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Building a Pizzeria: The Oven

Congrays! You picked the right oven, and great tile design. Hope to see it in action soon.

First Look: Some Great Pizza at Emilia's Pizzeria in Berkeley, California

Keith's pies are the work of a magician. And he's a damn nice guy to chat with while he works his magic. Rare.

Bruce Hill to Open Pizzeria in San Francisco, Will Be Called 'Zero Zero'

Foolish thanks for the details, I never use 00, what about softening the dough with a touch of AP to a high gluten recipe? What's the difference between extensibility and elasticity?

Virtually Impeccable Pies at Piccolo Sogno

nice looking roman pies. trying to determine if that's the style of pies i've been making all this time. my Funghi pie looks oddly simiar, just not as crackery. i don't think it's a recipe that makes these, rather proper dough handling.

Pizza Obsessives: Gianluca Rottura

"the self-fricking-neapolitan-righteous" - FP


My Pizza Oven: Pizzahacker, the Renegade Pieman of San Francisco

great interview, jeff. but i have to say you don't need a 600 F oven to get great home bake pizza results. 500-550F and a 45 minute pre-heat of your basic pizza stone will get you very good results. of course you also need some basic dough stretching technique, pizza assembly smarts, a good dough recipe and some serious pizza love or luck.

Portland, Oregon, Has Not One But Three(!) Artisanal Pizza Carts

the continued use of the word "aritisanal"as it relates to pizza is making me crazy. what does that mean exactly?

Underground Wood-Oven Pizza-Delivery Service in La Ventana, Mexico

Dramarama.... This is Casey, i was in La Ventana for a windsurfing trip back in January. I saw that poster tacked to the bathrooms in the local campground, thought it was cool and tweeted it. And Adam K then did a post on slice. @Chris B is correct in most of what he's saying about La Ventana. There is brand new slick pizza place that just opened in El Sargento about a mile away, the one that threatened him I guess. Could all be true. funny though, i actually got some pizza down there at "Kurt and Marina's" it's a modest 4 room hotel and trailer park/campground for kitesurfers. The pizza wasn't so hot. @chris B, you know it? Kurt has a brick oven and takes pizza orders for Wed. and Fridays. I thought your poster was for that.

NYC: Nate Appleman Will Not Be Serving Neapolitan Pizza at Pulino's Bar & Pizza

Wow, this is some news about Nate and Pulino. What concerns me is that he says their using a Woodstone oven with gas as primary source. And we'll do "wood if we need wood". WTF? He really doesn't sound like he's a pie guy. Sure, deck ovens are great. But a Woodstone?? Woodstone ovens are found in food courts and airports. Crap if you ask me. If he's get major funding form Keith McNally why a crap ass Woodstone oven? And the crust won't be chewy? I dunno this sounds like some consumer level run of the mill pizza coming our way. Reminds me of Beretta in SF, super popular, but pizza lacking. Sounds like this place is gonna be all about Nate's manly knife show carving up whole pigs for the ladies. What a joke.


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