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Any notable meals in Prague, Vienna, and Budapest?

There's a restaurant in Prague called Rainer Maria Rilke where I had the best roast duck of my life. The best thing I remember from Budapest was a lunch of fresh sausages and honey-braised cabbage in the central market hall.

The Best Cookie for an Ice Cream Sandwich

Here's another molasses cookie recipe for you; I think it would make great ice cream sandwiches!

She calls for vegetable shortening or coconut oil; I've made them both ways and I think the shortening works better texture-wise.

Bake the Book: First Prize Pies

Any pecan pie sweetened with corn syrup!

Radish Greens

If you find yourself in a making-fresh-pasta sort of mood, they'd be good to fill ravioli with some ricotta and parmesan.

Bake the Book: The Four & Twenty Blackbirds Book of Pie

Coconut cream, or banana cream, or pumpkin, or pecan, or...

Egg Whites

You could, or you could use pasteurized in shell eggs. Both will work just fine but some of the cartons of egg whites have added coloring.

Recipes to Use Up "Failed" Rolls

Toast 'em for a roasted winter veg panzanella, perhaps?

What is beef summer sausage?

See, @sarahlizzy, I was going to say I usually have it as a snack while watching football or playing cards. You must be eating fancier summer sausage than I am ;)

It's a smoked sausage, usually in a non-edible casing. Softer and moister than something like salami or chorizo. Pretty finely ground, but not as smooth as something like bologna or a hot dog.

The only way I've eaten it other than sliced onto a cracker is cubed, crisped in butter, then scrambled into eggs.

Substitute for Sunchoke Soup

I'd vote for cauliflower or parsnip.

What to do with spiced coconut vinegar from the Asian store?

I bet a splash in peanut sauce would be nice, or use it to quick pickle some raw veg as a condiment.

Vegetable side dish for Friendsgiving?

I made this braised red cabbage with apples last year and it was absolutely delicious:

Open Thread: What's Your Favorite Thanksgiving Side Dish?

@guycooking - That's actually really dangerous! Onions are toxic to dogs.

Cookie Dough Reaction

I'd try this recipe as a base:

I think the nuttiness of the brown butter would tie the chocolate and bacon flavors together nicely.

Easy vegan recipe for students - not curry or beans?

I heartily second @MooseCurry's stuffed pumpkin suggestion. I bet your farmers' market will have acorn squashes which are great for stuffing. Maybe use a Moroccan-ish couscous pilaf as the filling? I'm thinking cumin, preserved lemon, dried apricots, pine nuts or almonds, parsley...

Open Thread: What Food Packaging Drives You Crazy?

@smeds - Just because we're fortunate people doesn't mean we're not allowed to acknowledge life's little annoyances. Don't be snotty.

Turmeric: Must it be cooked?

I use a bit (1/8 to 1/4 tsp) in fruit smoothies, especially ones containing mango/peach/pineapple. Doesn't much affect the taste (and truth be told I'm not sure whether the health benefits are the same).

What would you do with grape jelly?

I'd make a super-old-school style cheese ball. One with some blue cheese in it, probably, and stir in a swirl of the grape jelly before rolling the whole thing in chopped pecans.

Ask a Bartender: What's the Most Unlikely Place You've Ever Had A Great Drink?

I've had a couple of damn good drinks at Foundation in Milwaukee, too! Between there and Bryant's some of the best cocktails I've had were in MKE.

Baseball weekend in DC

In the Dupont area, I'll second the Big Hunt and add Pizzeria Paradiso for excellent pizza and an amazing beer list. Smoke and Barrel up in Adams Morgan does have terrific beers (and an astounding whiskey selection) but IMO their food is gawd-awful. I prefer the Black Squirrel which is just a few doors down 18th street.

For crabs you'll want to go down to the SW waterfront/Maine Avenue area, which is very near the ballpark.

Leftover Creme Fraiche

I'd love a link to the banana cream pie recipe if you have it handy.

Low Carb Birthday Dinner

@Littauer - Whoops, didn't occur to me how sugary beets are! Big duh on my part.

Low Carb Birthday Dinner

I make a salad sometimes that fits the bill - equal parts heirloom tomatoes and steamed beets, both cut into wedges and drizzled with red wine vinegar and olive oil, then sprinkled with blue cheese, chopped parsley, and a goodly amount of salt and black pepper.

What to do with half of a salmon?

If you're not too devoted to the idea of cooking it, I'd make gravlax.

Best brand of Vietnamese coffee

All the pho places near me use Cafe du Monde.

mother's day lunch, I get to bring desert

How about a pavlova? You could make a strawberry-rhubarb compote for the top and whip some cream for those who can have dairy.