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21 Junk Food Recipes We Love

The chili cheese dog grilled cheese is genius.

Open Thread: What's the Best Frozen Pizza?

Red Baron Special Deluxe is my go-to frozen pizza, but I rarely buy it. Now I'm craving it, though.


Sample some SPAM!!!

Let's vent, shall we?

Or when a "reviewer" rates a recipe with five stars and comments:
"This looks so yummy! I can't wait to try it!"

Let's vent, shall we?

I laugh at recipe reviewers, also. Once and a while I run across one that the reviewer rates poorly because they followed the recipe, but then they state that they do not like one of the ingredients, such as mushrooms or raisins. They leave the ingredient in the recipe then complain of the "mushroomy" flavor or "raisiny" flavor!

Need NEW Recipes for Lent

No fish here, but good stuff:

Let's vent, shall we?

If you skewer chicken next to fresh pineapple and save it in the fridge for hours before grilling it, the chicken turns into a nasty gum-like substance.
Please do not bake a prime rib at 350 for 4 hours. It turns gray, among other things.
Potatoes do not need to boil for 2 hours before mashing them.
Garlic butter is not made by melting butter on the stove, placing whole cloves of garlic in it, and dipping bread into it.
If the Thanksgiving turkey is "done" on one side and not on the other, please do not slice and serve the "done" side and nuke the rest in the microwave.
I've got many more. I could go on for days. (In-laws)

A Very Unofficial Snack Cake Field Guide

I LOVE Ho-ho's. I peel off a good portion of the waxy chocolate to lower the ratio, but it's easy to do and worth it. LOVE.

How to preserve dried New Mexico chiles in Washington state

Storing them in the freezer is probably your best bet. I live in New Mexico and always have various forms of red/green chile around. Mold will grow on dried chiles in a moist environment. The freezer is a safe place for them.

Russell Stover vs. Whitman's: Which $5 Box of Valentine's Day Chocolate Reigns Supreme?

I'll take neither. I want either Ferrero Rocher Gold in the heart shaped box or day-after-Valentine's-Day half-price Reese's hearts.
Fruit cremes- blech!

American Classics: Chocolate Buttermilk Pudding

Buttermilk stays good long after the expiration date. No need to use it up quickly or throw it out if it expires.
@tankwatkins-My dad used to drink buttermilk but I've never developed a taste for it in that capacity.

Poll: Fresh or Low-Moisture Mozzarella on Your Pizza?

I use full fat mozzarella. It melts really well and is creamier than the part skim.

Pizza peel slide...what is wrong?

I don't care for the coarse texture of corn meal under my pizzas so I use semolina and a little flour. Parchment paper does work well, though it turns brown at 550 degrees, which is as high as my oven will go.

Cereal Eats: A Disappointing Sampling Of Special K Varieties

I like the Special K Fruit and Yogurt, but I always try to remove as many of the granola-y chunks as I can. It'd be perfect without those.

In Which We Make Stuffing Waffles

FireandSharp-that came to my mind too!

In Which We Make Stuffing Waffles

Genuis is the first thought that came to my mind when I saw this. I'm simply speechless.

Mail order food gifts.

Pittman and Davis in Harlingen, Texas has always been a favorite of ours. We order Ruby Red grapefruit from them every holiday season, and they offer a lot of other food products.