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Do you have a recipe you won't share?

No, I share all my recipes and secrets. An old artist and chef told me once that knowledge unshared and not taught or passed on was worthless. I 100% agree with grifola frondosa

Eat for Eight Bucks: Japanese Fried Chicken and Two Simple Salads

Sounds and looks soooo good, I'm drooling, and seems like it's type II diabetes friendly & the sides too. I'm making it asap. Thanks for the recipes. I'm stoked it uses thighs they are my favorite piece of chicken.

Dinner Tonight: Salmon Burgers

I just got back from fishing in Alaska with about 100lbs of king salmon filets, just not ready to chop it up and and disguise the salmon I'll be doing that after a couple months in the freezer and the freshness fades. For now it's a filet of salmon on sourdough bread a smear of homemade dill aioli and some crisp lettuce nothing more.
On a side note got a 56lb king salmon with white meat it's a bit milder kinda between salmon and halibut in flavor but still loaded with omega-3's and other essential fats and oils, some claim it has more fats and oils but I'll leave that to some anal retentive nutrishionist, to me it tastes good.

Potbelly Sandwich Works: Big Sandwiches for a Small Price

I hollow out the bread when I make that type of sandwich at home and toast it too. They got it spot on !

How Do You Define a Grilled Cheese Sandwich?


Mixed Review: Crate and Barrel JalapeƱo Lemonade vs. Homemade

Sounds great and we have a heavy producing Meyers lemon tree! I'm pooin in tall cotton.

Standing Room Only: Jimmy's Red Hots in Chicago

Hot Dogs are one of my favorite food groups. I'm drooling from the picture of a Jimmy's RedHot and want one now. This post just adds to my urge to make a Great American HotDog Tour of the midwest [i.e. Chicago] and upper east coast. I'll be adding Jimmy's RedHots to the list of places to dine at. I'm of the mustard only school of HotDogs so I'll have a good base to judge on most likely it will end up an all-way tie. I bought a pack of RedHots made by a Chicago Co. and hope I can reproduce something close to a real RedHot.

'What We Eat When We Eat Alone'

At home alone - it's steamed veggies, baked potato and simple salad with tomatos and crutons.
Eatting out alone - it's my favorite greasy taco shop for 2 beef tacos sometimes 3-rolled tacos too OR it's a NewYork style pizza with sausage, onions, mushrooms, olives, fresh garlic and pineapple pieces yes pineapple. This hits the sweet, salty, spicey and sour tastes buds for me.

The Nasty Bits: Tongue Tied

DON'T, WON'T, CAN'T more for the tongue lovers you can have my share I have no problem with some else eating it as long as it's not me. I won't eat offal either. Was it Anthony Bourdain who ate the lower colon and rectum, albeit washed poorly, in Africa? Too much for me had to brush my teeth. And all this comes from a man who ate the burrito I had dropped on the sidewalk when they handed it to me thru the pass-thru window at the taco shop next to Hussong's Cantina, I mean it had gravel and dirt on it and in it. It was a lobster burrito and I was so far beyond drunk almost 40 yrs ago and I'm still passing gravel.

Slim Jim Shortage in Effect

It's a tragedy in two fronts foremost the lose of life cannot be regained and the families and friends that have been affected by these deaths will leave voids in their lives that will never be filled and I give my most sincere condolensces to them. On the second front [not nearly as important as the lose of life] My secret love affair with Slim Jims is stymied for some time that will pass all too slowly, my binges that went as far as eating up to 20 in a day and at times lasting for 2 maybe even 4 days. My favorite flavors are the tabasco and the new "HOT" the original will do for a short time as I drive from 7-11s to Quickiemarts in near panic while I'm jonesing and nearing withdrawls to find the two flavors and I'll buy 10 - 20 to hide in my center consule so my wife wont know about my continued cheating. For some reason the original diameter size tastes the best as the giant can last longer and comes from the same mystery mixture it's just not the same. It could be the quanity I can stuff in my pie hole and the ratio of size of bites to area filled has some relevance. I will long for the day when my beloved SlimJims will return [if the government doesn't make them illegal]. The flavor of the SlimJim is unique and no other brand comes close to the flavor and satisfaction they give.
P.S. I'm sick for days after a binge but I just can't stop and I have even read the ingredients list and have seen first hand the ugly underbelly of sausage making on a large scale and if you grind it fine enough and add enough spices anything tastes ? good. Only occasionally do you find a piece of unchewable matter you can either spit it or swallow it !

