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Does Thanksgiving = Christmas on your table?

Growing up, they were the exact same menu: cornbread dressing, mac and cheese, collard greens, green beans, turkey...

Last year, I started a new tradition, Italian Christmas: baked ziti, linguine with pesto sauce, focaccia! It was so well received. I will continue it this year.

Bake the Book: Vintage Cakes

Strawberry with Strawberry Buttercream

Fruit You Loathe

Bananas: I cannot stand their texture, their taste, their smell, how they rot so quickly.

Watermelon: I cannot stand their taste, their smell, how much space they take up in a refrigerator if you do not break it down and how much effort it takes to break it down. I do not understand why they even exist.

Vegan-ifying with shortening

I've heard that Domino's sugar is bone char-free...

Gadgets: Ninja Cooking System

Wow! I just finished watching the infomercial for this. I had never heard of it before then.

Cleaning a stainless steel kettle

My mother swore by Comet Stainless Steel cleaner, always in the powder format.

Which Chain Makes the Best Veggie Burrito?

I love me some Moe's and I do not care for Chipotle!

Blaise Pascal, I do believe that Moe's cooks their pinto beans in meat.

The Taco Bell Black Bean Burrito looks kinda tasty! Are those beans cooked in meat?

Back-to-School Packing List for College Students

I would suggest a George Foreman Grill over a hot plate. They are less likely to cause a fire and are very versatile. You can make grilled cheese, warm up frozen burgers, cook hot dogs, grill fresh meat and veggies. I was the turkey burger queen back in college!

What's Your Favorite International Soda?

I am with hungrychristel: Mezzo Mix! I only know of a two places in the States to get it: EPCOT and World of Coca-Cola in Atlanta. Luckily, I live in Atlanta.

Atlanta: Bam!! Ka-Pow!!! Savage Pizza Still Delivers a Punch

I used to work within a 3 minute walk from the Savage Pizza in the AE. Oh my gosh, my pants are so glad my office moved.... I used to go there for lunch at least twice a week. So so so so so so so so so good!

Taking a temperature on a column idea: Food for athletes

I would love this! I could see you doing nutrition bar taste tests, giving recipes for pre-event meals, etc!

Knead the Book: The Bread Bible

Today, my favorite is a French loaf!

The Homemade Pantry's Butter

I have made butter before and it rocked my socks! It is more expensive to make butter than to buy it, so it is wonderful for special meals and/or flavored butter.


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