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What to serve with lasagna?

How about a garlic/butter monkey or pull apart bread? Or homemade breadsticks or focaccia.

For a salad, you could do more of an "autumn" salad with baby spinach, toasted pecans/walnuts, blue cheese, craisins, red onion, and a maple or sweet vinaigrette.

Fruit salad is another good option that is light and might be a nice addition. Maybe a mint dressing on top.

HELP! Spice blog needs a spicy name!

Just saw that spice of life is an adult site. Oops! Sorry! :) Spicy Odyssey is nice!

First Day of School

@missmochi Thanks! I should have mentioned that you may want to store your "cubes" in a sealable bag or at least they seem to last better for me that way.

First Day of School

My son's bus is so early this year that I made a bunch of breakfast sandwiches, wrapped them, and froze them so we can reheat them in the mornings for a quick breakfast. Also made some smoothies ahead of time and froze in ice cube trays. Pop a few cubes in a glass the night before in the fridge and it's ready in the morning.

What's your go-to potluck dish?

Although I like making desserts for potlucks it always seems like so does everyone else! I try to make a side dish since those seem to always be lacking. I always get a lot of requests for my Buffalo Chicken Pasta Salad. It's easy to make as a main or side dish. Full of the fun buffalo flavors including hot sauce, veggies, blue cheese, and chicken. Omit the chicken for more of a side dish or substitute shrimp for the chicken for something different.

Weekend Cook and Tell: Brunchin' with Mom

For Mother's Day I'll be making a quick brunch with my:

Breakfast Empanadas with Smoky Cheese Dip:

Individual Strawberry Cobblers:

Happy Mother's Day!

What are the foods you've taught yourself to like?

I always hated avocados growing up but now I can't get enough of them! Bring on the guacamole!!

Mine is Better Than Yours

Definitely meatloaf! No can make better meatloaf than me! haha!

Weekend Cook and Tell: Spring Frenzy!

Even though I've been creating a lot of spring/Easter treats and desserts lately for my blog, I'm SO looking forward to fresh spring produce!


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