We’re 2 sisters on a mission to sizzle our way through the world of everyday cuisine! We plan to work our way through 31 recipes so we’d know how to make 1 dish per day of a given month but, who knows, we may like it so much that we decide to keep going!

Need recipe suggestions!

@Zinnia1: Oh, I see.. Oops, sorry about that then, I definitely didn't mean to upset anyone. I just joined yesterday and I don't yet see a way to delete the post but at least now i know better for next time...thanks

Need recipe suggestions!

The Sisterhood of the Sizzling Pans...or sistersizzle as we affectionately call it... thanks!

Need recipe suggestions!

Hey all! we at are in desperate need of recipes to try! We were going through a list of recommended recipes but we're nearing the end and want to be prepared for the weeks to come. We'd also love to promote your blog if you have one. SO, if you have a great recipe to share, visit us at and leave us a note in our guestbook! If we choose to do your recipe, we'll do as much as we can to spread the word about your blog in our little community! thanks!

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