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Barefoot Contessa Controversy

I agree with hmw0029 and frizzaldo, I have a three yr old and can't imagine him articulating the request to visit ANY celebrity—other than Sponge Bob—so it sounds like maybe this was the "wish" of the mother, father or other caregiver, which in that case, I would be a bit dubious about it all if I were Ina.

Food Terms that should be banned from the media

Agree, EVOO makes me clench my teeth. Also have to say that I hate the work tummy, yummy in my tummy, and it agrivates me when recipe writers use the word "Cheesy" in the title of a recipe. Can't think of what they should use, but the minute something is described as "cheesy" I picture two year olds eating it with their fingers.

Past date yogurt. Safe or not?

I routinely eat yogurt past its "sell by" date (within reason) and like Likeswords, usually use my nose. I have this tug of war with relatives who chuck things in the trash if they're one day older than the sell by date, but I think its more of a guide.

Anise: a recurring frustration

Just an observation: The tone here in these SE blogs lately seems to be leaning more towards grammar and spelling lessons, and that's actually kind of a downer and a real conversation killer. I've been coming to these blogs for entertainment, some camaraderie/comraderie (ps: both are ok) and to learn and share about cooking.

Anise: a recurring frustration

chazmo, I agree.

Andrew Zimmern crossed that line on Bizarre Foods

@ Kitchenista, I too saw just that portion of the show, and was a bit turned off for two reasons. Firstly let me say that I expect to be grossed out when I watch the show, therefore I usually don't. But there was something glib and condescending about him there, surrounded by the locals, hacking off pieces of meat and handing them out while saying that he hopes they see how the white man came to respect them and their ways, don't know, can't quite put my finger on it, but I could have taken the camel eating, it was him chomping away on the meat and gleefully explaining to all watching how worldly and kind he is because his show filmed the sequence, that turned me off more.

Change of heart for tv food stars?

I agree with RegrettableFoodie, I've outgrown food shows. And can't bring myself to watch anything on FN anymore. Too much of a good thing in some cases, and a b-load of crap in most other cases. But I have to say I loathed Gordon Ramsey until I watched his original UK series where he makes over people's restaurants, I actually learned a lot from that, and learned even more that the way a tv show is produced really sways what you think of that person. The producer wants to make the guy look like a #$&@, then he looks like a Class A Number 1 $$&@.

Also have to say that I still can't stand Chris Kimball but I do like his show, probably because of the other chefs and the material.

Teach me to cook.... please

I learned from the best, my mom and dad, my grandmother, and The Frug.

What's on your Foodie Christmas List?

a great popover pan

Rachel Ray's Late Night Bacon recipe

What exactly is "late night" about this bacon?

Warning: "Cooks Source" Will Steal Your Pie, And Your Copyright

I just went to the site to take a look and it looks like all the text has been removed, but the url is still active.

Rice and Bacillus Cereus

All the time. I was aware of this Bacillus Cereus but figured that I'm ok with refrigerating the rice between uses.

Hot Chocolate recipes, please!

@ esun819: I made that one a couple years back and have to say it was dreadful. Maybe i did something wrong, but I had piles of un-dissolved instant milk powder on the bottom of the cup and watery brown liquid floating on top...looked like the Gowanus Canal. Had to bung the whole lot of it in the trash.

Adding salt to enhance flavours in non-savoury foods

@ flavacrisp I use salted butter too. I'm always unhappy in my pie crusts that use unsalted butter. Adding it myself at the end just doesn't taste the same. Lets face it, unsalted butter is just disappointing.

Adding salt to enhance flavours in non-savoury foods

Have been baking for many years, but recently more in earnest and trying to perfect various techniques and so forth. I really notice it now when I don't have enough salt in something sweet. Its just too flat, like a one note song. I also find now that I'm putting a tiny bit of sugar in savory dishes where I didn't before, for the same reason.

Velveeta, I mean really, what's in it?

Whatever it is, I love it. As a kid it was my treat of choice. My mother could motivate me to do just about anything for a little Velveeta. Go figure.

Do you ever eat things out of nostalgia and nothing else?

Velveeta on Ritz crackers!

what should I make that uses A LOT of carrots?

That really terrific carrot ginger salad dressing that you get at Japanese restaurants. Also, I like to make "Copper Pennies": 1-2 bunches of carrots sautéed in obscene amounts of garlic, then finished with brown sugar and a shot of bourbon.

Apple Picking!

I get an almost primal thrill at the sight of apple tree loaded with giant red jewels. We went, a little late this year, but the apples were still spectacular in the Catskills. Got a variety called "Stayman" this time that I had never heard of before. Big and tart, only drawback was an almost unpalatable thick skin, but it made a killer pie. The Cortlands were great as well. Last night we feasted on a gorgeous beef roast with a cider reduction — and pie, of course.

