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The United States of Pizza: Delaware

If you're in Salisbury, toad3000, there's also great pizza at Specific Gravity, which serves beer brewed in Delmar's first brewery, Evolution.
The fact that Delmar has a brewery now just blows my mind. It was nothing but fields in my day. Well, fields and chickens.

Delaware pizza recs needed

Addendum: I went to school at UD and can recommend Margerita's, as other users have. Good, greasy, thin crust pizza that's great for a hangover.

Delaware pizza recs needed

I registered just to comment on this!

I grew up in Slower Lower and go back frequently to visit family. After the long drive from Jersey to Sussex County we always -- always -- stop at Delmar Pizza. This place has been around for about 15 years now and has only improved with age. The pizza is thick, not thin, and has a perfect sauce to cheese ratio. The cheese is mild but sprinkled with spices. The crust is buttery and chewy, which means that even I, not a crust person, always eat it. My New Jersey born and bred boyfriend (where, he tells me, they know from good pizza) loves this place, too. If I visit my parents without him I'm under strict instructions to bring back a large pie, carefully resting in the passenger seat. We then risk getting terrible bacterial illnesses from room-temperature food by eating a pizza that's been sitting in a car for two hours. That's how good this stuff is.

It's kind of a drive, but I can't recommend it enough. I can give you some photos of the pizza if you want a preview.


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