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We Taste 9 Fast Food Vanilla Milkshakes (and Risk Permanent Brain Freeze)

Chick-fil-a may be the most public about where it's money goes, but it joins Domino's, Waffle House, Papa John's, In N Out, Taco Bell, Pizza Hut, and more, as places owned by rich people with a variety of republican agendas that would make a liberal angry. In addition, most of these establishments use beef that is farmed in ways that are destroying our environment. Most of these places pay less than a living wage, few give benefits. If you're paying 99 cents for a chicken sandwich, don't kid yourself that it's better because it's not from Chick-fil-a.

It's a slippery slope, and in this day and age, unless you grow all your own food, someone or something was probably harmed or mistreated to get it to your table. SE isn't forcing you to spend your money at these places, and it's not up to them to help you sleep better at night by believing that boycotting chick-fil-a while you eat a Big Mac is food activism.

Seriously Delicious Holiday Giveaway: Russ & Daughters Brunch Package

A bagel sandwich I read about here! Bagel with bacon, cream cheese, tomato and hot sauce. Plus a giant bloody mary (with gin and lime juice instead of vodka and lemon).

Remarkably good service in NYC

Bellavitae. Delicious food aside, the servers there are smart, often actually Italian and really know they're stuff. They aren't afraid to tell you what's best that day and their wine recs are spot on. 24 Minetta Lane.

Ballpark Food: Home Runs and Strike Outs

As a native of Baltimore and a passionate O's fan, I just want to say that any person who goes to the ballpark to get a crab cake in B'more is an idiot. If you want to get the true Oriole Park feel, hit up Boog's BBQ inside the Eutaw Street entrance, where you just might get served by one of the greatest first basemen in O's history, Boog Powell. Or grab yourself an Esskay hotdog, the only franks good enough to be endorsed by Baltimore's Iron Man, Cal Ripken Jr. If you want crab cakes, wait until the game is over and go to Obrycki's.

Simple fish dish for tonight

Just made this recipe from Gourmet:

I felt a little strange putting mayo in the oven, but it was super simple and surprisingly delicious.

Dinner party on a budget, no dishwasher. Can it be done?

I didn't mean fill the tub up with water and leave everything in there and then bathe with it. I just meant as a good out of the way place to store used pots and pans so they don't pile up in the kitchen. In small kitchens sometimes sinks are really small, it's nice to use a bigger space if you're cleaning big pots. Sorry to all of you with delicate sensibilities that I may have offended.

Sunday Brunch: Soft Scrambled Eggs with Lump Crabmeat

Oh Lord. Made this for breakfast today. It's absurdly delicious.

Dinner party on a budget, no dishwasher. Can it be done?

For dishes. Take advantage of your tub. Things tend to pile up and get in the way and make cooking around the mess even harder.

So, if I'm going to pile up lots of dirty pots and pans, I do it in the tub. When it's time to wash, roll up your pants, get in there with 'em, and give the tub a good scrubbing when you're finished.

Rome: What to buy?

I second the spices. I brought bags and bags back from Campo Di Fiore. While you're there you should go to Al Forno (or maybe it's just Forno...?). It's a bakery and sandwich place that will absolutely blow your mind.

I think there are prohibitions for bringing back cured meats, but I've heard of a number of folks who have managed to sneak them through customs.

I eat ____ with cottage cheese

Egg noodles and cottage cheese is my number one comfort food. Throw in butter and the CC when the noodles are warm with salt and lots of pepper.

It's like a no-bake kugel!

Cauliflower...winter's white wonder?

Inspired by a side dish at Bellaviate in the West Village. Sauteed Cauliflower, cut very finely, mixed with pine nuts, currants and bread crumbs.

Best weird taste combinations?

Seems like the peanut butter thing is a common theme. I really love peanut butter and avocado sandwiches.

Celebrate the dark side of winter...

This salad will change your life:

We eat it with every meal, even breakfast. The longer it's in the fridge, the better it is. I know it seems strange to eat Kale raw, but trust me, it's insanely good.

Also, my gal recently made up a pasta dish. Fresh papardelle with sauteed radicchio and sauteed collards with anchovies, chopped bacon, sauteed onions and breadcrumbs. Kind of a mix of what we had in the fridge plus a few extras. I was wowed at the combo of pasta and winter greens.

Great Gelato. Not Ice Cream. In the U.S. Where? Whose?

Best Gelato I've had outside of Italy was at Gelato Bar in Studio City, CA. Authentic all natural flavors, great atmosphere, and super friendly. They'll also make you a killer espresso and if you're nostaligic for Italian candy, you can find all your favorites there.

My favorite cold cereal is _____

Do they still make Raisin Nut Bran? I used to go wild for those nut covered raisins.

I like getting the organic varieties of peanut butter crunch and honeycomb and mixing them together.

Flights of mozzarella?

Went to Obika in Rome. It was amazing. Plates full of Burrata and stratiatella, buffala and smoked, great cured meats, lots of fresh salads and great wine. Ate myself sick and wanted to go back for more.

Chanukah Menus?

I usually use the channukah tradition of cooking foods in oil to eat things I would not normally eat. I've been experienting with my new deep fryer and have made deep fried miniature candy bars which are a huge hit and ricotta fritters. If you want to go more traditional, I love latkes made with various root vegetables, like sweet potatoes and carrots, and making homemade jelly doughnuts with really good jam.

Also, fyi, the first night of Chanukah is tomorrow, December 5th.

Shrimp Veins

Wow. Gross. Got a shrimp de-vein-er last night as a matter of fact. So no more shrimp poo for me.

Thanks everyone!

Dinner Tonight: Seafood Salad Tacos

Made these for dinner last night. The more salt and lime juice the better they are. Served them with buttery ears of summer corn and a red wine from Portugal.

I'm heading to Baltimore in August. Suggestions?

Near the Charles theater is an awesome kitchy and delicious restaurant called Zodiac, 1724 N Charles St.


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