Pomegranate Molasses...

I've had it with Prime Rib, the fatty/juiciness of the meat paired nicely with the intensity of the pomegranate.

Update on honeybees and Colony Collapse Disorder

Update on honeybees and Colony Collapse Disorder

Huffington Post is reporting that the source of the research may be a little dubious.

Apple Pie-arama

Thank you all! Great suggestions. I'm intrigued by the salted caramel —sounds divine—and the sour cream and cheddar cheese crust ideas are just what I was looking for. Anyone have any experience working with quince?

Looking For Mushroom Farms in Eastern Pennsylvania!

Stop in Kutztown; lots of mushroom farms there, as well as the best PA Dutch cooking around.

Authentic vs Locavore??

I'd agree with Cassaendra, I'd think the Italian chef would want to use whatever was local and fresh over what was from Italy. But in my mind, local and fresh for any cuisine any chef anywhere... you'd want to use the best of what the Earth had to provide you, knowing it could (and probably) should change the way it tastes. That's what makes it uniquely "locavore".

Cultivating Wild Yeast

Just started my first 'chef' bread starter, cultivating wild yeast with flour, water and mashed up grape skins. Day three and its bubbling away like a wild thing. Curious if anyone else has tried this, has any advice on making great sour dough French bread.

Plate Arrangement Esthetics

Had this conversation with my signif. other last night, and the conclusion is that I'm mildly crazy: Have you ever rotated your plate halfway through eating a meal only to find that it suddenly changes your appetite, or interest in what you're eating? I just find it mildly disorienting.

Apple Pie-arama

I've made a few now this season, and am starting to get a little bored. Any interesting twists on apple pie that people love? I wanna use all these great New York State apples while they're super fresh.

Little House on the Prairie cookbook

Just wanted to share my delight in finding a copy of the Little House on the Prairie cookbook (Author: Barbara M. Walker) at a used book sale last week. I picked it up for a sentimental lark, but on reading it this weekend, I'm struck by how much of those books, and the series shaped my sense of food and cooking all these years later.

Some of my feelings of what is basic about American cooking, and some of my fondest childhood cooking memories come from these books. Who here tried making maple syrup or molasses candy in the snow after reading Little House in the Big Woods? So many recipes, from Popcorn balls to Cornbread, sparked memories of 10 year old me pretending to live off the land in my prairie skirt pretending I was Laura Ingalls.

Two FN spin off magazines on "Magazine Death Pool" list

Food Network Magazine and Sandra Lee's Semi-Homemade make both Samir Husni's Most Notable Magazine Launches of 2009 and The Magazine Death Pool's Top 15 list of 2009 Magazines Doomed to Fail lists.

The latter notes, "What's notable about these launches is their high mortality rate. Landing on Husni's list is often the kiss of death."

Entertaining Allergies

General question to people who regularly entertain: when you have a guest who's got a particular food allergy or aversion, do you think its ok or bad form if you serve a dish that they might not be able to eat, as long as you serve other dishes that they can eat? (Like appetizers or side dishes). I have a running debate with a family member: is the fact that you've put something on the table that they can't have negate all the other things you have put out for them?

praise for PBS

Just wanted to sing the praises of PBS... just discovered (although its probably been there for a while) WLIW in Long Island's "Create". They show Jacques, Julia, Lydia, interesting and thoughtful shows about wine, sprinkled with travel and decorating and gardening just to keep things fresh. Its lovely!

Food Network losing its edge

Just have to vent about the Food Network. Lately the programming is all game shows, talking heads with little to no culinary 'street cred" and shows about eating. I know how to eat. I want to watch shows about cooking.

But what's really pushed me over the edge are the all-star holiday specials. I've noticed on several of these time slot fillers that they invariably team up an A-lister and a B-lister and have them gush about what great friends they are, like its the Mickey Mouse Club and they all live in some big zany cooking club house together. Its really infantile and sort of embarrassing to watch.

The most recent holiday all-star cooking fest had all the 'stars' cooking up a big old Christmas feast in a loft somewhere, as if they all hang out together. As they frolicked around the table (that they didn't have them wet-towel-snapping each other in a locker room is a blessing) I got a glimpse of Alton Brown in the background, leaning against a wall, arms crossed with an unamused look on his face, and I could just imagine him wishing he could disappear, or better yet get his agent on the phone. Get out of there Alton! Go to PBS!

Food Network: stop programming to the lowest common denominator. We don't need another recipe for mac and cheese. We don't need 30 minute cooking for retards. Bring back the real chefs!

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