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Are you an onion crier?

Not usually, but I have sharp knives, I am quick with the cutting, and I store my onions in the fridge.

storing homemade lowfat+lowsugar ICE CREAM

Putting the ice cream container into dry salt won't do anything. Putting it into a salt water bath won't do anything either--the salt water will get as cold as the freezer, and while the water may stay liquid, the ice cream will still be at freezer temp--hard.

Set your freezer warmer, or set the ice cream out before dinner, let it thaw a bit,and then chop/stir it up when you are ready to eat it.

Or--make smaller amounts and eat it up.


To me, it tastes like a broccoli stem/turnip cross.

Your Back Pocket Go-To Recipes

A recipe that goes with almost anything? A huge green salad with lots of 'stuff' in it--celery, carrots, sunflower seeds, cauliflower, tomatoes, cukes, whatever else looks good and fresh. I generally don't dress it, just supply a couple different kinds of dressing, some creamy, some vinegar and oil types.

I am low-carbing, so this ensures I have something to eat at a gathering!

Sun Tea. Yeah, its real yo

Just a note from the food police--this method can apparently lead to spoilage. I doubt that there have been many agonizing deaths, but if your water happened to be a little iffy, or if there was something in the tea, I guess it could be a problem.

I start my jug of tea with cold water and tea--loose or in a tea ball--and keep it in the fridge overnight. Same lack of bitterness, and if I don't drink it all in one day, it still tastes good the next. None of that sour tea whang you get if you keep sun tea too long.

How do you clean the inside of an oven w/o a self-clean feature?

Lye has fumes, horrible fumes. Also, if you do use lye, be aware that you should always add the lye to the water. DO NOT POUR WATER INTO LYE!! There is a strong heat producing reaction, and your container may melt or crack, and lye will eat your skin and almost anything else.

I have asthma, and oven cleaner is one thing that really bothers me. A strong baking soda solution can help in oven cleaning, but I have never found a commercial product that doesn't close my throat up.

What to do with green chili powder?

Oh, it is awful--you should send it to me, and I will dispose of it for you! :)

I use it in the rub for my slow cooked pork butt--I use a cup of brown sugar, a couple tablespoons of green chili powder, a tablespoon of salt, some cumin.

I use it in posole, white chili, green chile.

I wish I could find some locally.

Like duh kitchen tips..

Artichokes-5 minutes or in the microwave, shake off most the water first, and cover the bowl with a plate.

As soon as I finish with a pan at the stove, I rinse it with water until it stops sizzling, then I fill it up in the sink. Keeps stuff from drying on the surface if you cool it off and soak it. (Don't do this with cheapo dollar store pans--they will warp. Don't drop a heavy, sizzling hot pan into water--it may warp or delaminate, but cool it off gradually with a little water first.)

Taking a hot pan out of the oven? Drape the potholder over the handle. Otherwise, you will grab it barehanded, right Johnny?

Sticky bread making bowl, full of gluten-y strands? Cold water will dissolve that stuff. Fill the bowl as soon as you take the bread out, and let it soak while the bread bakes.

Moldy bread...

By the time the bread molds, it is too old to eat. Dried bread makes good crumbs and croutons, but moldy bread is damp, and it tastes bad.

What to do with all those oyster shells

Sure you could use them for planting. They are calcium, and will eventually break down and sweeten the soil.

A Birthday Cake for james

Oh, my. That should be illegal. And, no, I don't want the recipe. I am a diabetic, and I think my sugar went up 10 points just clicking on the picture. Thank you for that picture--it is very tasty. James is a lucky guy.

Smoking a Whole, Frozen Pig?

I must be funny, too, because I also think your comments were uncalled for.

Anyone making anything for the "Royal Wedding"?

Silly me--I didn't know it was a potluck affair. You saved me heaps of embarrassment.

Shopping you stick to it ???

What gargupie said. I do make a note of things I am out of or special ingredients needed, but I follow my lists about as well as I follow recipes--'little more of this, hey that would be good, nope, don't need those.'

The Asparagus Snap Myth

I grow my own asparagus, and I use the snap method right out in the garden. I never get a stringy bit and on the rare ocasion that I think I have left too much in the garden and try to salvage a 'stump', it is invariably stringy.

I almost always eat the asparagus the day I cook it. If I keep it overnight, I find I have to resnap the ends--they develop fiber that quickly. If you have ever seen asparagus grow, you would know what I am saying is true--on a hot day, a stalk can grow a foot.

I have been growing asparagus for 25 years--I know what I am talking about. :)

I feel sorry for anybody who hasn't ever tasted real asparagus picked a few minutes before cooking. Poor babies. Come on over, we will go out and pick some right now.

How to prepare razor clams

Pacific razor clams are the ones I know--we used to dig them on the beach at Moclips. It was a long time ago, but I ground up the 'necks' for chowder, and fried the rest.

Mmmmm, so good, especially after getting up before dawn, braving the cold surf, and digging for an hour or so.

Oriental Market Virgin

Just to add--sashimi is raw fish. Sushi refers to seasoned rice, usually in rolls--sometimes it has raw fish, but it doesn't have to.

I have had sashimi a few times, and don't care too much for it, but I love sushi.

How to Get Your Wife Back

Brian has a boyfriend and a wife? No wonder he has so much trouble.

Washing a secondhand cast iron skillet.

I vote for stripping and starting over. If I season a pan, I know exactly what is on the pan. If I buy one in the junk store that is crusty and covered in crud--it goes into a self cleaning oven, or into the BBQ grill til it is down to plain iron. (I haven't tried the oven cleaner, but I am sure that would work, too.)

Use the linseed oil method to season the pan, and don't worry about using soap. After washing, heat it up to make sure it is dry, wipe it with a little oil on a paper towel and you will have a pan to love for years.

Hard boiled eggs

I have my own chickens, and let me add one thing for those of you who can get 'real' eggs. When eggs are laid, they are coated with 'bloom' that keeps them from drying out. If I want to boil eggs, just aging them doesn't make them easier to peel. I have to wash the eggs, and then let them sit for 3 weeks in the fridge. Wash fresh eggs with a teentsy bit of dish soap and tepid water, just a litle warmer than the eggs.

Commercial eggs are already washed, so they just need to be aged a little.

Feet, Garbage, Sewer, Hippy... Food Funk.

I have heard that spraying plain water into the air removes smells. I haven't tried it, but perhaps a little vinegar/lemon juice in the water would help? I just open the windows.

Canning web sites--what are the best ones for beginners?

Another vote for the UGA site and for the Ball Blue Book. You can be sure you will be canning safely if you follow their guidelines. Another good source for information is your local Extension office. Extension is affiliated with state universities and USDA, and often will sponsor canning classes. (Among other classes--everything from raising chickens to blacksmithing to small business startup info). Google 'extension, your state, your county' for the phone number--I work for Extension in MO, and the phone books hide our numbers in weird spots!!

I have canned for years, and it is fun and very satisfying--you will learn to love the 'pop' you hear as your jars seal!!

Rimmed Baking Sheets

I live in Missouri--my house is always damp, and if it can rust or mold, it will. I went to aluminum for that reason.

No matter how careful I try to be with steel pans, sooner or later I scratch the finish.


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