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Remembering Big Nick's Burger & Pizza Joint, Another Departed UWS Institution

On Monday morning at around 4 a.m. the Upper West Side was robbed of one of its last greasy spoons. Big Nick's Burger & Pizza Joint, the beloved Upper West Side restaurant, closed its doors to move uptown after years of massive rent hikes and failed negotiations. Its forced departure speaks to just how inhospitable affluent neighborhoods can be for the aging restaurants that support them. More

Providence: Harry's for Fine Burgers, Great Value

Harry's, a burger joint specializing in good beer and small burgers, opened on College Hill a couple years ago and has since become a mainstay for students with big appetites and thin wallets. While its prices are always reasonable, Harry's really shines during its daily Happy Hour, during which all burgers are half off. At any burger joint this would be a steal, and Harry's luckily cooks a solid patty. More

A Sandwich A Day: Avocado and Fresh Mozzarella at Ronnybrook Milk Bar

It's quite rare, in fact almost never, that one sees the pairing of pumpernickel and mozzarella on a sandwich. The former is a German rye bread, dark and slightly sweet. The latter is an Italian soft cheese that, at its best, bleeds a bit of milk with every slice. Yet, in the Avocado and Fresh Mozzarella sandwich at Ronnybrook Milk Bar, the combination works almost perfectly. More

Why 'Chopped' Is Such an Addictive Show

Why am I consuming this show like a bag of Doritos? Why do I turn it on almost subconsciously anytime I have a minute? What makes this show different from all other shows? Is it even entertaining anymore? After reciting these questions over and over again, I narrowed Chopped's appeal down to five principles. More

Leftovers: The Day's Stray Links

  • 10 Must-Go Farmers Markets Serious market shoppers will be thankful. [HuffPo]
  • Colbert on Papa John's: Obamacare will raise the price of Papa John's pizza by 14 cents. Colbert reports. [Grub Street]
  • 2012 Newsweek Foodie Awards: Magazine's cover has taken heat, 101 spots to eat in the World. [TheDailyBeast]
  • Cats Bash Nicoletta: Pretty kitties deliver the bad news. [Eater NY]
  • Everlasting Pork Belly: Because seriously, pork belly is foodie kryptonite. [Food52]
  • Food Labels and the Illusion of Control: Kinda sounds like a senior thesis, right? [The Atlantic]

First Look: Swine, Porky Small Plates and Charcuterie in the West Village

"We're not trying to reinvent the wheel here," says Chef Phil Conlon of his newest home. "I think of this as the kind of place I'd want to eat and drink at on my day off." Expect accessible, friendly food: bar snacks, charcuterie and salumi, and plenty of meaty (both literally and figuratively) entrées. Or, as he puts it, "things that taste good." More

The Lazy Cook's Black Beans

hey @max - great recipe (i'd sort of intuited something like this myself over the years), but the real gem is that pot from noodletown still getting put to good use several years later!!

Robyn Lee Is Leaving Serious Eats a Mere 7 1/2 Years After She Got Here

byyye robyn! it was great to write/talk/love burgers with you and good luck in all your adventures!

So You Can't Get Into the Spotted Pig? Where to Eat Instead

too real, max...too real

Carnitas El Atoradero Serves the Mexican Home Cooking We've Been Waiting For

sorry chris - meant chris not max

Carnitas El Atoradero Serves the Mexican Home Cooking We've Been Waiting For

"carrying the sauce like a backbeat"

damn max that's a greatest hits-level simile

'Diners, Drive-ins and Dives' Viewers Choose Their Top 10 Burgers of all Time

sorry that was a hasty comment. this show is so lame because guy has been to excellent, diner or divey burger spots with tons of character and appreciation for the art of burgers. I know for certain he's been to both White Manna in Hackensack and Blimpy in Ann Arbor...can't believe those didn't make the list, but maybe that's just the audience...

