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Mum, food blogger, cookbook writer and all round greedy girl.

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  • Favorite foods: bacon, coffee, tea, avocado, wasabi, chillies, cheese and bread.
  • Last bite on earth: a bacon, cheese and avocado sandwich with wasabi and a cup of coffee or tea.

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Spot of Tea: Taylors of Harrogate Yorkshire Gold

I've tried both in bags, with milk and sugar and the Gold was such a letdown. After a pretty standard 3 minute brew, it was glaringly grassy, so bitter it made me nauseous and otherwise rather devoid of flavour or aroma. The Red is far better IMO. After a 3 minute brew, it was deliciously rich, fragrant and malty with a hint of pleasant bitterness, a really nice mouth filling body and a gorgeous coppery brown. I've brewed it as long as 5 minutes and still find it very drinkable. It's probably the best bagged tea I've tasted. I bought only a 40-bag box of the Gold, struggled to finish it and will not be buying anymore. At the moment, I have four 80-bag boxes of the Red and am crossing my fingers it will be in stock the next time I go to the one supermarket I know of, that stocks it.

If you had to eat one nationality...

Singaporean, just because that would give me easily, a daily choice of about half a dozen major national cuisines. Never a dull meal. Oh yesssssss! That, or Japanese, for its clean, elemental flavours, bursting with umami.