I recently discovered food. What should I eat?

Soon you will discover drinking.

What would you be ???

HEY..yer not supposed to use it for that !!!

I keep a box of disposable gloves from the pharmacy under my sink (like the ones you see at a doctors office). I use them every time I have to handle raw meat, partly for the sanitation of my skin/hands and partly to avoid the smell of animal flesh on my hands. Use them when I cut onions too, since it takes forever to get the odor off my hands.

When you take them off, you can also wrap up bones & undesirable parts in them, tie the ends to seal them before you throw them out.

Starting another Chemo Thread

Am also remembering that my mother quite enjoyed warm naan dipped in tzatzeki sauce when she was ill. Seemed to go (and stay) down well.

Again, best wishes to you @samiamb. Do not forget to positively feed your spirit too during this time.

Starting another Chemo Thread

@techgirl - I don't know why the cleaning services are specifically targeting women undergoing chemotherapy when its a universal treatment. I found it odd that it doesn't apply to men. I would, however, inquire about it. I can't imagine the volunteer efforts and the people who give their time in this manner would say no to your friend.

Starting another Chemo Thread

I would suggest miso soup for nausea. If you have some time, you might google the relationship between miso and radiation. There are some interesting studies on the two.

This is not food related, but women undergoing chemotherapy may have free house cleaning, through the thoughtful donations of several organizations.

You have great courage. I admire you and hope for the very best.

How did you design your kitchen?

Speaking of flooring ... am looking into cork or rubber flooring, as tile is hard on the legs as @Shecooks mentions. Curious if anyone has any experience with it.

Appreciate all the feedback, SE'ers.

How did you design your kitchen?

This is a renovation project, not a complete design. I should have made that more clear. I wonder about appliances - are stainless steel actually worth the investment? I wonder about the countertops - is sea glass an viable alternate to granite in terms of durability? There are a lot more things to consider that I had previously thought. I don't have a lot of money to redo if I fail miserably.

What odd foods does your pet love?

I used to have a cat that loved gin and tonics. We considered a 12-claw program for her. We decided to just let her enjoy happy hour with us.

Fruit and Vegetable intake

I believe the vegetable category is the only one where you could double or even triple the recommended daily amount without negative health impact.

Your Favorite Meal?

smsingram: What's your favorite meal?
Sarah Palin : Oh, all of them, Charlie.

Poll: Do You Give Food As Gifts?

I started giving food gifts to people like my parents, grandparents and people who were older and seemed to have everything & needed nothing. If I picked something they especially liked (dried cherries were a big one for my mother), it always was well received.

When I start getting food gifts I'm going to have to come to terms with my age, and probably my mortality ...

Love the Holidays especially the food except.....

I broke a crown on a decorative silver ball on a Christmas cookie one year, so I don't like that part anymore. And of course, the StoveTop stuffing, but let's not go there again, huh? ;) Happy Happy Joy Joy.

What are your favorite mail order gifts? (try to mixed assortment of 12) (Cherry salsa is outrageous) (Almond vanilla butter is fantastic)

Loves food, but content with Stove Top

@Pavlov: That was very gracious. Thank you.
I love wine. My current favorite is a South African Pinotage called Barista. It's delightful. I'll bring a few bottles and you just whip something up.
Blessings and magic to you this holiday season.

Loves food, but content with Stove Top

@chgoeditor - thank you. I wish I had the gift of written word as you do. Perhaps this thread would have gone in a whole new direction. FWIW, I didn't perceive you to be the bully.

@kitchenista @salpico @knowwhey @hmw0029 : My compliments, thanks and regards.

We should probably end this topic.

Loves food, but content with Stove Top

@chgoeditor: Fair enough. It did NOT come out right. I merely wanted to express some disappointment about the food at the holiday gathering. I am on a food forum and don't feel the need to explain my personal relationship with my dear friends, whom I love enormously. Enough said.

I am curious, however, at a couple of responses and would like your opinion. Since it seems fair to attack with such viciousness on this topic, do you feel the more vicious comments are akin to bullying? I'm not hurt or offended by the comments of people who have misunderstood my question (completely my fault), but am mortified by how antagonistic the insults are. These people don't know me, but have certainly tried to make me feel, um, what's the word - horrible - about myself. Isn't that bullying?

