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Best baguette in NYC?

I like bread super fresh. Tie for tops: Almondine (DUMBO, I believe it comes out in the late morning) and Balthazar Bakery (Englewood after 11AM). If I had to pick a third, Sullivan St stirato (Hell's Kitchen after 11AM - though I am more a fan of his other breads). I am unfamiliar with Pain d'Avignon's and Petrossian's baguettes. Last time I had Amy's, I didn't like as much as the others.

Your favorite cookie that's NOT chocolate chip?

@Christina - I recently watched an episode of America's Test Kitchen where they made french butter sable cookies and the recipe called for a hard boiled egg yolk. the recipe is porbably on their website.

Hot Cross Buns!

If you are willing to travel over the GW bridge, Balthazar Bakery in Englewood, NJ makes some delicious hot cross buns.

What's Your Favorite Cupcake In New York?

Kyotufu is good. My favorites are Two Little Red Hens and One Girl Cookies. I was disappointed with Chikalicious' cupcakes, but I do love their chocolate chip cookie!

Best Red Velvet Cake in Brooklyn

I have tried red velvet from Cake Man Raven, Ladybird, Baked, Sugar Sweet Sunshine, Chickalicious/Dessert Club and everywhere else in between. The main problem I find with red velvet cupcakes/cakes (and most cupcakes in general) is the dryness factor of the cake. Also with red velvet, I'd like to have a hint of the cocoa. In my experience, Cake Man Raven has been the consistent best (I have only tried slices, though, not full cakes) and Ladybird also makes excellent red velvet. I actually tried their red velvet yesterday for the first time. My favorite bakery for cakes is Two Little Red Hens in Manhattan (Ladybird used to be Two Little Red Hens before the partners split, as noted before), so I wanted to "compare," seeing as though they were once 1 bakery. I have to say, in the end, Cake Man Raven won from a combination of a very moist cake, frosting, crumb structure and overall "mouth feel" with Ladybird/Two Little Red Hens coming in a very close second). Baked cupcakes were dry (although have not tried their cakes, so could be different). But they make excellent chocolate chip cookies and brownies. Sugar Sweet Sunshine is usually good. But I once ordered a red velvet cake from them for an office party and the frosting tasted like pure butter. As a result, no one could really eat the cake. Perhaps an employee made a mistake in making the frosting, so I considered this incident a fluke. Chickalicious/Dessert Club cupcakes (again, sorry, didn't try the cake) were all dry, although the frosting was the best I had ever had on cupcakes.

Although not in Brooklyn, I hear Make My Cake in Harlem makes better red velvet than Cake Man Raven. I have yet to try, so perhaps worth investigating. Anyway, good luck on your search!

WD-50 NYC???

Definitely memorable and unique. I love that place.

Quintessential NYC Eats

pizza: Joe's on Carmine for a NY slice; for something different, try Sullivan St Bakery in midtown (they have excellent bread, too; try the pugliese and the raisin walnut).
burger: Shake Shack - if it's nice outside, go to the original in Madison Square Park; there will most likely be a line, but that is what New Yorkers seem to not mind doing, waiting.
hot dog: Gray's Papaya (multiple locations)
cupcakes: Magnolia's is the tourist spot, but Two Little Red Hens on the UES makes some really delicious cupcakes.

Katz's, Balthazar, Momofuku Ssam Bar, WD-50 are truly unique to NYC and worth checking out.

Guilty Food Pleasures

Spam and I use MSG sometimes when I cook.

McDonald's Big Mac, The AHT Review

Good April Fools!

I love good food, whether it comes from a fast food restaurant, street cart, or a JGV restaurant (who by the way is working on a concept integrating fine cooking with fast food). So Big Macs are a yes for me, and I have no problem attesting to their deliciousness. You can call it a guilty pleasure, a bad idea, or poor taste buds. But as much as I enjoy eating an Entenmann's chocolate cupcake (which is a better version of the Hostess cupcake) or a 10-course tasting meal at Momofuku Ko (with wonderful flavor combinations and strong attention to detail), I can also be satisfied eating a McDonald's Big Mac.

In Videos: Rain's South Korean Pizza Hut Commercial

Sometimes you can't deny the pizza news coming out of Korea.

Has anyone ever been to Noodle Pudding in Brooklyn?

I live in the neighborhood and go there regularly. The prices are very reasonable and the dishes are almost always solid (I think I have only been disappointed once). The calamari is excellent, so I can tell they know what they are doing. The atmosphere is busy and oftentimes, I have had to wait for a table (so go early). This is also the neighborhood spot I take out-of-town guests.

Azuri Cafe, the Best Falafel in the City?

I have yet to try Taim, but Azuri does not disappoint.

Di Fara 'Temporarily Closed Due to a Medical Emergency'

How sad to hear to the news! Thoughts are with Dom and his family. I was just there last week and got a great square pie and 2 plain slices. Without a doubt the best in NYC. Something about the seasoned pans and oven gives his pies extra flavor. You have to appreciate a man who can calmly take a round pie out of the oven with his bare hands.

Hating on Cupcakes

Umm, they're just cupcakes. Worry about other, more deserving things.

Hating on Cupcakes

I have eaten many NY cupcakes throughout the past few years without having to wait line. That said, however, some people like the idea of standing in line for a sweet treat, a cupcake (or two). It's about the experience and making it a good time. What's worse, caring too much about a cupcake and standing in line for one or caring too much about the person standing in the line waiting for the cupcake? Let them be. The sad part is that i am from Midwest and the best cupcakes (and sweets, in general) were made by my neighbors and parents of friends! So I would tell those people from Middle America not to wait in lines for cupcakes they would otherwise crush, Throwdown style. :)

Sweet Ticket Giveaway, Week 3: Pichet Ong's Guilty Pleasure Sweet

a dozen doughnuts... because i don't feel guilty until after i eat 12.


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