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I am a poet, amateur scientist, foodie, inventor, & mirth maker from Mebane, North Carolina. I don't do Twitter so your best bet is to find me on Facebook at

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  • Last bite on earth: Two dozen raw oysters, Fugu, & a Ribeye steak sandwich with mushrooms, melted cheese, sauteed onions, and mayo from TGK's in Graham, NC

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Happy Holidays From All of Us at Serious Eats

And the same to all of you, Serious Eats has become a daily part of my life at this point. Oh, and uh Kenji, you may or may not remember this, but I STILL have that picture of you with a KFC bucket on your head from a bet we made a long time ago! Hope everyone had great food, great drinks, and a wonderful time with your respective families!

The Food Lab's Definitive Guide to Prime Rib

How long did you leave that leg of lamb in for the sear Sam? At that temperature you can go from searing to overcooking pretty fast,

The Elements of Barbecue: The Case of Sauce

gamingwithbaby - Agreed, the best award any BBQ joint can get is a room full of smiling patrons with empty plates loosening belts to make room for that second plate.

The Elements of Barbecue: The Case of Sauce

Seconded for the white sauce on barbecued chicken, that combination is a knock out. I sit right in the Middle of NC so getting either NC based sauce is really easy and hard to pin down a favorite, wish I could, my advice is the same advice I give for food in general, try everything different styles and find out what YOU love.

Enter to Win a Ham Independence Day Package From La Quercia

Our politicians are all hams so should it be any surprise all of our budget bills are pork? Mmmmm filibuster ham, now with a built in AED!

Ham; so amazingly tasty it had to be banned by multiple religions so that the wealthy could keep it all to themselves.

A Basic Introduction to the Salty, Spicy World of Mexican Snacks

There is a particular snack that I loved when I visited but I can't seem to remember what they were called, maybe someone here can help me out. It was basically a candied jalapeno on a stick, think candy apple just the coating was clear and only slightly sweet. It had a really unique flavor profile and I wish I knew what brand or name they are sold under, I'd like to order some. At one point I could find them in a local Latino market, but that place has since closed down. Any ideas?

Chain Reaction: We Try McDonald's Bacon Clubhouse Sandwiches

Another vote in favor of axing the burger diaper reference, not that creative writing is exactly a democratic exercise, it just literally made me stop being hungry when I read it...perhaps it would effective as a weight loss gimmick. That aside, the burger looks typically horrible, I've never understood the concept of making a "fancy" or "fast-casual" McDonalds. Now, the McCafe interior redesign did wonders for taking away all the plastic furniture, but come on, most people go to McDonalds for cheap food, the Big Mac, the loved passionately/hated vehemently fries, or a fetish for the Fish Filet. I'm just curious how effective the attempt at "fast food plus" has been for the clown. When I do eat there it is usually for a guilty gut bomb of a Big Mac and fries, but I do enjoy the oddness that is the Fish Filet at times. The best "new" thing McDonalds has put out in my opinion was the onion cheddar burger on the dollar menu, it has a strange taste, but one that appeals to me even if I can't say why exactly. My mom does love their food though, she likes it simple, just two single hamburgers, mustard and ketchup only. I will never forget the horror when I took my parents out for their anniversary because my dad decided he wanted to "try that sushi stuff before I go," he had terminal cancer, and his delight at finding out that sushi was, in fact, more than just raw fish, a common misconception in the South. Anyway, sorry for the nostalgia, but to bring it to a close, my mom had stopped by McDonalds on the way because she also thought she would be getting a raw fish, in her mind whole, and had smuggled a hamburger & fries from McDonalds into the place inside her purse, which she tried to eat secretly though that smell made everyone stare at our table. It was worth the price tag for the humor! Guess my Pop loved sushi after all though considering the bill, not bad for a tobacco farmer from rural NC. Again, sorry for the length of this, just a lingering happy, and head shake worthy, memory.

A Sandwich a Day: Tenderloin Steak Sandwich at Wildfire

Promising me cheese and not delivering on it is a pretty serious offense, but then I also am in love with cheese.

Every Bar Should Have 'Everything' Fried Pickles

I don't know, there is a pretty strong bias/consensus in favor of fried sliced pickles over spears. Fried spears simply aren't able to hit the right breading to pickle ratio to have the same effect as other fried foods.

