love well prepared food (reversed my cholesterol through diet, exercise and lifestyle-that's why I started my blog to share learnings). Veg since birth, experimenting with local north american veg foods ever since my move here about 15 years ago..

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You are what you eat.

bread, pasta, fresh vegs, oranges, dark chocolate, walnuts--does that mean I'll start looking like these foods soon:) you know what they say about couples that have been together a long time & start looking like each other :)

What saucepan do you use to make Chai tea?

AnnieNT I love condensed milk with chai & had forgotten all about the taste. THanks for the reminder. Annzee, Amandarama, those are great ideas which I can use when I'm making chai sans milk.. TYpically though I like to simmer my spices with milk, water & sugar, so the flavours are all infused in everything & roll into all the ingredients seamlessly.. I'm guessing that milk may not quite work the same way.
Luckychickpea, I might go the enameled cast iron way, do you have any staining on the saucepan & is it easy to clean without any major scrubbing.
thanks everyone for taking the time to help with your ideas.

Cilantro: Yea or Nay?

agree with all of you fresh cilantro has a soapy texture.. But i like to saute it with mint for a mint cilantro chutney & suddenly no more soapiness..

should we share our brilliant :)food ideas or not?

thanks everyone for chiming in with your thoughts. big help to someone who's fairly new to this site..

Old People Food

My list is similar to Traveler's. Mostly around cream of wheat. The time I heard old people's food was when an aunt was helping make it as we had a lot of guests --before she started , her first question was is it going to be "old people style"--meaning well cooked and porridgy versus grains standing apart. My father in law also likes his food well cooked, al dente never impressed him....

How do you find motivation when you've lost it?

Can you maybe cook for a coworker. I feel for one coworker who barely ever cooks & is eternally grateful when I bring him food. It motivates me and makes me feel useful when he enjoys, seriously relishes my food and gives me all kinds of compliments. Are you maybe part of some social group, I used to teach sunday school & would take cupcakes every sunday for the 25 boys I taught and the look in their eyes when they asked for a second was all I needed to find the best cupcake recipe and make it for them, even if it meant staying up all night to decorate and ice the cupcakes since I'm no expert at those, just self taught.. I've even brought extra food so I can share some with the homeless man who sits on a downtown street besides the train station. and this is the most discerning of serious eaters, so I;d have to take extra care to prepare. And while focussed on preparation I would lose any thoughts of self or feeling low or lonely..just a few ideas that worked for me...good luck..

Ok Let Me Have It!!!

that's how I usually make my vegetarian version of pasta sauce, sans the curry powder, and the beef.. but I add turmeric & ginger too & I'm sure that would offend those who like their pasta with an italian slant. Also I'd heat the turmeric, cayenne & ginger in the oil first before adding the tomatoes to give a more robust sauce..I love heat in my food so much that I even carry a small jar of chopped jalapeno peppers in lemon juice, and sprinkle liberally when I travel.. Esp. in western canada restaurant food can be bland & my heat jar does wonders to wake up an elegant pasta or pizza..and pretend I'm just using hand sanitizer when helpful waiters hover.. just so no one is offended that I've transformed their exquisite creation !!
I'm with Msecondo. why use V8 if your sauce simmers beautifully for 3-4 hours.. otherwise you have my wholehearted approval for experimenting ..with a classic..

No more Inspiration since becoming vegetarian

as a fellow vegetarian I know how you feel. Restaurant veg food can often be unexciting. But don;t lose hope just yet. Believe it or not there are way more options for a veg than a meat eater, --I'm speaking from having grown up on a completely plant based diet..
Since its fall now, look out for squash, root vegetables that lend themselves beautifully to roasting. seek colour in your food to get your visual appetite up. Marry lentils with spinach to get protein in your diet.
Its a misnomer to think that veg food takes longer to prepare.. it does require some planning though. TO have basics stocked in your pantry.
Here's a recipe I shared that friends found real easy & delicious.
If I think of more ideas I'll let you know. good luck, you're in the right place, everyone in this site is super helpful.

HELP! Spice blog needs a spicy name!

thanks you all @coconutstreamside, you opened my eyes to more possibilities, @teachertalk thanks for your wishes, its nice to see my recipes being used.

HELP! Spice blog needs a spicy name!

thanks TeacherTalk & everyone for taking the time to read. I published my first post.. and went with SoulOfSpice so I could shorten it to SOS for my's the link.. I don't know wordpress very well hoping to learn as I go.. appreciate your feedback..

HELP! Spice blog needs a spicy name!

everyone! spice odyssey is taken by a couple of guys who've laid claim to it a few years ago .. and they haven't bothered writing any posts:( a few more ideas when I asked some more friends. I'm getting a bit worried, I have all these pix of food I made, recipes I make for everyone and posts I have written. Just waiting for the name.. here goes.. the other suggestions.. sorry to be taking so much of your time. name sets the tone & I really appreciate your help..forgot to tell you all that a friend & I are writing this blog/cooking together, she's great at baking, I like to cook savoury foods--

HELP! Spice blog needs a spicy name!

thanks all, snappy gourmet, I loved that. but spice of life is taken. smsingram lots of great ideas, esp. words in pairs. Mr Nick, I don't know about the logo though I like your garlic selection. AnnietNT spicyspice is a nice option. Merstar, I like SPice Odyssey very much -I can play on that journey taking readers through various provinces. Coconutstreamside another winner thanks so much!

Quirky Eating.

I need my coffee super hot. Extra hot at Starbucks & I request coffee shops to nuke my milk before adding coffee. I think its such a waste to drink what's supposed to be hot coffee cooled down with cold milk.
I like flavour in my food. Often times when Im traveling I;ll carry a tiny tupperware container with sliced jalapenos in lime juice, whip it out in fancy restaurants, and my food tastes so much better with the hot sprinkles:)
Toast with butter, creamcheese & hot pepper flakes for breakfast. Yummy
But my coffee making at work has to take the cake
heat milk for 20s in microwave. Let coffee machine brew & deliver a cup of coffee. Mix hot milk with coffee 100 metre style. then place coffee back in microwave for another 20 seconds for a steaming hot cup of coffee!

HELP! Spice blog needs a spicy name!

seriously though,.. does it seem more about me & less about my cooking if I go about calling myself the spice mistress??

HELP! Spice blog needs a spicy name!

spice wench has a delicious tingle to it.. however a coworker pointed out I might have to change cooking career even before I start becoz of folks anticipating something else Lol:)

HELP! Spice blog needs a spicy name!

merstar -allspice was something I was seriously thinking about or even

HELP! Spice blog needs a spicy name!

that's a great idea blitzcheetah. a pun on words :)

HELP! Spice blog needs a spicy name!

good idea bkozel that another friend validated. but..its taken on wordpress.. SIGH! any other ideas??

HELP! Spice blog needs a spicy name!

loco_food_guy j'aime votre take! I hope to have a french version too since I'm a little bit bilingual & canada has a lot of french canadian influence...

HELP! Spice blog needs a spicy name!

I loved spice girl coconutstreamside my fellow blogger thought we might get lost in all the spice girls hits :) what about SpiceEveryDay a take on SpiceSpy. I'd like to present southern indian food sensibility towards north american living.. Foods which are lightly sauted, beautifully presented, never boring and use spice lightly not liberally. and on the side I;ll list health benefits of those spices.. hope that helps. Appreciate your advice..


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