It just seems so damn mean. And I am under the impression that we are all out of high school. Anyway, this has been an informative lesson and I thank you for your thoughtful feedback.


Loves food, but content with Stove Top

I prepared myself for some backlash about this thread, but certainly not the malevolence.


(Non-Food) Thanksgiving Traditions

In my new family we play the nose flute. Truth.
A fall back tradition is hostile behavior, but that's the old family.

I really do love Thanksgiving.

Jell-O salad, yea or nay?

It shows up, but the only people who eat it are the olds.

I go with thumbs down.

Your child should be exposed to it, if for only to make her own decision about whether or not it shows up on her table years from now. (See commenters reactions to re: Jello salad.)


Why is it a turducken and not a turchickuck?

I've never had it. Is it worth its hype?

Are you a big or small portion eater?

I eat with gusto that which tastes spectacular.
Everything else, not so much.
Wine consumption works the same way.

Happy holidays all!

Recommend something unique to make for Thanksgiving

I have appetizers this year and I'm making two:

Gorgonzola & pecan stuffed dates
Crab cakes with carrot/mango/onion relish (thx Flay).

Neither is too unique, but both are highly tasty.

Simon: Marry me.

Killer Chili Recipe

It is definitely chili season. I just made some last week.

I do a combination of Texas and Cincinnati chili that comes out really nice. If you're interested in the recipe, let me know. Typing still isn't the most comfortable thing for me - almost 3 months post hand surgery.

Food tax are you for it or against it?

That didn't come out right. I mean the use of HFCS in high percentages.

My banana story

I have bananas in a fruit bowl which sits very close to another bowl that contains garlic.

Today, my banana has a very distinct garlic flavor to it.

Can't find anything online about the absorption feature of the banana, but am thinking of putting them next to some coffee beans tonight. That could be an interesting flavor combination.

Does anyone spice their bacon?

I'm frying a big pan of bacon right now and wondering why I'm not adding an savory elements to it - a concept I've never thought of until this morning. The Google search for spiced bacon brought up many recipes which include sugar, but I'm not really keen on those. The bacon rarely makes it to the plate for breakfast because it's just too easy to pick at it until the rest of the meal is done cooking. I wondered how to make it a better munching experience

So far I've only added pepper, but am ready to throw some rosemary in there.

Do you spice your bacon? If so, would love to hear your flavor combination.

How did you design your kitchen?

Soon I will have a new house and a bigger kitchen (might have to change my screen name). As I consider my preferences for the color and design, I wonder how you chose your kitchen blueprint. There are so many options that I like I'm not sure how to pick one that I can live with for a while.

Loves food, but content with Stove Top

Help me understand.

For T'giving I made two outstanding appetizers (I was asked to bring them by the host): Blue Corn Tortilla Crusted Crab Cakes in Spicy Carrot-Mango Broth and Mango-Green Onion Relish, and Toasted Pecan and Gorgonzola Stuffed Dates.

My friends who celebrated the day with me, raved over and over about how good everything was. (It really was.)

Then comes dinner ... the standard turkey, mashed potatoes, Stove Top stuffing and canned gravy. Dessert was a basic pumpkin pie made from the can and with a frozen pie crust and, to my horror, whipped cream from an aerosol container.

How can people, who definitely appreciate the taste of exceptionally well-prepared and tasty food, be okay with eating that which has no flavor at all?

I don't want to sound negative, but this really confuses me. Several of these people are great cooks, so this mystery continues to boggle my mind.

I'm thinking they love delicious food, but lack the initiative to prepare it. It just seems to be a gastronomical dichotomy that makes little sense to me. Thoughts?

Cooking Withdrawal

It's been three weeks since hand surgery.
I never knew I would miss chopping, mixing and creating edible goodness so much. I have found out that what I make in the kitchen, to some extent, really does define me.
This would be a very interesting social experiment, if only I weren't the subject!
It's going to be a long fall and winter, I fear.

Anyone else ever go through a period of no cooking? It is not fun!

