Good Steak in NYC

The Palm. I prefer The Palm II. Great steaks, great drinks, great service.

Favorite beer for Oktoberfest?

I know, I know. It's actually in September (those wacky Germans). But I'm seeing a lot of Oktoberfest beers in the stores right now. Which ones are good? And which should I stay away from? Any favorites out there? Would love to hear your feedback!

Would you eat genetically modified salmon?

The FDA is considering approval for a genetically modified salmon. A company has developed a way to alter the DNA of salmon so they grow bigger, faster. The idea being, this will make salmon cheaper for the consumer. But is it safe? And more importantly, would you eat it? What do you think, should the FDA give it the green light?

Home-made sliders

These are home-made cheddar sliders with caramelized onions. I ground the beef myself using my Cuisinart. Great tip for Labor Day weekend for folks looking for something a little different. And super easy!

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