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Win a Copy of 'Downtown Italian'

Gnocchi in a Gorgonzola sauce that I had at a little restaurant outside of Venice...absolutely heavenly!

Win a Copy of 'Fruitful: Four Seasons of Fresh Fruit Recipes'

Watermelon...I live in the self proclaimed watermelon capital of the world! Home of the annual Watermelon Festival!

Show and Tell: Cookie Cutters

I love the Springerle boards. They are beautiful works of art!

Do you knead bread in a mixer for the same length as by hand?

Thanks for the information. I guess I should have read the instructions with my mixer but I stink at reading directions! My bread did turn out great though!

Knead the Book: Southern Biscuits

Sausage gravy or when I'm not in the mood to make that...just butter and honey!

How many do you have, and what spices can you not be without?

A bunch...I love! I cannot live without smoked is my all time favorite for just about anything savory! I have two different types of cinnamon now and can't believe that there is such a difference between something like that.

Sweet Technique: How to Make Pâte à Choux

Thanks for the advice...I think I will make a batch soon and stuff something yummy in them!

Sweet Technique: How to Make Pâte à Choux

I've made these before with great success but I need suggestions for making them in advance. I made them for a bridal shower I was giving and made them a couple of days ahead. I stored them in plastic storage containers and when I went to get them out to stuff them, they had fuzzy mold! I only made them two days ahead and they were thoroughly cool when I put them in the container. I wasn't really happy about the last minute change...any ideas about what I can do next time?


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