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The Best Gas Grills Under $1,000, 2016 Edition

I've got a Weber Q too - since 2009, will probably need to replace the grates in another year. Electric ignition still working for me. It does heat up really fast, heat's consistent, and it can get really hot (+600). It's tough to do the two zone cooking with the way the burners are designed: a ring around the permitter of the grill, and a straight burner that runs down the center, but I can turn off the center burner to simulate a cool zone in the center of the grill. I think a paid right around $400.

The 7 Rules of Perfect Pita Bread

I came to the comments to ask about using a Baking Steel - and see my question was answered already! Looking forward to giving this a shot.

The Best Fried Chicken on the Planet: An Opinionated World Tour

Anyone know where I can find Korean style fried chicken in Portland, OR? Specifically like Bon Chon - I've tried fried chicken from places like Boke Bowl, but it's completely different. This is one the things I miss most from the east coast (along with Amsterdam Falafel).

In Praise of a Turkey-Free Thanksgiving

My very large - think 20+ adults, plus even more kids - family Thanksgiving gatherings never focus on the turkey. Sure, there's always one or two prepared as a nod towards American tradition, but all the attention is usually on prime rib and Southeast Asian cuisine. This suits me fine - never been a fan of turkey either. But Vietnamese egg rolls go surprisingly well with it.

Grilled Hoisin-Glazed Chicken Wings

A follow up now that summer's almost over. Gas grilling instructions: Same general time, just start on low for all burners, then crank it to high for the last few minutes of glazing.

This has been a unanimous hit with both sides of my family (Asian and Western). Members from both sides have requested the recipe and been making it on their own. So thanks!

The Buttery Truth Behind Portland, OR's Best Doughnuts

@Erin Jackson - sweet, thanks for the link! More places to try.

The Buttery Truth Behind Portland, OR's Best Doughnuts

Blue Star is awesome, and loved hearing more about how the dough was made. Thanks for the article. Another article idea: top 10 doughnut shops in Portland area? Blue Star is definitely one of the best, but would love other options for when I don't feel like standing in line. To start off, some other shops I like: CoCo, Helen Bernhard's, Donuts Plus (in Beaverton)...

This Week at Serious Eats World Headquarters

I found it oddly delightful that Singapore has to post 'no durian' signs in the public transit system.

How Spam Won Over America's Restaurants

Given my screen name, how could I not comment? Great article!

Rick Gencarelli's Favorite Sandwiches in Portland

Great list, thanks for sharing! Now, more places to check out. Funny, I could instantly tell that was a GrĂ¼ner burger before even getting to the description.

Enter to Win a Ham Independence Day Package From La Quercia

I love the Eggs Over My Hammy at a certain 24hr diner.

Where to Find the Best Mexican Food in Portland, OR

Thank you for this list. Funny, all this time I've been going to Slow Burger in the same building as Tacos at Uno Mas when my burger craving goes nuts. Next time, I'll force myself to walk two doors down.

Grilled Hoisin-Glazed Chicken Wings

Made Memorial Day weekend '14. Delicious!

A Brief Guide to the Wonderful World of Entenmann's Doughnuts

I've got a similar Entenmanns association with my childhood: their mini chocolate chip cookies. I felt like such a big boy being able to cram an entire cookie in my mouth with no problem. The joys of being 5.

We Try Everything On Taco Bell's New Breakfast Menu

When Taco Bell first advertising the waffle taco, all I could think about was Flavor Spot's 'Dutch Tacos.' And now, I think I know where I'm going for lunch.

Taste Test: The Best Frozen Deep Dish Pizza

Anyone see (national version of) Uno's in the Portland, OR area? Growing up on the east coast I have good memories of really enjoying the Uno's that we'd buy at our grocery store. Now that I'm in the Northwest, I haven't been able to find them.

The Best Valentine's Day Giveaway Ever: Lobel's 4" Prime Dry-Aged Heart Shaped Steaks for Two

Mine SO prefers marinated with soy sauce and garlic, then grilled to medium rare.