I am a healthcare professional in NY, and a foodie who loves anything to do with cooking and baking.

Win a Copy of 'Buvette: The Pleasure of Good Food'

Bake the Book: One Bowl Baking

No bake chocolate peanut butter bars!

Cook the Book: 'Little Jars, Big Flavors'

Mango-jalapeno chutney!

Cook the Book: 'Vegetable Literacy' by Deborah Madison

Roasted parsnips.

Cook the Book: 'The Chinese Takeout Cookbook'

Cook the Book: 'Every Grain of Rice'

Dan Dan Noodles!

Bake the Book: Back in the Day Bakery Cookbook

Peach cobbler!

Weekend Cook and Tell: A Vegetarian Thanksgiving

Anyone for Sweet Potato Curry .... it also can be used as a stew or soup if you add more broth (use vegetarian broth instead of chicken broth).

Bake the Book: Baked Elements

Orange or lemon zest.

Win The Rubin Museum's Guide to NYC Himalayan Food and Culture

Cook the Book: 'The River Cottage Fish Book'

Bake the Book: The Seasonal Baker

Mango ice cream.

Dinner Tonight: Summer Squash Couscous with Sultanas, Pistachios, and Mint (via Food52)

Couscous is not a grain but pasta made from ground semolina wheat. Please verify.

Knead the Book: The Bread Bible

Cranberry walnut bread---yum!

Cook the Book: 'Herbivoracious'

Masala dosa....a South Indian crepe with a delicious potato filling and coconut chutney on the side....yummmm...

Cook the Book: 'Texas Eats'

Chicken fried steak.

Cook the Book: 'Rice & Curry'

Malaysian cuisine...not much of it around NYC.....

Knead the Book: Fast Breads

Butter - the real deal only.

Bake the Book: 'Sinfully Easy Delicious Desserts'

Nutella pizza - a delightful and easy treat!

Bake the Book: 'Handheld Pies'

Sweet potato pie

Cook the Book: 'The Occasional Vegetarian'

Dal and vegetables.....with rice and/or fresh homemade rotis......yumm!

Knead the Book: 'The Fundamental Techniques of Classic Bread Baking'

A crusty boule would be great.

The Best Fried Dumplings in Chinatown, NYC

I had read your review months ago and was hoping to get to Chinatown sooner - well, I went today - finally. Headed straight to Tasty's Dumpling because you ranked them the best....and I was very disappointed. I didn't mind that they charged $3 for 8 dumplings - but thick and soggy wrappers around a wee bit of filling.

The Crisper Whisperer: What's a Cucuzza?

This is a very popular and common vegetable used in Indian cooking, and is commonly called "Bottle Gourd." We make delicious vegetarian curries with the bottle gourd that is eaten with rice or rotis. It is also often cooked with yellow split peas. Other names are Calabash/Opo - the shapes may vary slightly but belong to the same family and all taste alike. It is found abundantly in Asian/Indian grocery stores in Queens in NYC (Jackson Heights, etc.) Here is a link to a curry on the web:

Cook the Book: 'Modern Spice'

Latin cuisine - I love the fiery spicy taste which is so similar to my Indian cooking, yet different with all the exotic spices and ingredients!

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Dinner Tonight: Moroccan Spinach and Chickpeas

I had assumed that the mixture of spinach and chickpeas was solely an Indian combination. The creaminess of the spinach is a perfect match for the hearty chickpeas, and with the addition of a few spices, it could turn into a satisfying full meal. Well, it turns that if you change some of those spices and add an interesting new thickener, you can end up in Morocco with a completely new dish. It's kind of astonishing. More

Dinner Tonight: Pasta with Green Meatballs and Herb Sauce

This recipe from the New York Times Sunday magazine argues for thinking of herbs not just as a garnish, but as the center of a great dish. We've all had pesto, but that's just one way to do it. An absolutely epic amount of chopped herbs (three cups by the end) are mixed into juicy meatballs and pureed with garlic and olive oil into a simple sauce. It's rich and meaty, fragrant from the herbs, and honestly one of the better recipes I've cooked in months. More

The Crisper Whisperer: A Seriously Delicious 'Green' Smoothie

You'd never know that there's a salad's worth of spinach in the recipe below, unless you feel like thinking about it to put a smile on your face. Even peppery greens like arugula and mizuna play nicely with fruits and herbs. If you like to experiment with flavor combinations in your mainstream cooking life, you'll enjoy the same creativity with green smoothies. More

Dinner Tonight: Green Rice with Pistachios

Rice is so easy to treat as an afterthought that it's nice when it can play a starring role. I pulled this recipe from Lucid Food, a cookbook full of recipes focused on healthfulness and sustainability. This vegan dish is inspired by the many variations of rice used in Persian cooking, with dried fruits, nuts, herbs, and legumes commonly added to bring flavor and character. More