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No-Waste Tacos de Carnitas With Salsa Verde

WOW. I made these last night and it was my first attempt ever at making carnitas,they came out WONDERFULLY, incredibly tender, flavorsome, and delicious. I did pan fry instead of broil to get the crisy bits, but this is definitely a repeat recipe for me.

Please, tell us where you're from...

I'm a 24 year old girl, originally from Los Angeles but now living in Montreal for the next year...
Favorite food is Mexican food and I am definitely dearly missing that in Montreal, lol.

Poutine!!! Who Likes Poutine?

I never saw this until I moved to Montreal and I have to say...the concept seems good but a lot of places don't seem to execute it well enough. It's super rich. I wouldn't mind trying a poutine with meat added, though.

Ideas for leftover carnitas*?

Did you see the tamale bites recipe on photograzing here? It's an awesome way to use up leftover carnitas and they look amazing.

Cooking with MSG?

Thanks for the input!

@neeki - no we didn't dip the shrimp in anything, just shrimp, batter, and MSG, eaten dry. It was really good though!

@Chris Gregory interesting about sprinkling it on things you don't want the dog to eat, I have a puppy who eats everything so that might come in handy lol

feeding my mom part 3

Glad to hear everything is working out well for you!

Cooking with MSG?

Also, would it enhance the flavors of sweet foods? Or only savory?

Cooking with MSG?

@neeki thanks for the info!

So it enhances flavors, but does it have a specific flavor of it's own? I'm guessing salty since you said it has a high sodium content?

It definitely made for some delicious tempura shrimp, the only seasoning used was a little MSG mixed with the batter and that's it.

Weekend Brunch 2 Parts Questions

Weekends are made for brunch! I love the Smokehouse brunch buffet, in Burbank, Ca. Awesome eggs Benedict, crab legs, a chocolate fountain and unlimited mimosas I'm in heaven.

Halloween Poll: What's Your Favorite Peanutty/Peanut Butter Candy?

OMG I love Chunky! I wish they weren't so hard to findl something about those is so awesome. I was all set to put peanut butter M&M's until I saw that Chunky in the poll.

Settle an argument

Oh my God. *blech* Sorry I'm in the group with your husband and in laws, I can't stand the skin - especially when it has that slimy slippery texture.
But if you like it, hey, it's your taste buds so no one can tell you differently . It's probably just how people were raised, because my parents don't eat the skin either.

Weekend Food Finds

I found Saint André cheese at my local IGA store. Truffled Saint-André I come :)

What do you think of culinary tattoos?

You said it right there, because it's culinary. LOL. I asked specifically about that type because this is a food relates website and I noticed a lot of chefs have them. See above.

What do you think of culinary tattoos?

What is it about the tatts that makes you lose your appetite...just curious

Missing! Salt & Pepper Shakers

Some places like Fathers Office or Animal in LA and other spots are very opinionated about their food and feel it needs no extra flavoring. I like it because for chronic over-salters (such as myself) it gives us a chance to try something the way the chef intended for it to taste.

How do you like your Grilled Cheese?

A la the grilled cheese truck in LA I love mine with macaroni and cheese and bbq pulled pork in the center :D

What are your "special occasion" ingredients?

I know it's over-used "trendy" and played out but...I love using truffle oil and maybe a few black truffle shavings when cooking for guests. Not for the trend, but because I really love the way it tastes.

What do you think of culinary tattoos?

@Zilli, Duff's tattoos are pretty funny

@Lorenzo LOL! I never thought of that. That pic tattoo is really popular though. That and when people get their love for bacon emblazoned on their skin.

Thoughts on Cheesecake

Cheesecake is awesome. Cheesecake with some sort of chocolate in it is heaven. I like it dense and creamy not light and not spongy (usually happens when it's overcooked).

The only cheesecake I have tried that I didn't really care for was a pumpkin cheesecake. And a "Turtle" cheesecake with chocolate and caramel swirls, the caramel with the dense cake was too much.

What do you think of culinary tattoos?

I definitely think it's a personal decision and it makes sense for chefs to get something food inspired since it's obviously their passion. I like them though and it gives me a sense that person is definitely dedicated what they do.

@VerySmallAnna wow your restaurant sometimes REQUIRES tattoos? That sounds like an interesting concept.

Have we seen the end of Look Who's Talkin'? : (

I definitely love that section and hope it stays.