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Gadgets: Breville's Smart Waffle Maker Produces Perfectly Browned Waffles

Breville is such a reliable brand! I had no idea they made a waffle iron. Mmmmm, waffles!

Utensil Pot Clips Are a Great Alternative to Spoon Rests

I'll try it! I can't stand stuff on my counter, not to mention drips. Cleaning up drips and more dishes...ain't nobody got time for that!

Yogurt Knife Recomendations?

Is this an example of an auto-correct fail? Lol!

Gadgets: Zipzicles

Also! Here is a link to the Zipcicles Pinterest page! They have some fun pins there!

Gadgets: Zipzicles

We've used these a few times and they were so fun!

Knead the Book: Southern Biscuits

Gravy, fig jam, ham, bacon, egg, cheese, honey, butter, sausage, pimento cheese. Not all at the same time!

I need a creative blog title! Help!

Lizzie, I love your enthusiasm! Keep it up! No one can name your blog better than you can. Just keep believing you can do it, not matter what "it" is. You have proven you have the wherewithal - you've graduated college and have a job! If you love to write and cook, just start a blog and get going. Don't over-think it. At a minimum it will be a great record of your cooking journey and something for you to share with your family and friends. Good luck!

Gluten-Free Tuesday: Apple Cider Doughnut Pancakes

Is there a way I can get an email subscription to only the gluten free recipes on this site?

1 Day in Boston Lunch & Dinner Rec?

All morning, my husband and I have been trying to figure out the name of the place we had pho when we were in Boston last time. It was so delicious! We finally figured out it was but sadly, they have closed!!!

And yes, Legal Seafood definitely has a lot of tourists. But I just don't think you can beat their clam chowder and their free rolls!!! :-) We have one in ATL where we live and every once in a while we go there for some for lunch. I still say it's a check list kind of place at least once in it's hometown. Boston is awesome. Have a blast whatever you end up doing.

After Dinner Games, Got One We Should Be Playing?

Oops, hit enter too quickly. The Farkle game sits on a cake stand that I keep on the kitchen dining table along with s&p and honey.

After Dinner Games, Got One We Should Be Playing?

This is not a made up game, but we love Farkle!

Creative Chip Alternatives

So many great suggestions y'all!!! Thank you so much!!

After Dinner Games, Got One We Should Be Playing?

When the kids were little (three of them) we played Sock Wars. I'd keep a basket of the clean socks from the laundry and instead of matching them and folding them up, everyone would sit in a circle and the socks would be dumped in the center. When I said GO!, everyone would start picking up socks and throw them at the person to whom they belonged until all of them were out of the pile! Then we'd each fold up our own and eventually put them up. Now, I SWEAR we ALL loved this game! No matter how many times we played it, we'd all be laughing our heads off! It was a great way to make a chore fun and to end the day on a positive note.

Creative Chip Alternatives

All of these suggestions are making me so hungry!! :-) I was thinking more along the lines of eating salsa because it's so low cal and low fat (and low Weight Watchers points:-) which is what I'm doing!) and endive works great because it's a scoop and salsa is well, runny.

Creative Chip Alternatives

@nygiants122 - thanks!! I will try it and I'll let you know. I like kale but have never had it like that.

National Margarita Day!

Well, lately I've been drinking Bob's. My husband and I are doing Weight Watchers and have lost 70 lbs each! WOOHOO! (Am I allowed to mention all these companies? I don't know but I can assure you, I don't receive compensation for doing so!! LOL! Definitely the other way around!)


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