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The Food Lab: The Best Way to Bake Bacon for a Crowd

@Ramo2653, also the sugar content (yep, bacon is sugar cured, who knew?). I have a prepack thin-slice brand that takes like 25 minutes at 375, and a meat case thick-slice that will burn to ashes in 18. Oddly the prepack yields much better fat.

You haven't had latkes until you've had latkes fried in bacon fat. They are magnificent.

The Food Lab: The Best Way to Bake Bacon for a Crowd

@Double_J, you can fit a full pound of bacon on a half sheet. It'll start overlapped, but then it shrinks. Most domestic ovens can hold at least two half sheets, which puts you at 16-20 servings per hour. I think I could put at least 6 half sheets in my oven if I stacked them just right.

Also, bacon fat. I just like saying it. Bacon fat, bacon fat, bacon fat.

How to Make Boston Baked Beans, the Low, Slow, Old-Fashioned Way

You could have just asked me. I've been developing my baked bean recipe for 20+ years, and it is exquisite. The flavor is best if you front-load the molasses. Yes, it takes 12-16 hours to cook. Yes, there's a boatload of pork fat, and that makes it great. It's not like you eat them every day. Actually I would, if I had the time.

What Is American Cheese, Anyway?

@wingbatu, cellulose powder is an anti-caking agent, it keeps the shreds from sticking together. If you've ever fridged your own extra shred overnight, you know what that means.

@ryuthrowsstuff, I happen to have a tub of parm shred in my fridge. No cellulose. And an 8oz bag of cheddar jack shred (from the non-fancy cheese case). Cellulose and potato starch. Oh, and natamycin. That sounds scary, right?

Equipment: The Best Manual Citrus Juicers and Reamers

For home use (mainly lemonade/limeade by the glass) I like a squeezer. Mine is off-brand from my supermarket, and I feel it flex and wriggle every time I use it. It's going to snap, and when it does, I'll take ryuthrowsstuff's advice and go to the restaurant supply for a replacement that will last long enough to be named in my will.

I was researching larger yield models for my FIL's food truck, either fresh OJ for breakfast or fresh lemonade all day. More than $25. The latter would do with a $150 deck-mounted press, as lemonade is mostly sugar water. OJ is OJ all the way through, so I was looking at autofeeders rated from 1 to 5 gallons per hour. There's not much there for less than $2500.

To date he hasn't decided to put either item on the menu. I don't blame him.

Muffin Myth-Busting: Don't Waste Your Time Tossing Berries in Flour

I am helplessly reminded of the blueberry muffin scene in the movie Casino. If only that poor chef had been a Serious Eats reader.

The Food Lab: How to Make Great Home Fries

Oh, home fries. I know a tiny little diner in nowhereville Texas that cooks home fries like we would all cook home fries if we had the time - and they get the eggs right too. It's one of a very few places that makes me contemplate a 1200-mile road trip just to get breakfast.

I just realized that I have potatoes, corn oil, butter, bacon fat, duck fat, schmaltz, and no other plans for tomorrow. Hmm. Wish me luck!

For Better Tuna Salad Sandwiches, With Mayo or Without, Add More Fish

There is a marked difference between basic canned tuna, a.k.a pink paste, and even the cheapest canned solid white albacore. Drown it in mayo, onions, sweet relish...I'll still know. That might speak more to my childhood than anything, but I still loves me a tuna salad on soft white bread.

Don't Toss Those Pits! Make This Fruity Cherry-Infused Whipped Cream Instead

I laugh because I just bought a 3lb bag of PNW Bing cherries, and my entire plan for them is to stick them into my face hole, one by one, to eat the meats and spit the pits. This pretty much defines my idea of dessert.

Why I Prefer Teaspoons to Grams: 6 Measuring Mistakes That Derail Dessert

I barely bother with measuring spoons outside of real baking, and I bake so very rarely. I got pretty good at the calibrated cupped-palm method I first learned by watching Justin Wilson.

My digital kitchen scale resolves to 2 grams (about 1/16 ounce), which is pretty amazing considering how little it cost.

For about $30 you can get a balance beam scale that resolves to 1/10 grain. At 7,000 grains per pound that's a resolution of 0.0065 grams. Plenty fine for anything I can imagine doing in a kitchen.

The Best Skewers for Grilling

FYI the ATC episode with skewer reviews is currently on Netflix streaming S14E25. But Alton already did this test years ago, and the winner is unchanged.

The Best Gas Grills Under $1,000, 2016 Edition

Glad to see a least a couple of sub-$200 units on the list.

