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  • Favorite foods: Sashimi, olive oil gelato, dim sum, pig feet, chicken liver, durian, any kinds of berries, duck neck, tofu, greek yogurt, souffle, artichoke, macaroon, Phở...Don't really know how to categorize all these foods...
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French Macarons

shouldn't the egg white be aged for 2-5 days so that it can lose moisture and more easily baked?

The Best Egg Custard Tarts in Manhattan's Chinatown

@sugartoof: the ones in Taipan are always warm, if not hot. And when we went to Breaktalk the first time, it was just hot too :)

Anthony Bourdain's Paula Deen Diss

Yea AB is kinda douche saying that, but that's him.. :)

Jenny McCoy's Milk Chocolate Panna Cotta with Raspberries and Saba

saba is a vinegar according to Jenny, and i could attest to the excellence of this dessert, it's such a flavorful dish with sour, sweet, and savory all involved!

Introducing Jenny McCoy Week

Jenny is such a cool person and talented pastry chef! Get excited for the heavenly panna cotta recipe!!!!!

Chinese Sweets: Beyond Hard Candy

@jo_wang: I know! I was confused by the new name too, so I actually called the company to confirm they are the same thing, and they taste exactly the same...

Chinese Sweets: Beyond Hard Candy

@jessjess: I'm totally on your side. The old package is much more vintage look...

It's Shark Week...

Actually it's Carey who bit off the shark's head, not those fish hehehe :p

Bake the Book: 'Sugar Baby'

green tea crepe mille

A Guide to Chinese Hard Candy and More

@ag3208: You got it! Haw Flakes is actually one of my favorite!!!!! :)

A Guide to Chinese Hard Candy and More

@ambienttra & jester99: haha, of course I won't leave out white rabbit, it's coming up in the next post of milky & gummy candy :)

Dinner Tonight: Cheddar Scallion Polenta Croquettes

@BigJustinTurbo: That was my question too, wondering if I really can substitute polenta with cornmeal in the recipe. I'm excited to try it though esp. since I've been looking for a good recipe for cheese croquette recently...

Taste Test: Dill Pickles

@violetmag: Good for you that you enjoyed working with pickles, I really wish I had that kind of interest in them so that my work would have been easier :p

A Sandwich A Day: Pâté Sandwich from Michael's Genuine Food & Drink in Miami

@phicks & mariomenendez: I haven't tried their pate sandwich, but their other sandwiches are great! ( Good to know, gonna hit there again next time when I visit Miami!

Flushing, Queens, NY: First Look at New World Mall's Food Court

@feistyfoodie & @Tom Sullivan: No worries, I understand, the experience really depends on which store you go and what dish you get from each store:)
@jeffsayyes: We didn't get to sample every store there, that's why it's only a first look :) If you find any good store/dish that's not covered here, please feel free to share so that we can look into that!

Flushing, Queens, NY: First Look at New World Mall's Food Court

@luvsocks: and you can find the crayfish at Sliced Noodles, station #12! They have a crayfish flyer up I think. Hope you enjoy it :)

Flushing, Queens, NY: First Look at New World Mall's Food Court

Hi everyone, sorry to hear that none of you guys liked the place, but I agree that it's the variety that counts more there. If you still wanna give it another shot, you really should try Laojie Cassarole and noodles (Store#19) and Manji Dessert, I hope those places can make up for your previous "mehhhh" experience there :)

Seriously Asian: Natto Day

im gonna stay away from this holiday..

Lunch Today: Vietnamese Bun from Deluxe Food Market

@travels4food: Oh god, that's embarassing, I'll fix it asap :p

Meet & Eat: Shell Tu, Serious Eats Intern

@ag3208: Oh sorry I forgot to mention the recipe. It's actually from one of Jacques Pepin's cookbooks and I believe you can google for the recipe. The dish is super easy but never fails to please the crowd :)

Lunch Today: Pumpkin Buns from Golden Steamer

@happycao: yes! the inside is kinda of pumpkin puree with some cream. The texture is a bit different from the custard buns because it has fiberous stuff in it. IT IS GOOD!

Lunch Today: Pumpkin Buns from Golden Steamer

@vivosergirl: Oh hi, guess you are an eph? ;)

Lunch Today: Pumpkin Buns from Golden Steamer

@hafnerd : Mmmmm, well you are right I'm from China, though I don't see why the name sounds so Chinese...