One arm - This could get tricky

Here's a new one for everyone: I'm having a significant hand surgery this week, which is going to render me a one-armed wonder for at least two months. Naturally, it's my right hand. I'm going to have a cast from my fingers to my elbow, and am not to use it at all or get it wet. My fingers will not be much use, as one part of the surgery is on the index finger. My hand will be split like the lobster boy claw. Ouch.

What to make? I won't be able to cut anything until October. I'm not really one to eat anything from a box or can, so I'm trying to determine what I can make and freeze ahead of time. Eating with my left hand is not going to be successful (I've had previous right hand surgery three years ago - hey, I'm a lemon).

I've already made a couple of soups and some chili. I'm going to cut up some vegetables and freeze them for later use. I'm also going to make some tapenade and hummus, but am afraid they won't keep that long in the fridge.

Oh, and I'm staying away from yeast products.

Any thoughts? I'm thinking that the unavoidable side effect of weight loss is eminent.

Do you use your city magazine restaurant guide?

Just curious if any SE'ers consult their respective city or regional magazines to find new restaurants. If so, what categories make sense to you? Or do you focus mainly on price and/or location?

Disclosure: I work for a city magazine and we are changing our categories and subheadings for our annual city guide. I am debating whether to use headings like "New American" or
"Upscale Eclectic" in place of "Casual." I really want to separate the chain restaurants from our local ones. And yes, we are having editorial meetings to decide as a company how to proceed. I am really quite interested in everyone's thoughtful opinion, not looking for editorial direction. That's what they pay me the small bucks for!

Inheritance ... what to get rid of?

My mother's ample kitchen bounty, a conglomeration of 75 years of acquisition, is destined to end up in mine. I have an impossibly small space, so I'm going to have to sacrifice something to add the newly inherited stuff.

Many posts ask what people need. I am asking what would you get rid of?

"Cleanup in aisle seven"

I wasn't paying attention in the store and the beets - yes, jarred beets - cascaded to the floor. Totally my fault. I didn't know whether to run, laugh or die. I chose to tell the nearest employee and offer to help clean up, but they shooed me away. To hear the overhead announcement, though stated without judgement or disdain, was just as humiliating as I imagined it would be.

Has anyone else felt the disgrace of being the reason for a cleanup in aisle seven?

Wet Burrito

Has anyone heard of them? I'm told they aren't well known outside of West Michigan, but I have some doubts about that. I

Rice Vinegar question

Does rice vinegar (or any vinegar for that matter) go bad? I found an old bottle in the back of my cupboard that's turned a strange brownish color. It smells fine, but looks like molasses. There is no sediment at the bottom of the bottle.
Use? Throw out? Any thoughts?

Food Nicknames

I had a coffee filter malfunction this morning which resulted in a brew filled with grounds. We immediately call this "cowboy coffee" though I'm not sure why.

Do you have nicknames for food? We also call brussel sprouts "sprussel brouts" quite intentionally. It's just an inside joke that no one really gets. Food nicknames, anyone?

If this pan could talk ...

Working up a sweat after meticulously scrubbing off the remains of roasted cabbage, I gave up and let the pan win. It made me look closely at all the remnants of things cooked previously. I smiled, thinking to myself that this pan had lived and served me well. It has seen the good, bad and downright ugly for years.

If your pans could talk, what would they say?

I still remember my first bite of ...

... hummus. I'm eating the most delicious Lebanese food right now, and suddenly remembered the first time I tasted hummus. It was as if my tastebuds exploded - it was that good. I'll bet it was 20 years ago, and I still recall loving every second of it.

I'd have to say it was a defining moment for my palate. Anyone else have such a culinicious tale?

Hard Boiled Eggs

Who's got the unfailing secret to peeling hard boiled eggs? It's always a crapshoot with me ... either the egg peels seemlessly without any problem or I can get the shell off to save my life (or the egg). I cook them the same every time: eggs in water, heat to boil, set timer for 12 minutes. Drain. Run cold water over eggs to stop cooking process. I'm tired of throwing eggs down the drain because I can't get the shell off of them without destroying them in the process.

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