I paid $200 for my Sunbeam gas grill in 2002. Other than the piezo igniter (easily subbed with a $4 grill lighter) it still works fine. Aluminum shell, stainless grates, dual zone (left-right), side hob. But I'm nonplussed that both the steel frame and the burner rails remain free of rust. That was unexpected.

Screw Pristine Whites: I Want My Fried Eggs FRIED

I like them with lace or without, sunny or over, scram creamy or fluffy, poached in water or different times. The one thing I hate is runny whites, and diners that force me to order over mid because they can't cook a proper easy. Maybe it's a sign that I should cook more often. God knows I haven't had decent hash browns for far too long.

Quick! Make These Fried Eggs With Morels, Ramps, and Bacon

Sadly, ramps and morels are not in my wheelhouse. Saguaro blossoms and prickly pears, though...yeah, I got that. Hatch chiles. Oh yeah.

Salt Lake Spirit: How Utah's Liquor Laws Foster Creativity Behind the Bar

This is why Utah is the national seat of home brewing, home distilling, and drinking alone. Can't get a decent Long Island Iced Tea at a bar, but sure as hell I can make one in my own kitchen.

How to Build a Better Sandwich: The Experts Weigh In

Self-ejecting fillings are my bane, especially since I like a lot of mayo on my deli subs. Shredded lettuce helps a lot, it provides physical meat-to-bread stability while providing lots of space for more mayo to hide. Sometimes I just have an undressed sandwich that holds together, and dab the condiments on a bite at a time.

The Millionaire's Turkey: A Father-Daughter Story

Betsy, I for one really appreciate this article. Among other things it gave me pause to think back on my own memories of cooking and eating with family on the holidays. Not all of those memories are nice, but it's all part of my history and it's part of how I grew up to be the kind of cook I am.

That said - turkey is easy. Brine, roast, temp, rest, carve. Here's how I learned to do it. I'll be waiting for your glowing report of success....

The Food Lab: 15-Minute Ultra-Gooey Stovetop Mac and Cheese

@secojoner, if you can get shipments from Amazon, they have several sellers of evaporated milk. It's unfortunately expensive, though, seems to start at a dollar per 240ml can and go up from there, never mind shipping. My corner grocer sells the same can for 50¢. I sense a market opportunity here?

Butter Tea, Yak Jerky, and Momos Galore: An Introduction to Tibetan Cuisine

What Cerril said. WTF is butter tea? It's right there in the lede, and you said nothing about it!

Everything You Can Do With a Container of Sour Cream

@marais, it depends on what you call "sour cream". Here's the ingredient list from brand "A":

Cultured Pasteurized Cream and Milk, Whey, Food Starch Modified (Corn), Sodium Phosphate, Guar Gum, Carrageenan, Calcium Sulfate, Maltodextrin, Citric Acid, Locust Bean Gum, Potassium Sorbate (as a Preservative).

And from brand "B":

Grade A cultured cream

Can you guess which one acts more like crème fraîche, which one doesn't curdle in hot applications, which one can be coaxed into becoming butter? There's nothing wrong with crème fraîche, I make it and use it often, but brand "B" is on the store shelf and in my fridge always.

Staff Picks: Our Favorite Kitchen Shortcuts

It's the microwaving of bacon to which I object most. All that lovely fat lost to absorbent paper towels. An oven, a sheet pan, and one weekend hour yields plenty of bacon for the week, plus a bounty of reserved bacon fat to give all of your eggs, potatoes, and green veg the kind of love that they really deserve.

How to Buy and Prepare Anchovies

@badseed, try applying science! Oils high in monounsaturated fat (olive oil among others) generally solidify at refrigerator temperatures. You can switch to an oil high in polyunsaturated fat (corn, flaxseed, grapeseed, safflower, soybean) that will remain liquid in the fridge.

In Praise of Cheap Knives

I bought my Henckels because I was tired of dealing with the shortcomings of cheap knives. I'm not a starving student, so I could afford them easily. They're stainless that don't need oiling, and they hold a keen edge for a long time so rarely need honing (not carbon-steel sharp, but see "no oiling" above).

Best of all, like no cheap knife I've ever held, my knives fit my hand like only Sweeney Todd could appreciate. Just can't beat 'em.

McDonald's Killed Burger King's McWhopper, so We Made it Ourselves

@whatsinseasonwithdes, I think you can get flame-broiled flavor by using...a broiler? Even the tiny oven in my RV has one.

Charcoal Versus Gas Grills: The Definitive Guide

I bought my gas grill for less than $200, twelve years and zero repairs later it still works just fine. I have a charcoal kettle too, but the convenience of gas is undeniable.

One tip, purchase a spare fuel cylinder to keep on hand, and keep it full. The inconvenience of running out of gas after the local refillers have closed? That too is undeniable.


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