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I have an online cooking show called "Kitchen Caravan" that I produce with my friend Emma. We travel the world through food, teaching people how to cook healthy recipes with seasonal ingredients.

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  • Location: New York and around the world
  • Favorite foods: Mexican chiles, homemade hummus, breads of all kinds, salade nicoise, pasta with tomato sauce and parmesan cheese, kale, halva, goat cheese, sprouted chickpeas, all herbs (especially mint and cilantro), eggplants, burrata, avocadoes
  • Last bite on earth: I would probably have to have avocados on bread with some lime and salt.

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Best Colombian Arepas in New York???

I like to go to a restaurant called La Nueva in Queens. I think its on 35th and 82nd or something, 1 avenue parallel to Roosevelt Avenue. They have much more than just arepas, but that is what I always get! Their fried yuca rocks, in case you are interested.

And for the record, the service at Caracas is bad, and last time I went I waited 1 hour for an arepa with premade ingredients. Needless to say, I won't be going back anytime soon.

Serious Eats: Sex Foods

I think that dry spicy red peppers do it for me. One time I went into a pepper shop in Italy and was sampling the different products. Immediately after I was all over my boyfriend (at the time). Certainly increases circulation.

How to Make Moffles, Mochi + Waffles

The Grainassance mochi is usually found in the refrigerated section near the tofu. I have only seen plain and cinnamon raisin at Whole Foods and my local health food store, but maybe if we band together they will bring in the cashew date variety also!

Moffle Brunch

Get the waffle maker! They are so worth it. I like the acidic fruit idea! I am baking black sesame tahini as well!

Sides with fish

I love fish served with oven roasted potatoes. Slice some Idaho potatoes thinly lengthwise. Coat with olive oil and roast at 400F for about 20-30 minutes. Season with salt and rosemary. It is filling, yet not too overpowering to pair with fish.

Need a cheese recommendation

Following the peanut idea, a lot of vegan restaurants use cashew cream. I would consider cashew cream also, maybe mixed in with a bit of coconut or tofu to loosen it up?

Weekend Lunch (Not Brunch)

I thought I was the only one in New York who despises brunch. Its like what Laurelie says- restaurant leftover day and horrible cocktail hour rolled into one. I would love to go out to lunch on Sunday at 2 or 3, and have real food. No eggs. I like Porcao (I think it is now del Rio or something) for Brazilian steak. It is pretty difficult to find something that is not crowded though.

French in a Flash: Coquilles St. Jacques Pot Pies with Roasted Lemon

I thoroughly enjoyed this post. Rarely do I read a recipe from top to bottom, and I could not pull my eyes off of this one. I can see my family loving this recipe. I will make it for a family dinner one night and impress everyone. If I were to make this ahead of time, I fancy that I would just prep everything and refrigerate, cooling down the sauce completely before adding to the scallops?

Unique and fun Appetizers...what are yours?

My friend makes a fun dip that her mother taught her. They are Mexican, so we call it the Elitist version of the 7 layer!
1 layer of chopped up eggwhite and mayo, 1 layer of red onion, 1 layer of mushed up avocado, and 1 layer of caviar (she buys the least expensive American one).

54 Miso Soup Variations

One of our most popular recipes is our Ginger Miso Soup with Kale and Buckwheat Soba Noodles. It is a heartier version of the traditional soup, but we do not deviate that far.
The pungent ginger broth is a great "Get Well" ingredient for anyone with a cold.

A Week of Salads

I love canned Wild Pacific Salmon as a protein on my salads. It is inexpensive, delicious, and super healthy. I love to combine grapefruit slices, avocado, and arugula. Check this out:

Beet Recipes

Just like Italian Cupcake sayw, I like to roast them until they shrink inside their skin, then peel off the skin and quarter up the beets. I toss with lemon juice, feta cheese, and the raw beet greens, which are VERY HEALTHY!!! They are incredibly rich in Vitamin A.
We served that with mamaliga. . . but you can have the salad on its own.


My friend Leda Meredith did a 250 mile diet last year, and only ate foods from within that radius. She has a blog called Leda's Urban Homestead where she blogged about her experiences. You should definitely look at her old entries.
She also helped put together a resource for locavores in New York:

Hope that helps!

New Year's Brunch: M√Ęche Salad with Pomegranate Molasses Dressing

I love using pomegranate molasses in our recipes. For our Squash and Pomegranate Salad we use a dressing with pomegranate molasses, cumin, coriander, lemon, and olive oil. Its so delicious and goes great with sweet squash!

Market Scene: Hollywood Farmers' Market Between Summer and Fall

Jujubes have been popping up in everything I have been reading lately. Am glad to see what they look like finally!

Essentials: Green Goddess Dressing

This recipe looks great- I love green goddess dressing, but hate how often they include lots of dairy products. I host an online cooking show and we did a bunch of different colored "Goddess Dressings". My favorite is White Goddess Dressing, for Kuan Yin, the Buddhist Goddess of Compassion.

Papatzul: Under the Radar and Underappreciated

I am Mexican and I cannot tell you how much it bothers me when people put garlic in guacamole. Thank you Chef Amezcua for your mission to end the miseducation of garlic in guac!

The Great Strawberry Ice Cream Debate

My opinion is that Strawberry Ice Cream is a summer thing. I would not be tempted by it in January, but now, after having seen all of the fresh berries in the market, I am definitely more disposed to choosing it. The best Strawberry ice cream (actually I think it is frozen yogurt) is from La Loos, which is made with goats milk. They leave chunks of strawberry and weave traces of balsamic through it too. It is superior to any other strawberry ice cream I have ever tried.

Berthillon in Paris has a Coupe de Frais de Bois, which is a sundae dotted with fresh wild strawberries. It is everything an ice cream sundae should be!

Sugar Rush: Chocolate Covered Halvah Bar at Russ & Daughters

Oh wow, I wish that I had not seen this. Halva is my downfall, and when I saw downfall, I mean there are crumbs everywhere in 2 seconds and I lose complete control. This looks absolutely amazing!!!!!!

Original White Lily Flour Plant Closes: The Geography of Taste

I am from the North and have never heard of White Lily, however, reading the article made me sad, because it is an example of how food traditions are so easily destroyed by the actions of corporate interests. I really think that you are onto something, Aharste, with your idea of declaring foods of National historic value. Slow Food is a great organization, but we do need government protection as well.

Essentials: Strawberry Shortcake

This recipe looks simple and delicious-just like how the dessert should be. I want to try and make it for my boyfriend this week. Thanks for the recipe!

Substituting agar agar or tapioca flour for gelatin

I use agar all the time as a gelatin substitute. It is a type of seaweed from Japan, and is calorie-free and about 80% fiber. You have to boil it in liquid in order to dissolve it, but then it gels rather quickly. In fact, you don't even have to refrigerate it. We made Strawberry and Mascarpone puddings with them this past season: Hope this helps!


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