Egg in Toast: What Do You Call It?

Joe Style eggs is what I remember also. [ r.e. my prievious comment ]

Egg in Toast: What Do You Call It?

Mom and Gandma called it TOAD-IN-A-HOLE, must be the correct name, Mom and Grandma 'God rest their Souls' were never wrong!

What's Your Favorite Ice Cream Flavor

VANILLA! a high quality premium vanilla with REAL vanilla flavoring, real cream, whole eggs and raw cane sugar. The fewer the ingredients the better. If you want a different flavor simply add a topping or two. Too easy?

Serious Cheese: All About Cheese Knives

I agree with "jumpyfroggy" on the wire slicer ! I had an adjustable wire slicer years ago it was the greatest thing since sliced bread and the wire snapped after years of faithful use, but my ex threw it out before I could repair it [an easy fix] so I got a divorce.
I have not been able to find another adjustable wire slicer since but I found my new wife of twenty years . If anyone comes across one please post it on SE.
With all other cheeses I use various blade widths of the knives depending upon the cheese, but I'll use my wire if I can gives me consistent 1/4" slices . I use my peeler for a cheese shaver, another multi-tasker.

Summer BBQ - How to deal with something tactfully

Simply don't go too rude for me to deal with no-matter who she is. Do you really need someone like that in your life? E-mail her your regrets. Have your own BBQ and do your own menu. Thats what I would do but I am too harsh for some but you only have so much time on EARTH . Ladies and Gentlemen "START YOUR COALS"

Quote of the Morning: 'Why Add Water to Eggs?'

I find adding a splash [ only a tsp or so per egg ] of water helps to breakup the protien molecule that easily join up into chains [those stubborn glops of white] while whisking to achieve a homogeneious blending of white and yolk quickly .Its a bio-chem thing where the ends of protien molecules like to attach to another molecule thats why eggs will blend and bind so well with other ingredients and water is an excellent neutral liquid to serve this purpose . It may be a tad thinner but thats only from the protien molecule chains being broken down to a smaller size and may even add to the fluffiness . I dont get watery scrambled eggs by not over cooking them .
If I have heavy cream on hand I use it instead if I want a little richer result , say for a fried egg and cheese sandwich , but by whisking thouroughly they will still be fluffy but maybe not quite as much. As mentioned when adding dairy you must watchout for burning.
As fast as eggs cook [even on a medium heat] I wouldnt turn away from them especially towards the end.
I'm going to make myself an egg and cheese sandwich now for my "BRUNCH". need a quick bite to get me through til supper at 4 P.M.

Grilling: Barbecue Chicken

Burnt sauce, meat or any other food produces turpentine as a by-product and it tastes bad
I used to burn alot of grilled food and have learned quite a bit.
Use a high quality fuel you are comfortable with
DO NOT USE STARTER FLUIDS or any other quick start chemicals
Invest in a chimeny charcoal starter only uses paper and is cheap
Control your heat [avoid rocket engine white hot heat]
Learn your grill and how to use it
Be prepared have all tools and food in place and ready to use
Pay attention to your grill [dont leave especially when cooking hot]
Start with quality ingredients [doesn't have to be KOBE or Waygu beef] just fresh and wholesome
It doesn't take a high dollar rig to produce great food. I'm sure others like myself have fashioned a grill out of mostly or all found materials and produced great feasts.

