Floridian. Law student. Mac & Cheese aficionado. Self-proclaimed food critic. Amateur Chef.

  • Location: Miami, FL
  • Favorite foods: Mac & Cheese, all things Ben & Jerry's, dark chocolate, popcorn, goat cheese, rare Ahi tuna, spanikopita, butternut squash ravioli, and all things truffle
  • Last bite on earth: Crostini with goat cheese and raspberry preserves. sweet, salty, crunchy.

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Guava Bars

soo making these this weekend!

We Try The New Flavors of Red Bull

I'm reading this as I drink a Red Bull zero. The metallic aftertaste means its working ;)

Fruit You Loathe

I used to love kiwi, but I've developed an aversion. Also, papaya is the grossest fruit ever. Durian is in a category of its own, titled under "things I'll never eat".

What's Your Go-To Company's Coming Dinner?

shrimp scampi, roasted asparagus and Parmesan bread twists, or lemon rosemary salmon with roasted potatoes and asparagus. Roasted asparagus is always fool-proof and takes

Ask The Food Lab Anything, Thanksgiving Edition

I'm making mac & cheese for an office Thanksgiving party. Unfortunately it's at noon and there are no ovens (only a microwave and sterno burners). I was planning on prepping the mac the night before, refrigerating over night, baking in the morning, and warming on the burners? Is it bad to leave a warm dish at room temp once i get to work? Should it go into the fridge? I'm worried it won't reheat enough on the burners if its cooled in the fridge

Pie Week: Caramel Apple Pie

what about sticking store-bought caramel candy squares in the pie?

Bake the Book: The Dahlia Bakery Cookbook

key lime pie! cant beat the ones from key west and miami!

Weekend Cook and Tell: Keen on Quinoa

I make this salad every week for lunch, and end up eating it for dinner too because its so yummy!

Mix cooked quinoa with fresh spinach to wilt it. Let cool, and then mix with green and red bell peppers, sun dried tomatoes, chickpeas, crumbled feta. In a separate bowl, mix lemon juice with EVOO, dijon mustard, pepper and truffle salt (gives it extra depth). Pour over mixture and enjoy!

Bake the Book: Lemon Ricotta Pancakes

just got my copy, already made the junk in da trunk cookies (awesome!). these pancakes are next on my to-do list!

Meal delivery service

Check out Hello Fresh! its awesome

Cook the Book: 'The Family Meal'

family meals is one of the things that makes me envy those working in restaurants. food lovers gathering around, enjoying whatever dish the staff feels like whipping up. simple, delicious food with colleagues-cum-family. i cant wait to read this book and drool!

Chocolate truffle recipe

@lemonfair: if i let the ganache sit at room temp overnight, should i cover it with saran wrap or something?

also, some recipes call for butter in the cream/chocolate, others do not. thoughts?

Closing of El Bulli

Restaurants close all the time. Ferran Adria will have new projects and new restaurants. Although I enjoy simple food and pure ingredients, there is nothing wrong with new twists and techniques. Cooking is ever-evolving: at one point the artificial ingredients/preservatives that appear in everyday products were revolutionary. Ferran's methods are creative and I enjoyed watched the No Reservations episode featuring El Bulli

Visiting SF Monday through Thursday

omg La mar for sure! insane peruvian/seafood & great pisco sours!

Dinner Party: 2-part question

the artichokes are simmered in chicken broth and white white with garlic, red pepper flakes, and parsley so the wine will be perfect!

Beginner Dinner Recipes

I didnt even think of pasta! silly me. Ok, so maybe penne with crumbled goat cheese, pine nuts, sun dried tomatoes and basil tossed with olive oil and lemon juice or pesto? Lots of flavorful elements she can throw in. Served with the roasted asparagus. What else is not so carby that can be served with pasta? I don't think I'm introducing her to braised anything yet, particularly because she only has a frying pan and pots and will be scared.

It's Harder Than it Looks

for me, its cooking for others in general. i can make anything when im home alone. however, as soon as I invite someone for dinner or make dessert for a crowd, it fails! maybe i have stage fright. i made cauliflower au gratin for my bf and friends on valentines day and it was a milky mess. made it the day after for myself and it was perfectly creamy and cheesy! same thing with lemon bars: baked alone and ate the whole, delicious batch my myself. baked for my parents and they were completely overcooked! ahh

Beginner Dinner Recipes

@techgirl: the timeline is a great idea! timing a meal is my biggest stressor when cooking for others.

I was planning a filet mignon, when you sear it for a couple min on both sides, top with a pat of butter, and depending how rare or well they like it, cook for a few more min in the oven. very impressive but super simple

Soy milk in mac & cheese?

i surrendered to the idea of mac and cheese and went to the store to get milk...and some cauliflower! added the cauliflower in and ended up with a delicious meal!!

Soy milk in mac & cheese?

ps- it actually is vanilla soy milk. this is terrible lol. does anyone think it stands a chance?

Runny yolk, way or no way?

I wish I could appreciate a runny egg, perhaps on a burger, or even eggs Benedict. I've never actually tried it...I may even like it, but I am nervous to taste it. Actually, saying that out loud seems silly, I may need to taste it lol. That would be a funny post for my blog. Bourdain thinks theres nothing sexier than a runny egg...

need input for best eats Miami

Prime Italian on Ocean is my favorite pick. Lotus Garden is awesome for Thai food (on Miracle Miles in Coral Gables). Senora Martinez has great Spanish tapas and is in the fun design district. For brunch, try Van Dyke cafe on Lincoln Road or News Cafe on South Beach. Both similar menus, but also great people watching. Nexxt Cafe on lincoln road is a classic, giant menu but always huge & delicious portions.


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