JalapeƱo Kicker Sandwiches Could Be Coming to a McDonald's Near You

Not sure if you had an off day or if I just got lucky when it came to the Mighty Wings, the order I received was surprisingly good, even better than a few wing specific joints in the area. As to the article, I'll be sticking to my homemade grilled jalapeno cheddar burgers. I agree with g. dewar that when fast food places go for spicy or a theme they always go overboard, do you really need or want jalapenos on the burger, two ways, AND in the cheese?

Andy Ricker's Kai Yaang (Whole Roasted Young Chicken), From 'Pok Pok'

I'm getting a 404 page not found error on the giveaway, just thought you should know.

Introducing a Burger Made With the Entire McDonald's Dollar Menu

I really, really had to agree with some of the posters here, but I have no option. I am a long time fan of SE, but this is the kind of thing I could do without, honestly I would rather have fewer posts per day than throwing in posts like this one. Someone throwing together the McDonald's Dollar Menu in one sandwich is the kind of stuff I'd expect from a site like College Humor. I know that every post can't be ground breaking, but for a while there SE was almost like the culinary Myth Busters. We learned some new techniques, busted some kitchen myths, created awesome recipes, and got honest restaurant reviews. That's pretty much what I come here for, and it seems I'm not alone. I'll quit ranting now, but it is certainly a thought worth pondering.

Why Have I Never Tried: Mr. Goodbar?

Wait, you've honestly never tried a "Whatchamacallit" OR a "Mr. Goodbar?" I believe you, I just find it surprising. Those are about as common as a plain Hershey's bar and Crunch bars here in NC.

Reality Check: We Try Wendy's New Pretzel Pub Chicken Sandwich

And this may be location dependent, but my brother ordered one and his sandwich had mayo, they also asked him if he wanted homestyle or spicy chicken.

Reality Check: We Try Wendy's New Pretzel Pub Chicken Sandwich

Even my local Food Lion has started making pretzel buns to take home from the bakery section, unfortunately for me I simply cannot stand pretzels in any form.

10 Bourbon Terms You Should Know

A simple supplement to the conversation above, due to the porous nature of wood casks they actually absorb water easier than alcohol. As to the question of how 62.5% abv bourbon can come out 130 proof, if the barrel absorbs enough water it reduces the overall volume of the bourbon which causes the abv to increase, as long as more water is being absorbed than alcohol is evaporating.

Congress Moves Ahead on Food Policies

Alessio Sangalli
How do you get food stamps? You file an application with your local social services office for your county, you are required to provide full income disclosure, including income from other social welfare programs, all of your assets, and a full questionnaire on your residence: including rent, heating/cooling, number of occupants, etc. At least that is how it is in NC, not sure about other states. I can assure you that you wouldn't enjoy the experience of paying for food with them, you will be judged, snide comments will be made, and you will feel generally publically humiliated.

This Week in Recipes

Well, now I look a little crazy, but there was a spam message when I posted that! :)

This Week in Recipes

^Seriously getting annoyed at this work from home scam spammers, seems like at least one shows up in every comment section. I see the user has been disabled, but it is getting ridiculous.

Chicken Green Chile Tacos

It shouldn't be overtly spicy, Anaheim chiles rank about 1,000 to 2,500 on the Scoville scale, about the same as a Peppadew or Sriracha sauce, and you can always remove the seeds. Tomatillos have more of a lemony zest and brightness than spicy flavor, and the Avacado should certainly help cut the heat. Plus you can always add a little sour cream if you happen to enjoy the taste, I just can't seem to make any kind of taco without wanting to add cultured sour cream to it.

Beets Mysteriously Destroyed, Japan Lifts Wheat Ban, and More in Food Policy

Who destroys a crop of beets in Oregon? Is the beet market THAT competitive? Then again, the Amish have a mafia and Oregon isn't exactly an exciting place to be a teenager, so there's that. Our World is beyond weird.

Taste Test: The Best Mayonnaise

I refuse to know anyone's choice on the matter, but it is largely cultural and family based. I grew up on tobacco farm in an extremely rural area of NC and had meals prepared for me by both Great Grandmothers growing up, both used Duke's. Even though I am aware of that, nostalgia is an extremely powerful force, especially when it comes to taste. Great article though, interesting to read the comments.

Best Bites from SF Chefs Grand Tasting Tent, San Francisco

He served sausage and pate in pig's heads?
That glorious SOAB.

Excellent Homestyle Cuban Cuisine at Jose's in Bradenton, FL

I'm curious about your aversion to flsn, frankly I have never had one that was less than delicious.