Currently staying-at-home with my sons and still doing some catering and baking on the side. Former catering director for an 8-restaurant-chain, before that, owned my own catering company in my small hometown in Indiana.

  • Location: Cincinnati
  • Favorite foods: I'm making a lot of salsa, limoncello cake and cajun chicken alfredo right now. Margarita chicken, steak, heirloom tomato tart, homemade pizza w/a yogurt rye dough I came up with on a's delicious!
  • Last bite on earth: Chicken chile rellanos...rice and refried black beans...fresh corn with chili and lime...Barefoot Contessa's Outrageous Brownies

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Your Fast Food Urge.....just had mine...tasty.

My current (pregnant) craving is a Panerra Spinach and Artichoke souffle with 1/2 a blueberry muffin. I've been eating it once a week for the past 2 months!

Mixed Review: Jell-O Instant Pudding

My guilty pleasure. Pudding on a cloud (Cool Whip). It reminds me of being a kid. Cook & Serve is definitely the way to go, though.

What's for Dinner? 08/31

Chicken and eggplant parm, homemade spaghetti sauce, whole-wheat pasta. Had to cook it in lard, completely out of oil, it was delicious! The whole house smelled like a hogroast, though. Sourdough bread pudding with whiskey sauce for dessert.

My own farmer's market booth...

Thank you, everyone. This has been so helpful. My husband and friends have a hard-time relating to these topics :).
CJ McD: To be honest, when I originally read your post about a 'theme' I brushed it off, thinking it would be too limiting. More and more, I am loving the focus it would bring (which is a problem for me). What about lemon? I already use it in everything - and can sell lemon curd, confit, confiture, and dressings. My most-requested cake, by far, is the limoncello cake I make for weddings and special events.'s something to think about. I hate to exclude chocolate, though! Maybe a citrus-theme.

Mixed Review: Bisquick Shake 'n' Pour Pancakes

While we make homemade pancakes every Saturday, as far as mixes go, Krusteaz is the best. You can buy it at Sam's Club and we used it at the restaurant, just doctored it up a bit!

My own farmer's market booth...

I'm so excited. I love catering, but you always have to make what the client wants, when you know you have some great dishes that need to be "tasted" to get excited about.
I'm so encouraged that you have an outdoor booth...if I do that I might be able to make a few a weekends this year. The only equipment I'm really familiar with are the 'hotboxes' I use for catering, so I'm going to to look for what you're talking about at the restaurant supply locally.
I've toured the market, and have talked to the manager. She loves the ideas of doing sides, vegetarian entrees, soups and salads. They also need more desserts and breads. I have a great contact with someone who does artisan breads for restaurants, and will let me sell them & use them in my food (the croissants are delicious!).

My own farmer's market booth...

If you don't mind letting me know, who makes the 20x12 trays that you use? Cambro? Do they maintain cold/hot temperatures?
Do you have any issues with the health dept. and acidic products? I'd love to sell tomato sauces, but only have catering experience, not retail of any kind.

I love people and selling. The chance to set my own menu without running a restaurant is very exciting to me!

My own farmer's market booth...

I agree, there is a lot of pre-cooked food. But it doesn't seem to have any emphasis on being healthy or from local sources. I would like to use local whenever possible and base my dishes on what is in season - blueberry limoncello tarts, heirloom tomato tarts, a thai salad I get asked for a lot, chicken chile rellanos, etc.
Lemonfair - we love spanokopita, that's a great idea!
I'd love to do truffles but am afraid that it's too high of a price point.

My own farmer's market booth...

There are lots of tables and chairs indoors...I am thinking I'll have a weekday and weekend menu. During the week it's mainly local residents doing grocery shopping and the lunch crowd. Weekends it's crazy busy, very crowded.
By deli I mean some soups, salads and entrees that can be eaten there or taken home in varying quantities (pint, quarts, etc.) like a pesto/pasta/feta salad with cherry tomatoes, cajun chicken with lemon couscous, wild mushroom lasagna.
So many options! I'm considering hitting some autumn/winter festivals to test out the dishes.

My own farmer's market booth...

Great - thanks! There are a lot of weekend-only vendors outside who sell baked goods, but they don't utilize seasonal ingredients. Ideally, I'd like to form relationships with the produce vendors and feature their products in my baked goods (especially the damaged stuff that tastes fine, just doesn't sell as well!)
Also, there is a real lack of vegetarian options (that could also serve as sides for the delicious meat available) When we take our vegetarian son he always has to get a soggy spanokopita or just eat dessert :)

Cook the Book: '100 Best Vegetarian Recipes'

We have been learning some delicious vegetarian recipes since my son became one at age 10 (he's 13 now). Our family favorites are Spinach/Artichoke/Mushroom white lasagna and an Heirloom Tomato Tart (w/feta!).
Our simple ones are vegetarian crockpot chili and taco salad, seasoning the black beans with cumin, coriander and cayenne.