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Grill Your Scallion Pancakes

I have never been able to roll these little bastards out without oil and scallion leaking out the ends and making a mess. Which isn't to say that they don't cook up amazing in a frying pan, since the oil just helps get that frying going faster. But damn, I've never been able to get a rolled out pancake like that.

Lager Is Craft Beer's Most Exciting Frontier

I'm a huge fan of Jack's Abbey, and I'm also more than willing to put a plug in for the Anchor California Lager, which is a brilliantly clean and bright beer.

5 Occasion-Worthy Salami We Love

My brother gave me a Olympic Provisions sausage of the month membership for a year. I've gotten three so far - they have been delicious.

Game Day Snacks: 4 Awesome Homemade Potato Chip Flavors

I don't know about frying my own chips, but I will be trying that miso soup concept on popcorn.

Your Beer Bucket List: 20 Must-Try Styles

I say "hyur-zuh," but only because that's me ralphing into the canals of Bruges up after drinking one. Not a fan of that style, no.

Happy Holidays From All of Us at Serious Eats

Thanks for the work you do.

Thanks more in 2015 if you bring back Talk. :)

Use Your Potato Masher To Break Up Ground Meat in the Skillet

Hooray! No more breaking the pieces up by hand and burning my fingertips!

Hattie B's Hot Chicken From 'Fried & True'

State Park in Cambridge, MA does a delicious "Nashville Hot Chicken". I cannot attest to the authenticity of their version, but I can attest to the tastiness and, for sure, the heat.

Where to Eat Barbecue (and More!) in Kansas City, MO

Gah! Where were you last fall?!? I was shipped to KC for a week for a convention and this would have been PERFECT intel.

Manner Matters: Guests with Chips

This isn't really a manners question as much as a "things that kind of piss me off and are pernickety" post. And to you, I say, lighten the hell up. Many of the posts in this series focus on "how can I avoid impoliteness in touch situations?" or "how can I handle puzzling situations better?" Those questions are truly manners questions. But sometimes we get a gem of a question more along the line of "how can I force other people be less impolite?" or even "how can I anonymously bitch about people whom I think are not as polite as I?". Those people can suck it, today's questioner included.

Manners is about self-betterment and making your way in the world with grace; not putting other people down in the name of high mindedness. There certainly is a stick involved here, but it's not in the mud - it's firmly wedged up your posterior. You know what's rude? Sniping on people about whose behavior you are well aware (acting in exactly the expected manner) and doing so while couched in "I'm so manners-minded; it's these jackasses who aren't!"

Sure it's disingenuous to go off so rudely on a manners post, but at least I'm not trying to be prissily self-righteousness.

A Foreigner's Survival Guide to Ordering and Eating Peking Duck in Beijing

A couple friends of mine and I did this while studying abroad for the summer - thanks for jogging my memory. The only thing missing from this iteration and the one I remember was that for our dinner, we also ordered a side of fries. Because why the hell not?

5 Delicious Cheeses You Should Throw on the Grill

You forgot cheese racing, which is the most noble way to put cheese on a grill.

Giveaway: Win a Super-Fast Thermapen Thermometer

Standing rib roast & red, like the center of said roast.

We Try all of Rick Bayless's Frontera Salsas

These look spectacular. My wife and I enjoy the chipotle one in particular. She'd like to try many, many more of the others, but I'm an anti-cilantro, so we never buy 'em.

What to Drink Over Memorial Day Weekend

Nothing better than a jug of Pimm's to start summer right.

The Serious Eats Guide to British Sweets

Is it just me, or are the things people are whinging about being missing from the list not actually missing from the list?

Recipes for Cooking Demos?

If you're looking to show off a little MacGuyver flair, try making quesadillas under a standard laundry iron. I don't know if you can adapt it for grilled cheese (I think that because you have to wrap the food pretty well in foil, there's not enough opportunity for steam to escape and for bread to crisp) but it might make a nice counterpart to a traditional demonstration.

Deviled eggs

Mine is dijon mustard, smoked paprika, a very heavy hand with the black pepper, mayo, worcestershire, and quite a lot of tabasco, and dusted with more smoked paprika.

Pizza Poll: How Do You Like Your Sausage?

My wife and I have this debate from time to time, but we just have the binary "slices" vs. "poops" choices. I think she prefers slices; I prefer poops. But I think my ideal sausage poop is a somewhere between a pebble and a hunk.

6 Smashingly Good Smashed Burgers

Good stuff at Tasty Burger in Southie or Cambridge, MA.

Staff Picks: What's Your Go-To Dinner Party Dessert?

Since most people know me and know that I'm not above tackling a super-intense and involved dinner party spread, I like to switch things up and get ridiculously down-home with a Snickers Salad. 6 roughly chopped regular-size Snickers bars; 6 roughly chopped granny smith apples; 8 oz. tub of Cool Whip. Combine thoroughly and chill. Done.

Or cheese plate and port. Also good.

What to do With a Lot of Whipping Cream

Compound butters I've tried and liked: thyme, chive, and miso. Separately, not together.