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Serious Reads: Four Kitchens, by Lauren Shockey

Culinary school students may enroll with dreams of their own kitchens and maybe a television show, but upon graduation they face the tough reality of restaurant cooking. Lauren Shockey, a Chicago University graduate who decided to pursue a culinary education at the French Culinary Institute, embraced the opportunities that were presented to her after receiving her degree. She set out on a world tour of four acclaimed restaurants, training in very different cuisines and in very different atmospheres. She shares her experiences in Four Kitchens: My Life Behind the Burner in New York, Hanoi, Tel Aviv, and Paris. More

Sweet Technique: Spun Sugar

In pastry school, we learned dozens of techniques for making sugar look like all kinds of things: ribbon, balloons, delicate flowers, and even sponges. I love having these skills in my wheelhouse because it's great to be able to jazz up a simple dessert with a little sugar work for special occasions. Of all the sugar techniques I've learned, making spun sugar is my favorite way to add some drama to desserts. More

Pizza Obsessives: Lance Roberts

>Slice'r Lance Roberts has never let wide expanses of territory come between him and a good pie. You might have seen a report or two to that effect. He's a regular Pizza Bedouin. Sliceland is just the place for a roving pie man like Lance to hang his hat (and you're sure to have seen him around these parts—always sure to put in his two cents). Let's get to know him a little better when he takes a trip to the hot seat. More

Snapshots from Malaysia: How to Make Roti Jala

Roti canai is probably Malaysia's more famous roti, but the lacy, crepe-like pancakes known as roti jala are even prettier—and much simpler to make. A simple batter of eggs, coconut milk, and flour is drizzled in concentric circles onto a hot pan, cooking in seconds and then folded to form a loose, netlike pancake whose nooks and crannies are ideally suited to mopping up curries and sauces. More

Jenny McCoy's Cherry Clafoutis

How this classic French dessert goes virtually unknown amongst many home bakers is a mystery to me. It is elegant, easy to make, and goes great with just about any ripe fruit—cherries are perfect for the season. Give it a try and tell your friends; I'm on a mission to give it the limelight it deserves. More

The Nasty Bits: Pickled Tongue Sandwiches

Squeamishness aside, the tongue is such an appealing cut: tender and fatty, and delicate in taste (unlike kidneys or liver, for instance, which have a more distinctive flavor). I enjoy tongue sandwiches. Like corned beef or pastrami, the thin slices of tongue are so rich and satisfying that it's perfect between two slices of rye bread. All it needs is some horseradish and mustard, and maybe a dill pickle. More

Introducing Jenny McCoy Week

If there's a more ambitious young pastry chef out there than Jenny McCoy, I haven't met her. She's come through the ranks of many fine kitchens in Chicago, New Orleans, and New York, made her mark as the pastry chef at A Voce, and is now heading the pastry department at Tom Colicchio's flagship restaurant Craft. And oh yeah, she's got a BA in food writing and a cookbook on the way. More

SE Staff Picks: Our Favorite Cheeses

Thankfully none of the SE staffers are cheese-intolerant. We all love cheese, really love it. And thankfully, SEHQ is situated right across the street from one of the best mozzarella sources we know. When we're not slicing up a ball of that, we're melting Kraft Single slices on sliders or ending a nice dinner with a cheese plate and some red onion jam. Yup, we love our cheese. Here are some of our favorites; let's hear yours! More

Durian Smoothie

It's that time of year again. My annual plug for durian, the oft-maligned, odoriferous fruit beloved in Southeast Asia and beyond. Usually, my advice to durian novices is to select a fruit with the least-pungent smelling odor you can find since different kinds of durian will range from mildly cheesy-smelling to gym-locker-stench-evoking. Durian smoothies are a treat on a hot summer's day. You might even get a few durian converts if you serve the fruit in smoothie form, which offers a milder kick of that distinctive cheesy taste. More

A Guide to Norwegian (and Some Swedish) Candy

Faced with nearly 30 kinds of candies that are popular in Norway, I reverted to my excited five-year-old self after a prolific night of trick-or-treating. Click through the slideshow to get an overview of popular Norwegian (and some Swedish; there's candy overlap between these neighboring countries) chewy candies, hard candies, chocolate bars, chocolate not-bars, and licorice. More

A Sandwich a Day: Cuban Sandwich from Puerto Sagua Restaurant in Miami Beach, FL

Though less well-known than the touristy Versailles restaurant, Puerto Sagua is still a must-go for Cuban food in Miami. Don't get intimidated by its location, where many high-end, chic restaurants cluster—this is as cheap as a great sandwich in Miami Beach can get. There's nothing complicated about this authentic Cuban: ham, Swiss cheese, mustard, and another layer of roast pork stuffed in slightly toasted Cuban bread that resembles French baguette, but tastes fattier, with crispy edges. More