I am currently going to culinary school in sunny San Diego.

  • Favorite foods: Fresh corn on the cob.
  • Last bite on earth: Fresh corn on the cob.

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Super Bowl Menu

I say you set up a very nice cheese platter.

How many pounds of roasted bell peppers from one pound of fresh?

oop forgot to say yield. 84% yield by weight. I wouldn't sweat it too much though.

How many pounds of roasted bell peppers from one pound of fresh?

Book of Yields says you get about an 84% by weight from bellpeppers.

I don't mean to brag, and I don't mean to boast,

Tamales for breakfast with over easy eggs on it.

Money makin,
money money makin

Cooking for a Girl at school

I agree with ag3208, you don't want to be doing lots of prep in the kitchen while trying to entertain. Unless you include her, but I would save that for the next date ;)

Pesto is always a nice idea for pasta. You can make it ahead of time, its delicious and extremely fresh tasting and really easy to make.

Using up canned cranberries

I've made a nice winter fruit salad with apples, pears, dried cranberries and a "vinaigrette" with lemon juice, poppy seeds and jellied cranberry sauce.

No future for self-trained chef?

For sure tiger. Go apply at a few cool looking restaurants as a dishwasher/prep cook, then work your way up. I went to culinary school and now wish I had a job in the industry before I did. Mainly because the students who were in the industry seemed to be able to learn more, since you can skip right through the basics.

School could still be an option in the future, right?

For the love of a Spaghetti Squash ...

Add lots of sage, butter, garlic and romano cheese. So good.

How do you boil your eggs?

Start eggs in cold water, bring to a boil, pull pot off heat and cover for 12 minutes. PERFECT!

Fall foods, yes, but. . .

Spaghetti squash, sage and romano cheese (plus lots of butter). Heat and mix. Seriously its so fally and so good.

To the OP, I dont think I will ever be tired of hearing about apples.

I think Im going to make some cinnamon apple muffins for breakfast tomorrow. I should probably go make the streusel right now, so i dont have to in the morning.

What's your "Drunk Meal"?

mexican food, aka tortillas with extra cheese with an order of beans to dip it in. lots of hot sauce.


I love making fruit syrups and adding it to clear soda, aka 7-up or sprite. Yum!

Does Anyone Suspect a few Ringers?

Why even mind if SE people were doing that? While I'm sure they're not, I do not really even see the big deal. This all sounds like overthinking to me.

Useful kitchen gadget? Or amazing amuser of small children?

I loved playing with the steamer basket too! I always pretended it was that dinosaur from Jurassic Park that could spit tar. My mom only used it around Christmas time to cook tamales.

Whistle While You Work???...I Think Not!!!

I've heard sweeping or mopping over someones foot is bad luck.

I don't really follow any superstitions in the kitchen though and I whistle when I'm in a good mood!

Watermelon: *Way* or *No Way*

I wish I liked watermelon, or any melon for that matter. For some reason, all melons that I eat have an almost salty aftertaste. So for me, no way, even if they smell so good. :(

Video: A Tour of the Doomsday Seed Vault

I hope all thats left unlocked. How would I get to it if I were the only hope for humanity?

Camping Food

I love to take brie and remove the rind on the top, then put some kind of jelly or jam or tomato sauce or wine over the top. wrap in foil and place right on some embers. Mmmm melty! Dont forget something to scoop it up with! aka bread or a spoon if youre a real badass.

Mayo On A BBQ Burger?

I used to think that I did not like mayo. I just had a bad experience with it (aka too much mayo) But now...

I LOVE MAYO (best foods)!

As far as the question, Why put mayo on everything? I have one response. Why not? It tastes good!

My favorite way to eat mayo is slathered on corn on the cob, with parmesan cheese, lime and chili powder. Its like Mexican creamed corn in every bite!

Risotto- a blank canvas?

I like pumpkin, sage and romano cheese. Very good.

I once made a red beet risotto and finished with some super sharp white cheddar from Costco for St. Patrick's Day, it was great!


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