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Weekend Cook and Tell: Imperfections

I make a butternut squash casserole for Thanksgiving that's very good, however it's butt-ugly (

Come to think of it, most casseroles are butt ugly...

Weekend Cook and Tell: An Ode to the Dutch Oven

Dutch ovens are the absolute best for cooking dry beans! Made some Cowboy Beans in mine over the BBQ just the other day!

Can caramelized onions be frozen?

Hell yes, freeze 'em! Do 'em in an ice cube tray (that you don't care about being stinky henceforth) if you're looking for perfect portioning. I've also found that in a moment of laziness that they'll scoop like ice cream if you freeze the whole lot. And because they're laden with butter, the thaw time is negligible.

Awesome for toasted sandwiches and last-minute burger bling.

Carrots in the Coleslaw for Topping Pulled Pork Sandwiches?

I bet it's got more to do with the dressing and less with the veg. I think a lot of slaw dressing is just too sweet. Taken to the level of ridiculous, I've even seen pineapple and marshmallows in the slaw at more than one wedding (blargh).

I'd try adding more salt, vinegar &/or mayo to your dressing and work from there.

Special sauce

It's really hard to go wrong with the whole mayo + Sriracha thing, but if you're looking for something a little less in-yo'-face, I concocted a curried yogurt sauce for grilled zucchini the other day that I find myself putting on everything else as well as of late.

Red Onion Recipe Suggestions, Please!

I second the pickling. I like to add some Balsamic vinegar to my pickling liquid and totally forgo the sugar. Great on a Greek Salad.

On the other hand, If you caramelize them, they'll freeze wonderfully and you can just scoop out some flavor ice-cream style any time you need it.

Pizza Cups

Read the article title and my mind immediately went to "The Jerk" -

muffin papers

Do you think it may have something to do with how long the muffins rest in the pan after baking? I'll usually let my papered muffins stay in the pan for at least 10-15 minutes before taking them to a rack to finish cooling. Perhaps trapping that steam for a little bit works to separate the crust from the paper?

The DIY BLT bar

I made BLT wraps the other day with marinated and pan-fried tofu (I bet you could grill it as well).

I second @jedd63's mayo idea. Sriracha mayo on my BLT please!

Free-Form Bread Baking..?

Have you tried baking in a lidded cast-iron dutch oven? Your bread will be contained like a pan, and you'd still get that benefit of a steamed crackling crust. If your bread doesn't rise after it's got nowhere to go but up, then that's one more variable you've eliminated.

Unusual BBQ suggestions

If you're doing pork or poultry, I'd skip the marinade and go for a brine instead. Think of it as party insurance, as you'll be allowed some thermal leeway if your attention gets drawn away from the grill while entertaining. You could still finish with sauce or rub if you wanted even more flavor.

Pine nuts substitute for pesto?

I wouldn't be from Kansas if I didn't recommend sunflower seeds.

New Sonic in CT! Is it good? What should I order?

Chili-cheese coney (with onions and mustard- you gotta ask) and a side of rings. I've been eating the coneys since I was a kid, so there's a nostalgic bias, but there's no doubt the rings are top-notch.

I also goto Sonic for ice as much as I go for food. I'll pick up a bag when I'm making mint juleps, as well as any frozen foo-foo drinks as those pellets always ensure a uniform blend.