'Diners, Drive-ins and Dives' Viewers Choose Their Top 10 Burgers of all Time

proof that this show is sorta lame

Point/Counterpoint: On Dairy Queen Coming to Manhattan

@Max appreciate the callback to big nicks. as a high-school-and-onward New Yorker, I've found that one of the only things I miss in new york is, in fact, Dairy Queen. Was certainly the definitive taste of my summers in southern maine and if I see one in a shopping mall or airport concourse I will not pass without at least getting a small peanut butter cup bliz.

I get that chains suck, but the concept of 1 dairy queen or 1 steak n shake does not turn me off. These are chains serving a unique fast food product that would appeal to people beyond being a 'safe alternative' to neighborhood businesses for wary tourists.

Also, I've been thinking about this a lot recently. On the upper west side, for every GREAT neighborhood spot like Anthi's Greek Food or Celeste there are a dozen throwaways. I'm not saying that a dairy queen belongs on the UWS, but I've often yearned for a Wendy's when my wallet is light and my non-mediocre fast food burger craving high.

Indian 'Sliders' Are Another Reason to Love Desi Galli

great to see another bruno here on SE - hope all is going well remy!

Ask the Critic: Where Do You Actually Like to Drink?

ding dong on 106th is great, as is the incredibly divey sly fox on the bowery - five dollar beer and shot is unheardof in manhattan (go on weeknights or face a college crowd worth crying about). sly fox is also built into a ukranian culture center, which is sorta cool.

Staff Picks: What College Food Item Did You Depend on for Survival?

@Kenji "to comfort my crushed soul when that-girl-who-was-definitely-the-one-or-at-least-more-the-one-than-the-last-the-one-or-at-least-she-has-a-cute-smile dumped me (again)." the realest words ever. i opt for pop corn + trail mix

'No Sharing! No Doggy Bags!' A Mountain of Brazilian Meat at Fernandes Steakhouse, Newark

did nick solares go? does he even eat steaks cheaper than 70 dollars a person?

Video: Watch Amanda Seyfried's Dog Balance a Burger on 'Late Night'

hey, i helped produce this segment! and it all comes full circle...

A Flavorful, Nearly Excellent Burger at OTB in Williamsburg

Shake Shack to Premiere Fresh Cut Fries at UES Location Today

thank god - i've gotten in the habit of hitting up mcdonalds

Remembering Big Nick's Burger & Pizza Joint, Another Departed UWS Institution

@jeffoverly agreed about freddie and peppers but nothing in the neighborhood touches Sal and Carmines

Remembering Big Nick's Burger & Pizza Joint, Another Departed UWS Institution

@Kenji a great tale as always. my most vivid memory includes a cockroach so I thought I'd leave that out during a time of retrospective celebration

NYC: Bring on the Mush at Island Burgers and Shakes

this had been on my list for a while - the only good burger in the neighborhood is harriet's even though its become a bit more uneven (still kicks ass when a good cook is back there)

The Burger Lab: How To Make The Ultimate Bacon Cheeseburger

you've outdone yourself with this one, kenji

8 Ways to Hack Your Bud Light Lime-A-Rita

@Ben this seemed like a fun afternoon in the office.

Celeste: The Italian Restaurant Every Neighborhood Should Have (But Doesn't)

about time celeste got some love - this place is so good

Sauced: Extra-Smooth Hummus

@Josh i literally just tweeted kenji last night if he would food lab a Sabra substitute and this seems like just the trick - thanks!

What's Your Favorite Diner in New York?

@Ed i'm all with you - but City Diner on 90th, which while not impressive by any means, delivers to my house in roughly 15 minutes regardless of what i order and everything's solid for the price. also a great greek waitstaff and surprisingly good soups

Taste Test: The Best Italian Combo Sandwich in Little Italy

@max honestly there's this place in east hampton that carey went to last summer near the train station that does way overpriced but REALLY yummy italian combos with awesome proscuitto, cappicola and mortadella, solid mozz and an oily pesto instead of oil/vinegar. so good.

The Call of Khachapuri at Oda House, Georgian Food in Alphabet City

god this place looks great, thanks max!