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Tim Hortons Comes to New York

@xwafflesx : oh oh oh i went to high school in hamburg!! all my friends worked at tim hortons and we would go just about everyday..... we called it timmy ho's ! :D now i live in nyc but its cool that i see someone from hamburg here :) timmy was pretty much at every corner of hamburg..

How do you pronounce bibimbap?

yes its bee-beem-bop, (or bee-bim-bop). i work at a korean restaurant in nyc,, and i have heard soooo many variations of this word. BIM BIM BOP, BIP BIM BOP..... and even BOP BOP BOP. in korean, bee-bim means mixed and bop means rice, so literally bop bop bop would be rice rice rice. but i have learn to let go of the urge to teach the correct pronounciation... i had been pronouncing KNISH as NEE SH for about a year. ;p

Photos from Seoul's 7th International Tteok Fair

oops grand prize should be 2,000,000 won, whichi is about $1600

The "tip line"

Restaurant servers- who expects tips with the service- has smaller hourly payment from the restaurant. I believe there is different minimum wage for the ones who get paid tips and for the ones who usually dont get tips....

NYC East Village Recommendations?

Best Korean : Song7.2 at 7th st and 2nd ave. try their table-cooked spicy PORK BELLY WITH CALAMARI .....its amazing... and with the leftovers, they add rice and make a fried rice right there. omg.

where should we eat in NYC?

Try korean BBQ... Woo Lae Oak in Soho,(Mercer St) or the same restaurant midtown location, Bann (Only different name, 50th btw 8th and 9th ave)

Restaurant Near 50th and 7th

Bann on 50th St, between 8th and 9th ave. Amazing Korean food... mmm

Cook the Book: 'Chocolate Epiphany'

Warmm Chocolate Lava Cake.... Yum......


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