Basic Barbecue Sauce

Ketchup' What a misunderstood product. The Euro's hate it but will readily use tomato sauce which is the identical thing but by a different name. It's found all over the world with very little change, but as tomatoe sauce, Ketchup, ketsup, kecap, and so on I've even seen it as red sauce, just read the ingredients on them. Ketsup or Ketchup [ doesn't matter how you spell it] doesn't even have to be tomato based. Ketsup is almost a catch-all for any fruit or vegetable based sauce, in the Pillippines it is based on bananas and the taste is remarkabley similar and comes in a hot version, go figure ? Home cooks shun it with the idea as who would stoop to use it, I'm above it , well get over yourselves! But as an ingredient it is an incrediblely versitile flavoring or base to build upon. Any CHEF worth their salt will agree it can be an indispenseable item in the panty. With the availability of so many excellent offerings of ketsup you can find one with low salt, low added sweeteners [ no HFCS] and sans alot of unnecessary chemicals cant wait til someone puts out one using Agave syrup as the sweetener with it's low glycemic index level . I've made my own Ketsup and it came out great but was time consuming.

May is National BBQ Month: Who serves it up best?

To date for me it's The Salt Lick in Driftwood, Texas. We got the all-you-can-eat deal Brisket, Ribs and Sausage with all the sides endlessly brought to the table with original or spicy BBQ sauce if you use it, I tried it all and ate more meat than should be legal plus the sides. It will be my pick for #1 for some time !

Whole Chicken in a Can Taste Test

YUMMY, the gelatinous GLOP-GLAZE was the selling point for me and the pale pastey almost blue hue the cooking gave the chicken was the perfect compliment to the GLOP-GLAZE. Thanks for the blog I'll be on the lookout for it next time I go shopping and have the craving for such a Gastronomical Gourmet Offering or is it simply gastronomically offensive. Excuse me while I hurl !

Should Restaurants Charge No-Show Fees?

If its spelled out clearly in the begining and not ridiculuosly high then YES, if its an across the board policy. But in these economic times it is a tight-rope they walk between profit and loss and I understand the need because of an inconsiderate few that create the need for such policies. The question of a CC# is valid and is an important issue to be worked out as I have given mine to hold reservations in the past but now I would have second thoughts.

Long Flights - BYOF?

Fly First Class, it's a vacation save up a bit more $$$ and treat yourself and you significant other if you got one. Then food isn't an issue snack on what you want some 1st class food is actually edible What are you going to do save it to pay more taxes. If I fly coach [ most a the time ] I take bottled water if allowed and fast maybe a small energy fiber snack for my type-2 Diabetes but travel constipates me and takes a few days to get it going again so fasting is best for me. Who amongst us could do with missing a meal or two on occasion.

Behind the Scenes Look at Smith and Wollensky's Prime Rib

The cap is my ABSOLUTE favorite piece of beef has been since my first bite of it on my first prime rib. I had it [ a cap steak] at the Wine Spectators resturant in Napa Valley, Ca. It was the special that day the stars aligned in my favor that day. I used to get the end cut of the Prime rib only because when I was young they told me it had the most flavor [ flavoring is more like it ] then I got a center cut and the rest is, as they say, History! All "quality" steaks should be at most RARE and a Filet should only be enjoyed "black and blue" or with the best of the best just shown the broiler or grill and threatened [some call it sashimi ] I call it BLUE. One resturant I ate in I had to explain what a black and blue steak was and the waitress got squeemish about it and I knew I wasn't in the best of steakhouses so I changed my order to teriyaki chicken or something else generic

Help me remember this breakfast cereal

I remember a cereal named "JETS" from the 50's that was a puffed orb and not too sweet as I remember could have been a wheat and corn blend I still remember it like it was yesterday but it was 50 years ago. It was the best cereal I've ever eaten or recall but guess there weren't enough of us that liked it. I think it was a General Mills product. They were about the size and shape of Kix but NOT Kix, it was JETS ! Possibily it was a test market product,


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