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From Behind the Bar: On Fernet Branca

I only learned about weird little Fernet when I moved to SF. It's true that all of my bartender buddies prefer it as their thank you shot, but I haven't acquired the taste yet. It even has its own theme song that is semi-famous in some corners:

In the Serious Eats-Gilt Taste Holiday Shop: John & Kira's Chocolate Ladybug Medley

My friend sent me John&Kira's from Philly for my birthday - not only were they fabulous, they were obviously thoughtfully packaged and they take great care with making sure the flavors are at their peak.

Hot Dog of the Week: The Original Hot Dog Shop, aka 'Dirty O' in Pittsburgh

oh, the dirty "o", so notoriously....dirty.
Yup, those fries are pretty perfect after a night of a few too many Cold Irons.

Thanksgiving crab (or other turkey alternative)

I made this crab/pumpkin curried bisque and luckily it was a hit.

It was completely devoured, with people going back for seconds! Crab was a winner too, and went well with the great sides we shared.

Thanksgiving crab (or other turkey alternative)

Thanks for the great suggestions! I'm definitely less panicked.

5 Cool Weather Cocktail Recipes from Rickhouse in San Francisco

The Rickhouse berry-infused gin or vodka cocktails are dreamy. These sound like winners, too - I'll have to try out the corpse reviver.

Thanksgiving crab (or other turkey alternative)

@ag3208, exactly! I didn't want to end up like Deborah.
@annzee2, I adore shrimp and remoulade, I will have to indulge in that recipe (there is Christmas....)
Huzzah! So I am now also thankful that you all like the crab idea.
Dungeness (commercial) season starts tomorrow, woohoo!
When I perfect this pumpkin/crab soup idea I will be sure to post it.

Outdoor/warm weather wedding dessert

I'm helping to make desserts for my friend's wedding this summer. The wedding will be outdoors in a park, so food will basically be outside (under shade) for many hours. I am scrambling for ideas of things to make that are festive/celebratory but that will keep OK outside for so long. There will be about 60 guests.

So far someone is making fruit pies (brilliant!) so...what can I make?

It doesn't have to be anything super formal, but I would like to make something "special". My friends love chocolate, spice, nuts and fruit.

I've come up with brownies, cookies, and almond meal or semolina cake. Do you clever Serious Eaters have any other ideas?

Thanksgiving crab (or other turkey alternative)

Hey serious eaters, hope you can help me out. This sort of goes with the pescatarian Thanksgiving thread but sort of doesn't, so I guess I'll ask here:

I'm going to a potluck Thanksgiving but I don't eat meat. I am totally OK (and love) making a meal of delicious sides, but my friends invited me to bring a turkey alternative to share with everyone. I eat fish and shellfish, and have brought these to our get-togethers in the past with plenty to share. I'm 98% sure that an all-vegetarian alternative won't go over too well with my group, as there will be plenty of sides and well, they like protein.

Do you have any suggestions of what I could bring?

Here are some caveats: I don't want to take up their oven space, so something that I can make ahead or eat at room temp would be optimal. Also, I am not a huge fan of salmon.

What I was thinking - a pot of crab soup. It's Dungeness season soon and crab is kind of Thanksgiving-y, right? (Well, I'm thankful for crab!) Also, it won't take up oven space and can be a main dish for me but a side for everyone else.

Is crab for Thanksgiving weird?
Do you think a Maryland style crab soup (even with Dungeness) would be OK or maybe a pumpkin crab bisque to make it autumnal?

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