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Vitamix vs. BlendTec vs. Breville: Who Makes the Best High End Blender?

Wow, how fun! Thanks for doing this. An interesting tidbit about the shape of the jar: a court awarded Blendtech 24 million dollars when they sued vitamix for patent infringement. The issue was the fifth side of the "wild side" jar, which I guess changes the location of the vortex or something? So I thought it interesting to see that you preferred the traditional shaped jar. I guess if you are trying to make mayonnaise that makes a lot of sense, though.

Also: do you actually make mayonnaise in your vitamix?

Sunday Brunch: Blueberry Banana Muffins

I am confused. When do you add the wet ingredients to the dry? When you beat the eggs, do you beat them right into the dry ingredients?

Cheesy Mashed White Beans With Kale, Parmesan, and a Fried Egg

This is my new favorite dinner. Oh my goodness, so delicious. Thanks, Kenji, I hope they pay you well.

The Food Lab's Guide to Slow-Cooked, Sous Vide-Style Eggs

I don't suppose you could give high-altitude instructions...?

Food Halloween costumes!

You could just go with food-themed brands: Aunt Jemima, Chef Boyardee, the Morton Salt girl, the Dole PInapple lady, the Pillsbury dough boy...

Open Thread: What Fall Dessert Are You Most Excited About?

My recipe for apple crisp with David Lebovitz's caramel ice cream, cinnamon rolls, apple cider, and pumpkin bread pudding.

Bake the Book: Sweet

I've never had something at a bakery that I enjoy more than something I bake at home, which means that, sadly, I haven't been to very many good bakeries.

We Try the New Campbell's Chunky Hearty Cheeseburger Soup

So gross in so many ways. And why are there potatoes in cheeseburger soup? I guess people do that?

Taste Test: The Best Chicken-Flavored Instant Ramen

Have people forgotten the Serious Eats mission? It's just "deliciousnesses," and it doesn't matter if that deliciousness is found in a fancy restaurant or a food cart or a package of ramen.

I've never tried Sapporo; I'll have to check it out.

Poll: What's Your Favorite Hamburger Side?

Honestly, I have rarely had a burger that isn't too much food; sides just seem like overkill. But I love curly fries and onion rings.

24 Essential Kitchen Tricks and Tips

The fact that I already do most of this stuff is making me feel irrationally proud. And I'm excited to try out the one I don't already do: test the meat! Great idea. My tip would probably be to just have less stuff. If you have less stuff finding it isn't so hard.

I don't do the mise en place thing--to many dirty bowls and I don't have enough counter space anyway. I do as much prep as I can, and then do the rest of the chopping while I'm cooking.

Help! Spatchcocked Turkey Mayhem and Confusion!

I have this same question. I just saw Bittman's 2002 recipe for a 8-12 lb turkey and he gives it about 45 minutes. Ours is 20 and I'm roasting it whole, so I'm planning to start checking at 80 minutes. Fingers crossed!

Bad Luck with Kenji's Pork

Okay, I swear the foil comment wasn't on there before I posted a reply.

Bad Luck with Kenji's Pork

Oh, thanks so much. I love simple treatments. So you don't cover it at all?

Sauced: Melitzanosalata

Ohh, next time I get an eggplant I'm going to roast one over my gas stove. In Romania they did that all the time and added finely chopped onion, salt, and oil to make a very simple, very delicious eggplant salad. Sometimes they added homemade mayo, which as also very tasty.

Hervé This' Chocolate 'Chantilly'

Me + this recipe were sure to equal disaster. I totally winged it. I used 1/2 cup of whole milk and about 3/4 cup of chocolate chips (ba ha ha!). Then I didn't have any ice, so I used - get this - a bag of frozen overripe bananas for the ice bath! Then my hand mixer started going crazy and the inner bowl tipped over and some of the water seeped into the chocolate mixture! I was positive I was headed for a flop, but, miraculously, it turned out really well - creamy, sweet, and chocolatey. My daughter and I ate it with raspberries and had a grand old time. Thanks so much for the recipe!

The Food Lab: The Science of Pie Dough

I am in love with the Zuni Cafe cookbook recipe I found on Chez Pim's website.

The Food Lab: Reconsidering The Lobster (and Hot Buttered Lobster Rolls!)

All I can say is that calling a lobster a cockroach makes it sound really unappetizing.


Dorrie Greenspan recommends brushing a little egg white on the crust immediately after parbaking it. I'm not that much of a perfectionist so I've never tried it.

Survey: Your Favorite Hometown Pizza

Pizzeria 712 in Orem, Utah. I'd recommend it to anyone.

What would you do with $50/week?

Fifty is our weekly budget, and we live in northern Virginia. Basically, we eat very little meat, and not too much food.

Also, I keep track of how much I've spent on food and if I go up to fifty I just don't go to the grocery store anymore that week. It forces you to be really creative with the ingredients you have at home. What I do is I go on and use their advanced search to find some dinner ideas, then search the web for that same meal from a better chef or more reputable site. It takes some time, so I usually just plan meals like I should. I think delicious cooking is less about fancy ingredients and more about technique.

Oh, and along with looking out for groceries that are inexpensive, avoid things that are expensive. Unless other fruit is in season or frozen and cheap, we only eat apples and bananas (those are great, too, because organic doesn't matter if you peel your apples.

But really, we don't buy a lot of organic stuff. I'll be impressed if you can do fifty a week, eat sorta fancy, and eat the amount of produce you should, much less buy meat at all. I guess you could peel whatever produce you can?

Good luck!

What's a good "starter" fish?

Really, I don't think that super fresh wild salmon tastes all that fishy. I love halibut and cod, but as far as the health benefits go you might as well be eating lean pork or chicken, from what I understand.

D. Trump Offers Worst Excuse Ever for Using a Fork to Eat Pizza

Um, he totally ate the crust in the clip Steward showed. Right?

Ed Levine's Caloric Journey, Week 173: Don't Help Yourself to Seconds (They Don't Help)

For some reason, I love getting seconds. I really just don't feel satisfied unless I get them. So I just try to remember to get a really small first portion so I can go get seconds. :) I do like emilydev's sister's diet, though!