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From Behind the Bar: On Fernet Branca

I only learned about weird little Fernet when I moved to SF. It's true that all of my bartender buddies prefer it as their thank you shot, but I haven't acquired the taste yet. It even has its own theme song that is semi-famous in some corners:

In the Serious Eats-Gilt Taste Holiday Shop: John & Kira's Chocolate Ladybug Medley

My friend sent me John&Kira's from Philly for my birthday - not only were they fabulous, they were obviously thoughtfully packaged and they take great care with making sure the flavors are at their peak.

Hot Dog of the Week: The Original Hot Dog Shop, aka 'Dirty O' in Pittsburgh

oh, the dirty "o", so notoriously....dirty.
Yup, those fries are pretty perfect after a night of a few too many Cold Irons.

Thanksgiving crab (or other turkey alternative)

I made this crab/pumpkin curried bisque and luckily it was a hit.

It was completely devoured, with people going back for seconds! Crab was a winner too, and went well with the great sides we shared.

Thanksgiving crab (or other turkey alternative)

Thanks for the great suggestions! I'm definitely less panicked.

5 Cool Weather Cocktail Recipes from Rickhouse in San Francisco

The Rickhouse berry-infused gin or vodka cocktails are dreamy. These sound like winners, too - I'll have to try out the corpse reviver.

Thanksgiving crab (or other turkey alternative)

@ag3208, exactly! I didn't want to end up like Deborah.
@annzee2, I adore shrimp and remoulade, I will have to indulge in that recipe (there is Christmas....)
Huzzah! So I am now also thankful that you all like the crab idea.
Dungeness (commercial) season starts tomorrow, woohoo!
When I perfect this pumpkin/crab soup idea I will be sure to post it.


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