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Cereal Eats: A New Column Devoted To The Cereal-Obsessed

Uncle Sam's plain instant oatmeal, I add some pumpkin seeds, and flax on the top...miss the Uncle Sam's oatmeal bars, they discontinued them.

Care to introduce yourself?

just home from work, exhausted, should be meditating, hung up checking emails- love this site, ...Foodie at heart, wishing I were better cook!

It's expensive out there !!

coffee especially since going over to the PODS!! they are expensive esp the good ones. also as i am getting older I am becomming increasingly concerned about good quality for my food.

Not just a slump--a string of cooking failures!

thank you for this, I thought that sort of thing can only happen to me, had a string of disasters after an especially wonderful weekend atfriends where we had wonderful meals...glad I not the only one this can happen too--- so, last night the soup came out good, despite the fact i was so distracted did the one thing i never do which is forget to REALLY read the recipe. I guess the recipe gods were in my corner...Here's to a good meal for us all!

If salt/pepper were a given, what would be your one other spice?

gee didn't even think to say rosemary or dill, adding that to the oregano cumin roadblock of decision..

If salt/pepper were a given, what would be your one other spice?


Best and Worst of Food Trends of 2010?

the whole "it has to be grown right outside the restauant or you have to know the food's life history to eat it" gone a bit too far for me! Its pretentious!

And quite honestly I live in Vt. and I WANT WATERMELON! Among other things NOW!

Coffee Chronicles: Serious Eats Office Coffee Meta-Makeover!

hate ot admit it as I am serious coffee lover, but love my single kcup maker as it gives me choice of coffee, size of cup, and it brews out perfect and HOT each and every time.

Mixed Review: Manischewitz's Honey Cake

I adore honey cake truly never had a bad one! Reviled by who exactly, maybe the baker at fault heavy hand with measuring??? suggestion go to a bakery you admire, ask them to make you one, better yet do alittle research and find a recipe you like and have the professionals bake you one...or add alittle nostalgia to the tasting and enjoy.

Halving a recipe that calls for one egg...

that is why I keep dry egg white mix in fridge, just half the recipe for whole egg and I am set. like to use powdered buttermilk too, esp when you cook small amts sometimes the powdered or reconstituted a good solution.

Bread Baking: Sweet Potato Bread

I am just envious that we have no whole foods to even go to to find new fun ingredience to try! no trader joe's...and yes yes yes sweet potato flour wonderful in muffins, what about bagels??

TV Chefs Worth Watching...?

Sara Moulton, Ann burrell both no nonsense great technique, inspiring in own ways to the audience. both very different both very good.

Which celebrity chef is more "Celebrity" than Chef?

Emerill Legasse. too full of himself, the double entendre's constant reference to pork fat, heavy on the alcohol, just a real turn off. but its his ego, he just turns me off.

Caffeinated Complaint: Why Is Restaurant Coffee So Bad?

I always ask, "how's the coffee" server always said, "its great". is that a set up for aggravation??? it always disappoints. I have a hard time finding good coffee most places including, places specializing in coffee. Problem is usually the coffee maker doesn't use enough grounds...

The Best Way to Reheat Pizza

be sure to remove from refrid and let come up to room temp. will be trying out the quickie in micro, liked idea somehone had of 25 sec 50%power then pop into hot pan few minutes.

usual mode has been take the time to get over to 475, get stone warm and throw it in...

What is Your Absolute Favorite "Ethnic" Cuisine?

to be honest, I agree with simplejews post, except i am from the bronx. oye kasha varnishkes, kasha knish, kugel my mothers stuffed cabbage, ...i lust for ethnic even if most times go for mediteranian for the obvious health reasons, yes to dr pepper and U-Bet syrup in the egg cream...i could go on and on...


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