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The Wok Mon Converts Your Home Burner Into a Wok Range. For Real.

Kenji, or anyone for that matter, can you tell us what the coffee cans full of liquid are that you always see next to a restaurant grade burner/wok setup. The cook usually has a ladle and is constantly dipping into the coffee can and putting the liquid into the wok. Is that water? Or broth? Is it to cool down the wok? Or some other purpose. They seem to throw it in there so indiscriminately I can't tell what the function is.

Ask The Food Lab Anything, Thanksgiving Edition 2013

Got a good recipe for onion soup casserole? I've heard about this recipe but can't find anything reliable on the internet that I trust. Basic idea - cook down a bunch of onions (french onion soup style), then cheese, toasted bread. Looking for guidance. Thanks!

Ask The Food Lab Anything, Thanksgiving Edition 2013

To brine or not to brine...Is it really worth doing? I could have sworn you did a food lab that showed it really didn't make a difference. And nowadays its hard to find a non-injected bird anyway. Better to just get the injected solution bird and forget about brining? Or get a kosher turkey and forgoe brining? Or a natural turkey and brine? Thanks!

Atmast's Pizza Formula

@millions, your pies do look awesome. You should be very proud of your work so far.

Atmast's Pizza Formula

@atmast, well, I am pretty proud of my pizza steel. It's 17X23 so it is pretty big. But my main aim in doubling the recipe was to have more pizza balls, not a super huge pizza. One other question: at what point and in what manner do you add the starter? Do you add it as a sponge (leaven)? I have my starter in the fridge right now after a week of activation. One is a great sourdough from Italy (Ed Wood's website), the other is using the Tartine method (per your recommendation). I have heard it is best to add the starter to the water during the recipe formulation. But do you first need to make into a sponge so it is fully active?

I am baking on the middle rack, but maybe I should move it down a bit. I have been struggling with proper lower/upper temps like a lot of the folks here. Sometimes the steel seems too hot, sometimes not hot enough. Maybe I will try Nguyen's method, moving the pizza. I've also partially solved the cheese issue by using a higher quality mozz (poly-o) and provolone blend.

Atmast's Pizza Formula

@atmast, just got done making some pies with your recipe. Thanks, crust turned out light and airy, with nice spotting top and bottom. One issue I often run into (and did with this recipe), was cheese burning before the crust is done. Any suggestions? The cheese was frozen to help prevent this, but it happened anyway. Higher quality cheese maybe? I'm just using a generic mozz from Costco. Also, think I might double the recipe next time to make larger pies.


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