Live on a boat, eating my way around the world.

  • Location: Salt Water
  • Favorite foods: I'm fickle, but avocados always top the list.
  • Last bite on earth: A shot of frozen vodka. Yeah, I know it's a swallow and not a bite.

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I Don't Know From Goose: A Jewish Christmas Story

Great story, well-written, humorous and sweet. Thank you for sharing some of your holiday history.

How I Fell Hard for the Cemita in All its Forms: A Love Story With Recipes

Thank you for this beautifully-written and fascinating article on one of the world's great sandwiches. You had me at "wan simulacrum".

The World of Buttercreams: 6 Varieties to Try at Home

@JShilpetski, NO you are not crazy! This past Halloween my sis made some ice cream sandwiches and she decorated the cookies with buttercream to look like mummy faces. The frozen buttercream was the best part of the sandwich. By far. Biting into that frozen buttercream and letting it melt was soooooo tasty.

For Extra-Moist and Crisp Stuffing, Break Out the Slow Cooker

Oh frabjous day! This is my favorite way to make stuffing, but I never cogitated over WHY it turns out so scrumptious. Thank you for the great explanation. It does work fine for cornbread stuffing, and I keep a couple of cups of chicken stock with lots of butter melted into it for extra dousing during cooking if necessary. Those buttery, crispy sides are like crack and I guarantee nobody will miss a crispy top.

@TravelPath...LOL!! Stuffing cake? I think you are a little crazy. In a good way of course.

Tacos de Canasta: How to Make the Perfect Potluck Taco

I love these! I never thought about them being for pot-lucks but they would be great; you're brilliant for thinking of it. Down in La Paz, BCS a guy brings these around to the marina most mornings by bicycle. He has a distinctive whistle and, like Pavlov's dog, all the cruisers come streaming out of their boats, drooling, ready for a mid-morning snack. Thanks for the recipe!

American Chop Suey: The Cheesy, Beefy, Misnamed Stovetop Casserole That Deserves a Comeback

Also California born and bred, also never heard of this, but it looks delicious. I live on a boat for part of the year and am always looking for deceptively easy one-pot dishes that will make it look like I worked harder than I did. (With fewer pans to clean, hence using less water.) This is perfect! Thank you.

Cook-and-Serve Flour Tortillas From TortillaLand Are as Close as You'll Get to Homemade

Thank you!! I live in Mexico most of the year and got turned on to raw flour tortillas there. But I have really missed them in the U.S. Little did I know they were waiting for me at Safeway. Doh!

Win a Copy of 'Ceviche: Peruvian Kitchen'

Papa a la Huancaína!! I'm still searching for the best-ever recipe.

Wahoo! Looking for recipes for this ono fish.

@Fred, we did do that the same day we shot the wahoo, poke two styles (Sriracha and chipotle) and a nice sashimi platter too. Now, if you have a favorite poke recipe I would love to hear it, I am always looking to improve my technique.

Wahoo! Looking for recipes for this ono fish.

@Acacia - sounds perfect, easy and tasty. There is a farmer's market tomorrow and I will pick up some ginger and scallions and drink a toast in your honor. Thanks!

What should I put in a piñata?

What a great idea, I LOVE piñatas as gifts!! If you like wacky (and have time to order) how about checking out Archie McPhee? Do a search on "food" and see what goofy food-themed items pop up. What is the piñata shaped like?


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