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Whole wheat oatmeal pancakes

I try mine with the following but I don't use buttermilk and instead of milk that the recipe calls for, I use water (hubby can't have dairy). You could probably do half buttermilk and half milk.

2 cups whole wheat flour
2 tsp baking powder
1 tsp salt
2 tsp sugar
2 cups milk
2 eggs separated
1 tbsp butter melted (I just use olive oil)
1 ripe banan (diced or sliced)

1. mix all dry ingredients in a bowl.
2. add milk and whisk the ingredients.
3. separate 2 eggs into yolks and whites. Add the yolks in the flour mix.
4. add the butter and mix all the ingredients well.
5. add the cut up bananas and mix
6. beat egg whites with an egg beater until foams. The foamier the better since this is what's going to make your pancake or waffles fluffy.
7. fold the egg white foam to flour mix and fold them to mix well.

You can use this recipe for waffles or pancakes.
Makes about 12 waffles and 15+ pancakes.

Getting out of blah days!

thanks so much everyone! I don't know what I would do without you guys!! SE posters rock!!

Getting out of blah days!

Thank you everybody for giving me hope and boosting me up! I needed that. It is getting better but I think I do crave something. I have been craving something for quite some time but I can't figure out what it is.

@ Pavlov - I don't know if I will go to that length but thank you! that did make me smile.

We don't have Wegmans where I live but we do have Whole Foods. Also there are a lot of oriental markets around so I do go to one of those at least twice a month. I will let it go and wait for my passion for cooking to come back. We have been eating out a lot and also doing take outs. I was hoping that whatever is bugging me would go away and I am my old self again. No chance for that happening yet. I think maybe it's the holiday! Too much festivities going on and I just don't wan to be in the kitchen. That's got to be it!!!! Again thank you everybody for your good advice. I will just chill and take it easy!!

whole wheat pizza dough

@snowmoonelk... Oh he will know. He lost over 50 pounds on a salad diet with meat. He was ready to give up all grains, did not matter if it whole grain or not. He went on this diet for a month and gave up all sweets, and white potatoes. Now he will eat whole wheat stuff but still no potatoes or white flour or white anything, not even white rice. His staple food was massed potatoes and ice cream but he has completely given them up. So... got to stick with non white products! LOL!!

whole wheat pizza dough

Thank you for all your comments. I can't mix regular flour to the mix because my husband does not eat anything white. So I am going to try this wheat gluten and will give Peter Reinhart's recipe book a try as well.

whole wheat pizza dough

@dbcurrie... "It keeps the shape of what I had when it's cooked." this statement was meant to say that dough does not rise or does not do anything. It just stays the same and does make it really hard to chew.
No resemblance of a pizza crust!

whole wheat pizza dough

@dbcurrie... "It keeps the shape of what I had when it's cooked." this statement was meant to say that dough does not rise or does not do anything. It just stays the same and does make it really hard to chew.
No resemblance of a pizza crust!

Leftover tacos reincarnate as...?

If you had ground beef tacos, then I would try to make Mexican Lasagna. You can use most of everything you have (except for your lettuce if you used them). You will also need to make some Mexican rice. Put a layer of your ground beef on the bottom of the casserole dish. Then put a layer of mexican rice, then layer of sour cream and then top with mexican or cheddar cheese. Repeat this process one more time. If you have salsa, add a layer of salsa over mexican rice before you put the sour cream. If you like it spicy I would squirt some hot sauce on top and bake it until cheese is melted and everything is heated through.
Let me know if you try this recipe and how it turned out.

Rice flour

Thank you for all the comments and ideas. Since my husband does not eat anything white (including white rice), I will be throwing it out. I am not sure what else to do with it.
Thanks again to all!!!

Rice flour

@GingerCM ... No particular reason. I had a large bag of rice flour in my pantry and I was not sure what to do with so. I thought I should ask the community before I pitch it.

What Would You Do With 8 Unripe Local Tomatoes?

slice them like you would to put them on a burger. put them on a cookie sheet, add some basil, salt, pepper and olive oil and bake them for about 20 minutes or until they are a little crisp (not burnt) on the bottom at 350 temp. they are the best and they will be tasty. You can have them on a piece of toast or just eat them by themselves. They are good!!!

Need some Dill recipes

Thank you so much for all the great ideas. I will try your ideas/recipes and will post some comments on how they turn out. Thank you again.

'American' foods people from other cultures like and dislike

I am from Nepal and my mom comes to visit from time to time. She can not stand pasta or cheese. She says Americans eat way too much cheese. I am married to an American man so we do make a lot of pasta and there is a lot eating of cheese in this household. She does like pizza but cheese does tend to bother her.

Help me pack my lunch, please - a Super Challenge.

go with a black bean salad which is filling and also will keep for longer time. all you need is can of black bean, cup of corn (i use frozen corn - thawed), half of onion diced, maybe 2 roma tomatoes and some cilantro. salt and pepper to taste and then use about 1/2 a cup of Newman's Balsamic Vinegerette dressing. This is super easy and will keep for a week.
You can also do veggie fried rice ( i use frozen mixed veggies or whatever you have on hand) or veggie fried noodles.
You can also do BLT sandwiches. Make the bacon on Sunday, take a tomoto and some lettuce with you and when ready make your sandwich on the spot.
Same goes for wraps. you can put whatever to make your wraps.


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