I love to cook and eat. Or just cook. Or just eat. Preferably both.

  • Location: Minneapolis
  • Favorite foods: I eat and enjoy everything except-- things smothered in BBQ sauce, most pork dishes, offal, extreme seafood, cream soda, the floating tomatoes in vegetable soup and strawberry ice cream most of the time.
  • Last bite on earth: Probably a fattouce salad with rice pilaf or a cheeseburger with pickles, a steamed bun and a thin beef patty. Or a Chicago dog.

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Chain Reaction: We Try Subway's New Big Hot Pastrami Melt

I ordered one of these yesterday as part of the Sunday Special ($11 for 2 footlongs) and when I went to pay, they said the pastrami wasn't part of the sale. What a crock.

Best fictional foods

The kabobs from "Berenstain Bears: No Girls Allowed" and whatever Kirstie Alley was eating at her mother's house in "Look Who's Talking".

Olive Garden

We go to Olive Garden a couple times a month. The service has always been excellent. We go when we want a lot of fresh salad and pretty good soup for a good price. The only other place to get unlimited soup and salad in the Twin Cities would be a buffet.

Broccoli overload

Broccoli Mash-

Steam or boil in shallow water until the broccoli is really soft. Saute it with a little oil and garlic. Mash it with a big fork and add some salt.

It's simple and delicious side that has been in my family forever. I like to eat it with rice, but we normally have it with whatever Italian dish we cook.

Olive Garden

I've asked this question somewhere else before. The answer I got was that the soups and pasta sauces are all made that day from scratch, but only an employee who is certified to make them can do so.

What do you get at Subway?

@ajmill- I agree. Don't know why this thread went where it did...

Thanks for ruining my thread people!

What do you get at Subway?

I get different things depending on the mood I'm in.

If I'm disgusted by most food, I get the Veggie Delight on wheat with all the vegetables, salt, pepper, oil and vinegar. American cheese and not toasted.

If I want something classic, I get the Italian on white with 1/2 the meat with lettuce, tomato, yellow pepper and Italian dressing. Also American cheese. Not toasted.

If I'm feeling nostalgic, I get the Cold-cut Combo on white with 1/2 the meat (that I rearrange when I get the sandwich), lettuce, tomato, olives, salt, pepper and mayo. American cheese. Not toasted.

If I'm in the mood for something warm, I'll get the Meatball on white, toasted, with provolone, tomato and parm.

How do you take your coffee?

Black at home, black and iced at a coffee shop, a bit of cream at the other place.

Dinner Tonight: Korean Japchae (Noodles with Spinach, Carrot, and Beef)

An old grandmother taught me how to make japchae in Korea. It's a little different from this recipe, but I'm sure its still delicious.

Kitchen Gardeners: Whatcha got so far?

Two strong dill plants and few red tomatoes. My other stuff (peppers, cucumbers, green onions) aren't quite ready to harvest yet.

Do you like buffets...really?

I only ate Todai in Korea and it was pretty amazing. I loved getting the steamed buns. Delicious.

Want to go back.

Do you like buffets...really?

I like them, but buffets are tricky because if you go when it is crowded, there is always some kid touching everything, some old lady sifting for the "best" pieces and someone hogging the crab-- but at least the food is constantly getting made and it is fresher. When you go when it is not crowded, then you risk eating old food.

I can't believe I didn't try this before !!!!

Ground poultry. I like chicken burgers now!

The $3 Big Mac (sort of) mini meal

I believe they had a promotion like 10 years ago selling a "Little Mac" (single patty and a top and bottom bun). I hadn't thought of making it up on my own though. Good idea!

Volunteered to bake for a Great American Bake Sale. Help!!

Lemon Blossoms. The recipe is on the Food Network website-- Paula Deen's. They're the most delicious cakes ever and they are very pretty. Very easy to make and keep well too.

If you've ever worked at a chain restaurant/ fast food place...

I'd probably have a lot of fun at Taco Bell-- probably since most of the times I eat there the food is so poorly put together that I don't want to go back. But I always do.

What Makes Sushi Good

I find that temperature is a big factor for me with good sushi. I really don't like it when the rice is just cooked and still hot.

Side dish to an Easter dinner for a beginner cook?

Pineapple Souffle-- sounds difficult but it's actually very easy. It's a sweet side dish with white bread, canned pineapple and eggs that goes really good with ham.

You can go to and look for the actual recipe there.

Anybody out there still enjoy an after dinner smoke?

I really enjoy having a smoke after I eat, especially when I have wine too. I don't do it often for the normal reasons though.


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