Yes, it's all about me

  • Location: amherst, ma
  • Favorite foods: Pizza
  • Last bite on earth: Twins Pizza, North Providence R.I.

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Totally Gratuitous Video Posted Here for No Reason Whatsoever

That's a great video. I've seen it many times and always get a kick out of seeing his eyes get more glassy as he eats. I'm just wondering, is there any significance to posting that at 4:20 on 4/20?

Massachusetts Statewide Pizza Search

Most of the recommended places will be in the greater Boston area but there are some standouts in the western part of the state. Red Rose in Springfield should not be missed. It's got a great crust and vibrant sauce. The style seems to be unique to this area, sort of a tavern style. Antonio's in Amherst has an increadilble variety of slices available at all times. This is as close to New York style as you'll get around here. Pizzaria Paradiso in Northampton is also worth a mention.


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