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What's On Your NYC Bucket List?

one thing I've checked off my bucket list: bocadillo of jamon iberico from Despana. Yes, it's a $25 sandwich. But it's also the best ham I've had. and a pretty reasonably-priced splurge, compared to many of the pricey food experiences in this city.

How Do You Like Your Iced Coffee?

nice and strong. and black. Sweet and creamy drinks certainly have a place in my heart, but when I drink coffee, I enjoy the taste of.. coffee. no adulteration. The best I've found in my 'hood is the cold brew from Joe the Art of Coffee (on NYC's UES).

This Post Has Been Rated...."R"

I would kill for some fresh mozzarella, but I just gave up dairy. (I've become convinced it causes my skin to breakout.)
I eat cereal w/ milk almost everyday, so I was worried I'd miss real (ie cow's) milk. Surprisingly, I've become quickly accustomed to almond milk.

Frozen Shelled Edamame Recipe Ideas

I like this one from the NYTimes:
simple, healthy, yummy. I often make it without the pasta, too.

Win Tickets to Housing Works 'A Taste of Home' Celebrity Chef Benefit

I have to go with Batali, too.

around Condado beach Puerto Rico?

If you're planning to venture into the city, check out El Buren in Old San Juan. Their lamb with yuca mofongo is the most delicious thing I've eaten in PR, and I've been a few times. Last time I was at El Buren, my (picky) husband got a seafood dish that he said was great, too. (I don't eat fish, so you'll have to take his word for it :-) )

The restaurant serves both classic Puerto Rican food and more creative/international dishes. I've always stuck to the PR food, and I've never been disappointed. I love the definitively Puerto Rican ingredients they use- tamarind, yucca, guava etc. I'm always dubious about restaurants in "touristy" areas like Old San Juan, but I was pleasantly surprised here.

what's your favorite brownie recipe?

Try this idea:

Basically, make a boxed brownie mix, and put some candy bars in the middle (I use the Symphony brand like the recipe recommends, but I'm sure other brands would do.) I'm not usually a big fan of boxed mixes, but the candy bar addition makes these a big hit. My friends always rave about them!

I'm Going to Spain...for 5 months...

I lived in Spain for a while, and I miss the food like crazy!! Quit worrying; you're in for a treat :-)
Definitely have plenty of churros con chocolate. They are doughnut-like treats that come accompanied by hot chocolate so thick it's almost pudding. Just be warned in advance: it's practically impossible to find real Spanish churros in NYC, so fill up while you are there!
Also, be prepared to eat loads of ham. The super-expensive jamon iberico is worth a try, but jamon serrano is a lot cheaper and still yummy.
Each region in Spain has it's own specialties, so if you're traveling at all, be sure to try the local dishes. In the south, there is a lot of Moorish influence, so be sure to try some of the Moroccan-influenced dishes, such as tagines.
Just one warning: Be careful if you have any allergies/restrictions on your diet. In my experience, menus and waiters seem to frequently leave out ingredients when describing dishes. I'm allergic to fish, and I was amazed how many times my "garden salads" were filled with tuna, even when I'd asked about the ingredients. If you really need to avoid something, you need to really stress it to the waiter.

manhattan dinner, <$15

I'm charged with hosting about 10 recent college grads for dinner on a Thursday night. Our non-profit will cover up to $15 per person. Any great ideas as to where we should go??

needs to be somewhere that $15 would cover most entrees and would take a reservation for 10 ppl. and if it's on the east side and/or near the F train, that would be bonus points!

thanks for your advice!

Tuesday lunch... looking for something different

It's nearly miraculous...I have a weekday afternoon off! I'd like to celebrate with a yummy lunch, but I'm tired of the standard American and Italian places I usually end up at. Any suggestions for a spot in Manhattan with a creative/unique lunch that won't break the bank? an authentic "ethnic" place? a creative fusion spot? Restaurant week or prix fixe ($30ish) would be great.
(I was thinking Vermillion, but read several bad reviews of their lunch prix fixe and restaurant week offerings.)
bonus points if it's near 5th and 28th!

Clean out the fridge concoctions

What's the most surprisingly yummy dish you've cooked up in an effort to clean out your fridge or pantry?

I hate to waste anything, so when I have several random items in the refrigerator that are precariously close to their expiration dates, I throw them all in a skillet and hope for the best! Do you do the same? If so, what crazy-sounding combinations have you discovered that are actually quite yummy? Have any "clean out the fridge" meals made their way into your regular repertoire? Any tips for using up disparate ingredients?

I recently threw together leftover white rice, hot-and-sour soup, kale salad (basically chopped kale dressed w/ lime juice, lemon and honey), parsley, cilantro, and a couple of eggs. After a few minutes in the frying pan, it was actually quite good!

Guatemala recs?

I'm leaving for Guatemala in a few days, and I'm looking forward to authentic Guatemalan food! Any recommendations as to where/what to eat? Are there any can't-miss local specialties? I'm partial to street food/cheap eats, but I'd be willing to splurge if I knew it would be worth it. Thanks!

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