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Market Scene: Xochimilco Market, Mexico City

@Fleur Delabeurre Why, thank you. I'm so glad you enjoyed it. And believe me, it's absolutely my pleasure. I mean, you saw what I got to eat, right?!

@Lvelisse Órale! ¿De qué parte de Sinaloa? Mi familia es de un pueblito en Jalisco que está a dos pasos de la frontera con Colima. (Y, en serio, jamás había visto un sope como el que preparó este señor. Pero, no manches, qué bueno estaba.)

Day of the Dead Treats: Pan de Muerto

Hi, Lesley! Adriana tells me that they make their own butter using leftover nata. They get their milk from a dairy in Texcoco.

Market Scene: Mercado de Coyoacán, Mexico City

Hi, Cristina! Right, as Mark points out in his Great Chile Book, chile negro and chile pasilla are terms that can be used interchangeably; they both refer to dried chilacas. There can be some confusion when talking about pasillas because in some areas, such as my American home state of California (my Mexican home state being Jalisco), the term pasilla is mistakenly used to refer to fresh chiles poblanos as well as dried ancho and mulato chilies.

I think the issue with the chilaca chilies we saw is that they were a rather bright shade of green. Unfortunately, my shots of the chilacas weren't good enough to post, otherwise I would have included them in the slide-show for reference.

¡Gracias por la invitación! Espero darme una vuelta por esos rumbos pronto.


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