could cook chicken in a lot of other ways than boil it (yuck, no flavor) that vegetables actually tasted great when not boiled beyond recognition, that meatballs tasted pretty good when mixed with spices and things and not just ground meat balled up, etc....(I used to hang around my friend's mom who was Italian and hoped to be asked to dinner) I love you mom! p.s. my mom made killer BIG dinners like roast beef, roasted potatoes, turkey dinners, & pork roasts.

Cause and Effect

Not to interrupt this very good post but, what and where is Whole Foods? Also, just out of curiosity blankplate, please share with me how you feed 3 people for a week for $60, I live in Philadelphia, not too far from you, and I must be doing something wrong.

MOST favorite cookbook in collection

Thanks everyone! I don't know which to buy first, (I'd honestly like to get them all) they all sound great! I have a feeling cookbooks will quickly become my new passion.

What is more of a 'deal breaker'--food or books?

I agree wholeheartedly with Karen Resta, while I love both food and books, I am of the opinion that the heart and soul of a person determines their worth.

Mission - Mac 'n Cheese

Thanks feriorrenna, just got home from work and I'm going back out to get the ingredients to make it tomorrow! WOW, all that cheese, it sounds awesome!

Mission - Mac 'n Cheese

I can't get to the recipe, can you paste it for me here? It sounds great!

Recipes for ham

I am preparing ham salad for lunch, sounds yummy! Thanks everyone!

Cole slaw!

My mom is always saying that no one can make cole slaw as good as her mom made it. So I'd like to give it a try. I've never made cole slaw before, so I was wondering if anyone has an awsome coleslaw recipe that I could borrow to surprise my mom. Thanks!

Gotta have this in!

Okay, so this is not something home made, but I love it and HAVE to start my day with it......Pop Tarts.....don't know why, just have to have one in the morning or I get very upset, if I don't have them in my cupboard I will go at at anytime of night to get them. Is there some type of food, home made or packaged that everyone HAS to have in the house at all times?

Stella Doro

This probably sounds weird but, I LOVE Stella Doro Breakfast Treats and eat about 2 or more packages a week with tea and coffee. Does anyone know of a cookie recipe (or is it a biscuit?, what is it exactly?) that I could make that would mimic that type of cookie? Thank you SE readers, as usual....

Fresh herbs vs. Dried,

When reading different recipes some call for fresh and some indicate dried. Is this a matter of the author's taste or is one always used over the other is certain recipes? Is fresh always the best? Is dried always used in specific recipes?

How good is really good?

Sometimes when I read a recipe it calls for "really good, extra virgin olive oil", how do I know if it's "really good"? The most expensive? Are there any other "really good" ingredients that are out there that I should be using? I'm confused.

Minced Garlic

I just bought a jar of minced garlic now I'm wondering if I should use it. Is it close to fresh? What about any other kind of garlic in a jar?

Sandra Lee

I am kind of new to this website and after reading the responses to the Next Food Network Star just wanted to know 'why does everyone hate Sandra Lee so much' (just asking mind you).

How to cook Spareribs

I have been dying to make spareribs (or babybacks, is it the same?) but it seems like such a long involved process when I see it done on a cooking show and I just don't have the time (or a smoker) is there another way to make spareribs so they come out falling off the bone and mouth-watering? Any recipes for a rub or sauce?

Herb Garden

I want to start an herb garden to made my dishes more delicious, any advice? Am I too late in the season?

A great meatball recipe?

I have tried many times and have not yet succeeded to make great meatballs, they always seem to fall short. Does anyone have a really great meatball recipe? (One that even I can't mess up?).


What is everyone's favorite cheese? The best for grating? With pasta? I pretty much grew up on Kraft grated parmesan and know there must be a plethora of other options out there. I need any and all cheese tips I can get. Help!

Where do you buy your meat?

I am very picky when it comes to meat so I was wondering what everyone else does. Do you always go to a butcher or just for some things? How about meat at a grocery store? Is talking to the butcher a good idea or will they just tell you what you want to hear?


I am cleaning out my spice cabinet and since my mom and I shared, I'm not sure how old the spices are that she bought. So I'm tossing everything and starting from scratch. Any suggestions on what spices are must -haves? Also, what is the normal shelf life for spices? And are they're any brands or types that are better that others?

MOST favorite cookbook in collection

I was just about to post the question of "What is your most favorite cookbook" when I read mr_chorizo's wonderful post on the least favorite! So I'll ask now...."What is your favorite cookbook?" I am looking to purchase a few really great cookbooks, and thought I would ask the experts. Thanks.

Make now, eat later.

I just started a new job and my hours are 12pm-8pm, so I have to make dinner ahead of time each day. Does anyone have any great make-ahead and heat or slow-cooker recipes they can share? I don't have much experience with slow-cookers. Thanks.

What's the difference in oils?

I am a little confused on what is the best kind of oil to use for different kinds of cooking. Extra virgin olive oil, peanut, canola, vegetable, etc. And does anybody recommend a particular brand?

Favorite Food Network Show and Chef

I have always loved watching the food network, but recently I have become addicted! It's all I watch! My favorite chef is Bobby Flay and ANY show of his!!! I especially like "Throwdown". What are some of everyone else's favorite shows and/or chefs?


I would like to know the best way to cook garlic. I have always used garlic powder because I wasn't quite sure how to peel, chop, cook, saute or whatever else you should do with fresh garlic. Also I have heard it can become bitter, how do I prevent that? Thanks.

Tender steak!

What is the best way to cook steak (in this case a london broil) so it is tender and tasty? I always seem to make it tough. Anyone have some great recipes and/or suggestions? Thanks friends

Too much salt!

Maybe I'm the only one who makes this mistake, but I tend to oversalt some recipes, I try not too but I have a heavy salting hand....does anyone know how to unsalt a too salty dish?

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